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Plain and simple: It it! I've been trending up for 30 years, since grad school. Started grad school at 172.....ended grad school around married, kids, job, etc...slowly but surely landed at 270+....type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, snoring, pain in the knees and back, sle... See More


Hi my name is Chris and I was asked to write a bit about Breakthrough and what it has been like for me...what I have experienced..what I am taking away from it, and how it will affect me as I re-emerge into life. The thing is...the power of testimonials is found within how well you know or how well ... See More


I was asked by some friends to go to a seminar. I went but I told myself that I was not buying anything that I wasn't going to do another "diet". I had tried so many that hadn't worked. Well, needless to say that didn't happen. I signed up immediately and never looked back! I feel awesome and have l... See More


I have struggled with my weight for over 30 years..I have tried all the fad diets and exercise programs..In August of 2016, I saw some friends that I had not seen in months.. and they looked amazing! I asked them what they did and they told me about BreakthroughM2. I figured if it worked for them... See More


This program is heaven sent. It not only aids you in weight loss but also helps you to WANT to continue to make healthy choices for yourself. 57 pounds in 84 days, my favorite compliment that I've gotten over and over is "you look years younger".
I love BreakthroughM2 and highly recommend it!! ... See More


Best weight loss program in the Hudson Valley hands down! I lost 30 lbs in 21 days on this program. If you follow the program, it works. It's that simple. Had tons of energy while I was on it, and it taught me how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thanks BT!!... See More


21 days I'm down 21.6#
My energy level is definitely up. Im feeling good about myself again. My family is also doing this and the 4 Of us are at 64# gone.....
I'm feeling empowered blessed and thankful.... See More


Best diet I've been on.

Bursting with energy! ... See More


I definitely love this program! It works, I am still new but it works. It's something you have to push for but its all worth it. I am looking forward to being healthy and confident at the end of my journey! Thank you breakthroughM2! ... See More


I always had to watch my weight most of my life which consisted of watching calories and eating frozen processed food. My weight would go up and down. It never got to out of control until 4 years ago. Due to circumstances in my life I gained 35 pounds. I started my journey with breakt... See More


I agree 100%! I haven't reached my goal yet, but I've been on the Breakthrough program since Saturday, April 23, 2016. As of today, May 17, 2016, I am down 21.5 pounds!!! Let me also say, I was on blood pressure medicine for years, can't even remember how long, but that's how long it's been. On my 5... See More

I finished this program in March 2016. I lost 25 pounds and have kept off the weight(give or take 5 pounds) for close to 2 years!! I’d say that’s a success story���

Dina Ronsini gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review
Visnja Visnjovski gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review

Best diet program I've ever been on, trust me I've been riding the diet roller coater for 20 years. It's simple to follow and you have a lot of support and help along the way. I've lost 125 pounds and 40 inches. Breakthroughm2 has changed my life.

Karen Waldron Rhoades gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review

It's a great program with a lot of support and information for your feel better, be healthier and slimmer journey..

Cristina Galeano gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review

This program is just amazing to me ...It is what you make it into .Put effort into it yes it’s intimidating but one day at a time there’s so many people willing to help.You never have to feel like a failure just get threw the day .Ask questions get recipe ideas .Inner game change your life.What do you want it’s fun make a list and watch the possitive avalanche happen. This was my list april 15 th I wanted to loose weight I did ,Did I mess up in five weeks yup ! I found out I measured wrong here and there with the amount of creme I wasn’t perfect.But I did it than I was scared I’d gain it all back I lost more weight.Why cause I excercise not as much as I should got a calorie counter app to keep in check.Goal two to have self esteem to be able to look in the mirror without horror .So far goal two is good !Goal three to fix that inner game to grow wings and soar yes I want mojo I want to be drop dead sexy at 52 I want to live and enjoy and go out make new friends and learn what being social is.Yes this is a work in progress to learn to smile .And stand up straight I need to learn to present better.Thats a good goal to not shuffle but to walk head high.Finances if you can loose weight than you should be able to control finances.Not yet accomplished......Breakthrough nan mikayla brian couches coaches too many to name Thankyou Breakthrough is my hobby bring healthy my mission and living life my passion.

Tina Forrestina Gina Flagello gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review

This program is AMAZING! They are all so supportive! Truly teaches you a lifestyle change. Highly recommend!

Lori Hendershot gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review

Can't believe only after my first week I am feeling so good. Looking forward to the rest of the journey

Linda Milroy gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review
Bonnie Sylvia Eldridge gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review

I think this is a scientific method of losing weight and process for experimentation ! I liked it and will follow them!

Mahru Ghashghaei gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review
Elaine Veneziali gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review
Gayle Scott gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review

This program is a great way to seque into a healthier lifestyle. I lost 20 lbs in just under one month. I feel healthier, slimmer and more disciplined in how and what I eat. I want to age healthy...this is a great start!

Mary Lou Carolan gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review
Jennifer Sweed gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review

This program is life changing! I have tried my whole life, to lose weight and be healthy, and that's exactly what Breakthrough has allowed me to do! Down 98 pounds in 142 days! Size 20 to size 8! And off my blood pressure meds! Life changing!

Mary Krankus gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review

A great group of people helping a lot of people achieve their weight loss goals and keeping them winning. Love it.

Desiree Lotz gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review
Suzanne Graziolo gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review

Great diet program !! lost 35 lbs in 3weeks !!! Feeling Fantastic!!

John Santino Crecco gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review
Mikayla DeGroat gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review
Jeff Schragenheim gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review
Rosanne Santoro Malone gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review
Susan Santoro Silver gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review

Life changing program! For me personally, 6 weeks=27 pounds lost, lots of inches lost, down to a size 6, from a size 12. Blood pressure completely normal again. No more high cholesterol. Lots of energy again. Feel fantastic!!! Not an easy thing to do; you really have to be ready and highly motivated. That being said, it is amazing and I highly recommend it!

Claudia Grimm Marx gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review

Been on every diet under the sun - have unsuccessfully forced my husband on many. We joined together - have never had such success in any other diet - we absolutely love this plan ! DeGroats & team are awesome !

Chris Carpenter gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review
Stacey Gillette Rogan gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review

I lost 43# in 65 days with 2 bottles :) I am now almost done with week 2 out of 4 of transition and have to say I have gotten to a weight I haven't seen in 12+ years, I am more aware of food and the addiction I HAD to it, it truly worked for me and I can't thank you all enough <3

Alecia Tamok gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review

This is a review of my vicarious experience with Breakthrough M2 weight loss in Walden NY, via my friend who I actually told to go here in the first place.... more

Frank S. gave Breakthrough M2 a 5 star review
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