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I would like to thank you, James, for being the greatest mentor I have ever had!Until I joined the October Challenge 2020, I had no idea that a NEW ME would be the outcome.You guided all of us with amazing resources, with so much commitment, care and with our best interests at your heart.I've been f... See More


This Challenge has been life-changing for me. The lessons I have learned from James are invaluable. He is remarkably clear in the presentation of his concepts and methods. Through each of his videos, exercises, and posts I have been struck by how thorough, articulate, and succinct his material i... See More


The challenge is fantastic and well worth the money and effort. It is so well organised and presented. It gives you a great understanding of the processes and makes you act on it. I highly recommend it!


One of the best things I ever done. James has a great method and is very supportive. He knows and anticipates the needs of his clients and always delivers. Thank you


It was a lifetime experience! This challenge change all.my mindset and now there is no turning back!!! I totally recommend it to all ambitious teachers.


I know how to be a teacher, but I don't know how to sell myself. This course has been a great help for hand-holding me though the steps needed to give myself an online presence and reach potential clients. Left to my own devices I never would have known where to start. Thank you!


This challenge has been a great experience and has given me just what I needed to start putting the ideas I've had together into a working plan. I highly recommend it! James does a great job!


I have enjoyed my experience with the Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge. I appreciated the daily challenges that were provided throughout the 21 days. Also, I appreciated James's approach in providing step-by-step guidance on how to move toward a 6-figure income as a Teacher-Entrepreneur. Finally, i... See More


James taught me a lot about how to define my niche and change my mindset. He gives you support all the way through the 21 day challenge and after. I can highly recommend taking this course!


Hi there,
My name is Barbara from Coventry, UK. I've just completed James's September 21-day Teacher Entrepreneur Challenge. I found it extremely enlightening. It opened my eyes to new ways of attracting clients/students, providing them with 'solutions' to their English Lanuage problems, the 'res... See More


James started contacting me in April, but it took me until September to do the Challenge. I wish I had not waited so long. The course is WONDERFUL! James leads you through, step-by-step, giving you the practical tools and emotional encouragement to think like a teacher-entrepreneur and build a bus... See More


When I decided to teach English as foreign language online, I still thought of myself as a teacher and I had no idea how to market myself. I am so glad that I decided to take the plunge and complete James' course in becoming a Teacher-entrepreneur. He has covered everything I could possibly need fro... See More


James' course is well organised, motivating and helps us get the results! He has broken the course down into easy step-by-step, day-by-day action points to take you from being a teacher to being an entrepreneur too! In 21 days I made over 700 new connections and have had several people message me ... See More


James breaks down & simplifies all the business, marketing, & sales theories he had learned for his degrees into daily structured & on-point videos, hands-on worksheets, Q & A sessions, & immediate actionable & applicable strategies. His presence is frlt everyday. It is the best course I have ever a... See More


The Teacher Entrepreneur Challenge was definitely the guidance I needed to start moving in the right direction. I was already very motivated, had lots of ideas, but I had no idea how to implement them or even where to start. I highly recommend James and his challenge to anyone who either needs motiv... See More


I have found the Teacher Entrepreneur Challenge to be extremely beneficial and rewarding.
Throughout the course, my realisation for the need to look for niche teaching and a change in mindset has grown exponentially. Rather than spreading my teaching experience across a wide range of student types... See More


The Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge was very educational and eye-opening! I was able to shift my mindset into a more "salesy" role. James guided us through the challenge day by day which prevented feelings of overwhelm. I highly recommend this challenge. Thank you, James!


This is an excellent program for any ESL teacher who is truly committed to taking the next step in teaching. James has done an excellent job of putting together relevant materials and exercises to lead you step by step through the process of setting up your own teaching business. The only thing req... See More


I highly recommend the Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge. It came at just the right time for me. I was fed up with being paid a pittance for teaching ESL online and being treated as if my skills and experience as a teacher have little value. James changed all this. The Challenge has been a steep learni... See More


I think overall the program is well structured. James does not over complicate things and provides clear steps to take to become a teacher-entrepreneur!


I'm giving this course 5 stars, because of the sheer value for money. While being highly experienced and professional as an ELICOS educator, I had zero business skills. Of particular value to me, was the detailed information about how to use social media platforms to make the right connections, and ... See More


I am so thankful to James for inventing the Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge and for providing an opportunity to continue working with him after the Challenge. I hope that one day soon, I will be able to say that James made a huge difference in my life because he will have been instrumental in helping... See More

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