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Isabel had a great experience with Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

Isabel D gave Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge a 5 star Rating

James Liu gave me a clear direction for my vague business ideas. I got daily guidance on EXACTLY what I should do to establish my business, and how to sell and market. He tells you not only the HOW, but the WHY. He tells you to do these things NOW and to not keep waiting for the perfect opportunity.... See More


I found the Challenge to be an excellent choice for learning how to develop my own business teaching ESL. It was well worth the money and time spent , and a great value. James Liu provided step by step instructions for how to do everything including marketing and setting up business social media a... See More


I love the challenge because of the clarity and comprehensibility of the content.


I loved doing the Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge as I have been thinking about setting up my own niche teaching business so the challenge provided me with exactly the tools and information that I need to proceed with this. I love James's no-nonsense/ no waffle approach to things. He explains everyth... See More


Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge got a great recommendation by Inge

Inge M gave Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge a 5 star Rating

Mpho is very excited to recommend Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

Mpho M gave Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge a 5 star Rating

I've just completed James' Challenge and was really impressed! It's very well organised and clearly, through videos and support, gives you a ton of information on how to design, market, grow and sell your own teaching business. The rest is now up to me, but I feel prepared to walk towards this new v... See More


I learned a lot from the training. It is actually too much to write down. and just in three weeks. We had an assignment every day which helped a lot. The best part was that we could not go faster than the trainer because we got a training video every day so that you had to wait for the video. It hel... See More


To anyone who is thinking about starting their own online teaching business, this is a fantastic course. In just 21 days, you learn so much! Everything is taught in bite-sized lessons, and you feel continuously supported by James and his team. You´ll also learn about marketing and sales, which is a... See More


Being a part of the Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge was a great experience for me. I’ve learned so much. The programme is very well structured, everything is clearly explained, though there is a reason that it’s called the Challenge. Thank you to James and his team for this journey that helped m... See More


Thank you James and Tara!!! The quality and amount of information that was put together is spot on. The tips that he gives to build confidence in yourself was always at the right time. To any future students, don’t get overwhelmed and trust the process.


Such a great experience from start to finish. I did fall behind and couldn't get a strategy session booked but I know I am in this for the long haul and will get there with the support of James and his wonderful team and of course, the amazing community of folks are who all in it together and liftin... See More


This was a great program to get me focused and on the way to starting my own teaching business. James gives straight forward advice and practical practice exercises. I also love the community building that this provides which leads to support from others while on your journey. I feel like I have a g... See More


I LOVE Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge because James gives a lot of valuable information and support through the 21-day on building my teaching business, building my entrepreneur mind, and making me an comprehensive woman of myself and others.

His step-by-step course makes me feel like he knows me v... See More


I LOVED the Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge because it was everything it said it was. It is one thing to read about it but it is something amazing when you experience the Challenge, side-by-side with James and other teachers. I tend to procrastinate or get unexcited after some time but the Challenge ... See More


The Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge is a great benefit for all those who are planning to set up their own business in the sphere of education. This course has really been a challenge as it presents a lot of new information not only in teaching, but in promotion, marketing and sales, the spheres quite... See More


In this teacher Teacher Entrepreneur course, I have learned a lot of fascinating and new things that I've learned how to market the business online and sell the program as well as how to define the niche and make an organize program with alignment to the niche,program and messages.In addition, I've ... See More


James provides an outstanding program for helping teachers to set themselves apart, work for themselves, and get paid what they deserve. I have had my idea of working for myself, but I was missing the part of 'how to find students'. James made it so easy to follow. Overall, it is a big step to ta... See More


In this Teacher Entrepreneur course, I have learned a lot of new things such as how to market the online business and sell the program as well as how to define the niche and to make an organize program with alignment to the niche,program and messages.In addition, I've learned and gain more knowledg... See More


I highly recommend this program!! After completing the challenge I believe it is possible to go independent and charge the amount I deserve. James and his team break the process down, set managable tasks and support all the way until the end.
It is not only suitable for ESL teachers but also for ot... See More


It was such an amazing program and wonderful group of peers to work with. I found that the content of the program highly invaluable for English teachers. I have to be honest, at first when I heard about this program, I was a skeptic but I went for it and shortly afterwards, I became a believer. We h... See More

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