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I found the Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge helpful because I'd been considering starting an ESL teaching business online for a while, but I didn't know where to begin. In the Challenge course, James Liu walks students step-by-step through the process, from choosing a tutoring niche to converting pot... See More


My experience with the Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge was amazing. The added value far exceeded the initial investment cost and I fully recommend it for anyone looking to further their teaching/coaching business to the next level. Thank you James for a wonderful experience!


It was a pleasure working with James and Tara. James knows and understands teachers' struggles with technology and I loved how he was patient with us in grasping what he was teaching us knowing that our business requires us to reach our prospects using social media. He inculcated in us that we are n... See More


The Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge was greater than I thought it could be . The videos and course gave me the confidence to pursue private teaching , and not only that but it changed my mindset on what my teaching is worth. The approach is very step by step and logical . I feel it was worth the time... See More


Kojima suggests you use Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

Kojima H

I loved the Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge. It was everything I hoped for & needed & more!
Although I've been teaching for a long time I only really started teaching online during the pandemic. I love teaching online & the flexibility it gives me but, like many teachers, I have found myself teachin... See More


Al Strongly Recommends Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge


Kojima Highly Recommends Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge to their friends & family!

Kojima H

The 21 day challenge was SO worth the money for me. I learned enough in the first couple of days to move me forward in my business. Jamb packed with useful timely information and always help available (tech is not my strong suit


I enjoyed doing the 21-Day Entrepreneur challenge since James explained each challenge one thing at a time every day. Every email and video are well described, so we know how to proceed and why. For example, I heard about LinkedIn but didn't know how to use it and why it benefits me. I learned a lot... See More


I really enjoyed the challenge, but I really needed more time to learn all the marketing strategies.


I enjoyed and benefitted a lot both from the 7day and the 21 day challenge. They were informative and transformational.


I loved the Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge because it was the direct guidance I needed for my career at this point. I see the value in the lessons I learned to apply to other aspects of my career, not just teaching.


I liked the idea of participating in this Challenge because I really feel like being a Beginner Teacher-Entrepreneur, but with the lack of some consistent knowledge of the framework of structuring educational programs and Sales Marketing process.
The one thing I was not prepared was the rapid flow ... See More


Vardanush Strongly Recommends Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

Vardanush G

I highly recommend the 21 Day Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge without hesitation. James has a turn-key process that truly lays out your success step-by-step, day-by-day. He walks with you every step of the way and brings his team (all former challenge members) with him. They are 100% invested in the ... See More


I was totally amazed by the the structure of the challenge. Everything was well planned out with daily step by step instructions and a great support team of other learners as well as James' team. Some things were not clear at the beginning, but James advised us not to worry, that it would all make... See More


I highly reccomend the 21 day challenge as it's essential for changing pur mindset, to realise our potential, to understand the basic rules of using social media for content marketing, to have self confidence and especially not being ashamed of doing marketing for ourselves and get students on pur o... See More


This program was really tough and intensive at one point, but I really enjoyed this Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge for two reasons. First, it has helped me get over the fear of using the tech on computer and online, Now I know how to use Google drive, how to run my LinkedIn and how to make videos. S... See More


I enjoyed the Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge immensely. It has been by far, one of the best online programs I have engaged in so far. I was a little hesitant about joining since I am not a traditional teacher and do not have the credentials and long work history that many of the other participants ... See More


I hesitated for about a week before signing up for the challenge, and am so glad I went for it. I had been following James' Teacher-Entrepeneur Network group on Facebook for around a year, and hadn't been sure if I wanted to build a career around teaching. I decided to just take the leap though, bec... See More


It is one of the best programs I have ever participated in. In only 2 first weeks, I made tremendous progress in my life. First of all, I understood my value, and my perception of social media, and I realized that I am capable of fulfilling my dreams. These definitely differentiate this challenge fr... See More


Teacher Entrepreneur Challenge was amazing! I love the way the challenge was structured, the amazing videos and crystal clear explanations James is giving, the handy spreadsheets, and especially the way James explains not only WHAT to do but also WHY. This challenge helped me tremendously to put all... See More


I love the Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge because it is extremely well laid out, easy to do, and has everything you need for your success. They take you step-by-step and tell you exactly what to do at every point. This simplified training process really, really helped me to relax and move on to the ... See More

Harry G

I learned a lot from this challenge and will use what I learned for both my businesses. I enjoyed the challenge very much and it was great to meet everyone. It brings excellent value and was worth it for me. I highly recommend this challenge.

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