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I have struggled with my weight for over 30 years..I have tried all the fad diets and exercise programs..In August of 2016, I saw some friends that I had not seen in months.. and they looked amazing! I asked them what they did and they told me about BreakthroughM2. I figured if it worked for them, I should try it. I started the program on Labor day weekend 2016. In less than 6 months, I lost over 90 lbs and dropped 10 pant sizes and went from wearing 2XL and 3XL to now wearing L (even slim cut!).

My doctor was amazed with the results. I went from pre-diabetic stage to perfectly normal blood sugars. No more fatty liver, my good to bad cholesterol ratio totally flipped around and is now considered excellent. I no longer snore, sleep apnea is is gone! I wake up well rested and I have more energy than I have had in years. The only downside is that I had to donate ALL of my clothes to charity, but I will get a nice tax deduction! I had to buy a whole new wardrobe! All of this all happened in less than 6 months and I need to stress that this was WITHOUT any exercise! Who would have ever thought that was possible.

I have transformed into a new person. BreakthroughM2 has changed my life and I can't recommend it enough to anyone who has ever struggled with weight loss. Trust the program, don't cheat and it will work!

-- Ray J

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