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I absoluy enjoyed working with James Liu on the 21 day challenge. The pace was fast, the work taxing but always interesting, challenging and doable!
In 21 days we went through a whole gamut of learning and accomplishing. From program design to marketing strategies to making our sales pitch.
Simply... See More


Hi, Muhammed here. As a Teacher who just finished the 21-day Challenge, I highly recommend it! Well sequenced, and just the right mix of familiar and new info. Can’t wait to act on the new skills obtained!


I highly recommend joining the Teacher Entrepreneur Challenge: it has provided me with a lot of very valuable tools that will allow me to make the huge shift from in-person generalist teacher to online niche teacher. The content is absolutely great, immediately applicable and delivered step-by-step ... See More


After teaching English for over 11 years, I've finally been able to put focus on my online business and my program, with the help of James and his staff. The 21 Day Challenge has helped me to take a lot of what I already know, rearrange and edit it, and focus it on a teaching/business plan that is ... See More


James is a born to-be-teacher. He really knows what one needs to succeed. He gives you not only a lot of information ready to use, but also encouragement to actually take action. I'm happy I invested into the Challenge, I've learnt a lot and I have taken action, that is already bringing me it's frui... See More


I had been looking for guidance and support for a long time as I wanted to set up my own business as an English Language Coach but didn't really know what to do.
I lacked knowledge and confidence. It was a minefield - so many things to consider and I wanted to ensure I was doing things the right ... See More


If you are looking to set up your teaching business and are feeling overwhelmed, this is the challenge for you! This course is jam-packed with useful information and provides you with the fundamental marketing and sales strategies a teacher needs... and much more! Highly recommended.


The 21 day Challenge was excellent! James has such a great structure and logical order that really helps you implement your learning each day after the videos. I'd been trying to go at this alone for many months and it was great to become part of a community to not only motivate each other but feel ... See More


This Challenge has been a milestone in my professional and personal development. James has taught me how to build a rewarding online business and value its progress towards sustainable success, rather than simply getting a couple more students. Twenty-one days ago, I had no social media experience... See More


I loved the challenge for a lot of reasons but mainly the confidence it gave me. The step by step journey was easy to follow and the support from the whole group was amazing. I will do more with James as I can, he is very knowledgeable and able to explain the process clearly


The Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge is well worth the investment. It consists of a series of simple daily steps resulting in a much better approach to online teaching. James tells you exactly what you need to know and do to succeed, and there is no flab or hype. You just follow the steps. Although th... See More


Nick is very excited to recommend Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

Nick T gave Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge a 5 star Rating

For the price I cannot recommend James' Teacher-Entrepreneur challenge enough! It has given me a clear and easy-to-apply path to follow to make my online teaching business goals come true and the community that accompanies you throughout the whole process is second to none. It requires daily work an... See More


Absolutely amazing program that I got just when I needed it. James helped address so many of the question and issues I was having since I had started my own business, and I'm immensely grateful for how organized and effective his coaching methods are as they've given me the confidence to keep going.... See More


James Liu is immensely grateful to his teachers for helping him become the person he is today, and he is totally committed to helping teachers become what they want to be. The Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge will give you a step-by-step guide to carving out a niche in the online teaching world. It is... See More


I would 100% recommend the Challenge to any ESL Teacher with the drive to start their own business. James gives you all the tools you need to run the business side. I am very pleased with my investment, and cannot recommend it enough. Not only do you get the videos to follow and tasks to complete, b... See More


I am so pleased I joined the Teacher- Entrepreneur Challenge. It helped me to take my teaching business to another level as it has given me great insight into how to be both a teacher and entrepreneur.

The challenge has played an integral part in my business and I am so grateful to James and his... See More


The Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge has truly been a life changing experience for me. James' step-by-step training from how to determine my niche, to social media marketing, and prospecting on LinkedIn has answered all my questions. Before this, I had always been wondering how to scale my business. ... See More

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