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Tammy Highly Recommends Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge to their friends & family!

Tammy T gave Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge a 5 star Rating

Had an amazing time taking this challenge, I learnt so much in 21 days, refined my niche 3 times, had a few stressful moments but it was all for the good. The course was well structured and simple to follow, met some of the most amazing people and the support from my group exceeded my expectations.... See More


Edit had a great experience with Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

Edit F gave Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge a 5 star Rating

Elena Strongly Recommends Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

Elena N gave Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge a 5 star Rating

Having the opportunity to be on the Teacher-Entrepreneur challenge was a dream come true for me.
I had read the free copy of James's book and the information in the book was enough to spark a desire within me for more of this kind of knowledge.
I have not just gained new knowledge;which sets me apar... See More


I LOVE the Teacher Entrepreneur challenge because it introduces Mindset videos that are very encouraging to defeat the "demons" that become obstacles in our entrepreneurship journey. Some of them are: fear of rejection, a call to authenticity. The instructional videos are pedagogically sound Master... See More


Neal gave Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge an AWESOME Recommendation

Neal A gave Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge a 5 star Rating

This Challenge took me to a level that i couldn’t imagine I’ve would, I’m so grateful, and amazed of the positive influence in my development as a teacher.


The Teacher Entrepreneur Challenge has been outstanding! In 21 days I have learned what I need to develop my teaching business. Jame's videos and tasks have provided me with so many tools to succeed: how to find my niche and its importance, develop a marketing strategy, use social media to convey m... See More


Hi James
this Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge has probably been the best learning course that I have ever had the privilege to enroll in.
They say you are never too old to learn - true, but you make it so much fun. I am still working on my self-esteem and your motivational videos certainly are doin... See More


Wow! I've absorbed a LOT of really important information on this course, and although it's finished, I know I'll be learning for weeks and months to come. the course is logically put together and divided into manageable chunks. He goes into to so much detail! However, I think what is most impressive... See More


Working with James and his team has been a great experience. When you decide to go into business, it can seem very overwhelming because of all that is involved. But he created this program with such simple and easy steps so that we can move forward every day and have the foundation of our business. ... See More


Richard had a great experience with Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

Richard B gave Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge a 5 star Rating

It was a really well thought through challenge - down to the last detail on how, why and what to do to get your teaching business up and running. James does all the heavy-lifting so you dont have to. I would highly recommend it to ALL ESL teachers worldwide. Five shining stars from me !! THANK YOU J... See More


The Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge provided me with the tools to really expand my career and income! Even though I lack the time to immediately capitalize on this opportunity, I understand its usefulness, and plan to soon put its information to work!


I participated in the Teacher-Entrepreneur 21-Day Challenge, as offered by James Liu and his team, during October 2021. What a great course it was: well-structured, inspirational, but also very practical in a step-by-step way. The words: Connect - Nurture - Convert are now probably forever etched on... See More


I took James Liu's 21 day Teacher Entrepreneur Challenge and it was excellent.
TEC is full of actionable content in terms of marketing strategies and tactics.
Equally important is that TEC is a very good role model for executing these strategies


The Teacher Entrepreneur Challenge is designed to bring out the best entrepreneur in you. It helped me start using social media to my advantage and the things I learned here cannot be learned from anywhere else. This is also one of the most cost-effective courses, I've ever completed. James has put ... See More


I warmly recommend the Teacher-Entrepreneur challenge because it includes an excellent, hands-on course to set the foundations of your teaching business, a fantastic community for support throughout the journey, and an experienced and patient genius like James to guide you step by step through the c... See More


I had tried similar training programs before, but the Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge was the first program that broke the whole process down into manageable, daily tasks. But the most valuable part was the support from James and the other members of the Challenge. Starting your own independent busin... See More


I feel that it is an awesome professional course. I was thinking about online teaching business for the last year. I've got some clients from Facebook before the Challenge. Now I am excited to sell the 10-hour programs. I learned a lot of useful techniques and strategies. I highly recommend the cour... See More

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