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Lexington, MA
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I got a lot of value out of the course. It provides the tools you need if you want to build a business teaching online.


It was mind-opening with a good group dynamic. James and Tara were always available to answer questions quickly which I really appreciated.
The mindset videos are really helpful.
The challenge was well-organized.
Thanks again!
Margaret Hanson


Even after signing-up I was initially skeptical about what we would learn in the Challenge and was so pleasantly surprised to find the daily videos so inspiring, the worksheets so thorough when summarizing information given in the video and so thought-provoking but fun to complete. The mindset vide... See More


James and his team are professional, organised and have your best interests at heart. The challenge pushed me and helped me think from a different perspective. It turned me from being just a teacher to a teacherprenuer. You have to do it if you want to grow and earn more!


I love the Challenge, because it taught us a lot of things very useful, then we have to work to make it happen.


The challenge has far exceeded my expectations, don't hesitate sign up.


I've had the best experience in this challenge, I've overcome fears that have been stopping me to start new things and get out of my comfort zone, the Facebook community is amazing!


I came into this challenge with the sole objective to define my niche.

Unlike the other participants, I am not an ESL teacher so if you are wondering if this program can help you, trust me, it will!

I have been in business for 10+ years in Publishing, Podcasting, Public Speaking and Public Re... See More


I took a part in 21 Days Teacher Entrepreneur Challenge in August 2022. I loved it because it showed me what I was lacking as an entrepreneur. It also gave me tools to make my first steps as a business person. The guidance James provides is broken into small steps, so everyone, even such a beginner ... See More


The Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge is an excellent program as it teaches you step by step how, from a regular language teacher, you can become a teacher-entrepreneur and effectively position yourself in the market. Not only did I learn extremely valuable lessons and had many important insights, but ... See More


James' challenge is one of the most eye-opening and insightful experience I've had as a working professional, as it helped me understand the values, knowledge, strategies, self-discipline and mindset I needed to adopt in order to grow my business successfully and eventually do what I really wanted t... See More


I am so happy I signed up for the Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge. I learned a lot. These are skills that I will continue to use as I grow my business:)


I really enjoyed the Teacher-Entrpreneur Challnge because it gave me the belief that I can succeed at creating my own online teaching business in my own time and at my own pace. James took us through the various steps for creating an outline for the course. However, as an experienced English teacher... See More


I'm so grateful I joined the Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge because it saved me from committing a serious mistake in starting my teaching business. Before the Challenge, I was preparing modules that I planned to offer as an online course. With the Challenge, I learned that the first step to take is ... See More


The 21-day Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge is simply great.
I have enjoyed it and I've learnt a lot of new and useful stuff. In particular, the following items stand out:
(1) Identification of an appropriate niche.
(2) The Program-based approach to teaching.
(3) Marketing on Social Media platforms.
... See More


The Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge is well-explained step by step. It helps you how to align your niche, your messages, and your program. The approach teaches you how to find your niche, nurture it, and get students. Furthermore, you learn about the path to eventually scale your business. There's a ... See More


The best investment in training I've ever made! An accurate method that allows you to implement step by step, giving all the tools necessary to customize it over time. Thank you so much James and all your team!!!


I found the Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge helpful because I'd been considering starting an ESL teaching business online for a while, but I didn't know where to begin. In the Challenge course, James Liu walks students step-by-step through the process, from choosing a tutoring niche to converting pot... See More


My experience with the Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge was amazing. The added value far exceeded the initial investment cost and I fully recommend it for anyone looking to further their teaching/coaching business to the next level. Thank you James for a wonderful experience!


It was a pleasure working with James and Tara. James knows and understands teachers' struggles with technology and I loved how he was patient with us in grasping what he was teaching us knowing that our business requires us to reach our prospects using social media. He inculcated in us that we are n... See More


The Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge was greater than I thought it could be . The videos and course gave me the confidence to pursue private teaching , and not only that but it changed my mindset on what my teaching is worth. The approach is very step by step and logical . I feel it was worth the time... See More


Kojima suggests you use Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

Kojima H

I loved the Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge. It was everything I hoped for & needed & more!
Although I've been teaching for a long time I only really started teaching online during the pandemic. I love teaching online & the flexibility it gives me but, like many teachers, I have found myself teachin... See More


Al Strongly Recommends Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge


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