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The Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge is one of the best learning experiences I have had. I feel that watching the mindset videos and repeating some of the helpful phrases such as "be ok with ok" was worth every penny and second I spent on this unique course. I am impressed by how much James actually c... See More


All I can say is WOW! What a course! I have learnt so much in such a short period of time! James takes us step by step through everything. Don't worry if your not tech savy (I'm not!) We are guided so easily through everything. What a perfect time to learn to become independent, and no better way... See More


James has created a fantastic course which highly recommend to those motivated teachers wishing to go independent. James has laid out a step by step process to help teachers lay the foundation for their business. It was a challenge which pushed me to do things that I had been putting off for months.... See More


If I have to describe it with one word, it'll be phenomenal! Honestly I have been following James' page for several months before deciding to take plunge. I have always wanted to be able to branch out, and work online and this opportunity came at the perfect timing. James and his team have been noth... See More


Eleanor had a great experience with Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

Eleanor H gave Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge a 5 star Rating

It has been a challenge , and also a self learning process. James and his team are great helping awesome teachers become real entrepreneurs. From a technician to a real business woman, there is a lot to be worked, but I was able to take a lot of action these past weeks, and areas I was struggling, a... See More


Practical, very useful and incredibly affordable. The mindset videos alone are worth the price of the training.


Kristy had a great experience with Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

Kristy W gave Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge a 5 star Rating

Sarah LOVED Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

Sarah O gave Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge a 5 star Rating

The Teacher-Entrepreneur challenge has been off the charts!
The amount of support we've received during these 21 days has been immense.
So worth it for the price you pay!
I would recommend it to anyone who is in the right frame of mind and ready to take their career to the next level.
Thank you ... See More


The Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge has been incredible. Going into it, I wasn’t sure what to expect but it has honestly been a life changing experience. I have learned so much in these last three weeks and I am so glad I joined this challenge. James is very detailed and he explains everything so c... See More


This challenge offered even more than I expected. With community, motivation, and exact steps to follow, I feel more prepared than ever to embark on my journey as a teacher-entrepeneur. If you are on the fence, stop doubting yourself and this program. It's worth it!


Philippa enjoyed the experience with Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

Philippa W gave Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge a 5 star Rating

Marta suggests you use Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

Marta V gave Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge a 5 star Rating

The Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge was an extremely useful and practical challenge which was enjoyable and has given me the tools I need to build a viable business.


I did July 2021 challenge and it has been one of the best investments have done for myself.
The support I got from James and the other teachers is top-notch.
You need this challenge if you know that you want to move from being an underpaid tutor to a tutor that can charge his/her rate.


I am a graduate from the July 2021 cohort and the challenge was a fantastic experience! The sense of community in the challenge was awe inspiring with everyone pushing each other over the line until the end.

James has structured the programme in such a way that it is easy to digest but not so in... See More


Tom Strongly Recommends Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

Tom H gave Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge a 5 star Rating

Mira gave Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge an AWESOME Recommendation

Mira G gave Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge a 5 star Rating

As a new teacher, I struggled with starting my own business - I was overwhelmed, frustrated and I wasn't getting anywhere. I felt like the Challenge was my last chance to get started. In the Challenge, I worked hard and I made so much progress quickly. Everyday tasks were manageable and kept me moti... See More


I really liked the momentum and pacing of this course - even though I found myself behind at points, I was able to catch up by the end and I think releasing content and tasks day by day was a really good way to structure it to encourage participants to follow and trust in the process. The content wa... See More


Emma Highly Recommends Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge to their friends & family!

Emma P gave Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge a 5 star Rating

This course has been hugely motivating and very informative. Thank you to James and his team!

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