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Here is a message I sent to James a few weeks after the Challenge. I think it speaks for itself!

James, I want to thank you and provide some feedback. I took the 21 Day Challenge in March and had my first strategy session end just a few minutes ago!

It went fantastic! The student is planning o... See More


Step by step approach. Concise yet informative. Great!


Kayan enjoyed the experience with Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

Kayan Y

I learnt a lot from this challenge.


A really great challenge!! Very engaging, full of useful information, and accompanied by a great community. I feel prepared to set up my own teaching business and move forward from here.


I love Teacher Entrepreneur Challenge because the structure was excellent as was the confidence it gave me . The information shared by James was above and beyond expectations, I would definitely recommend it to prospective online teacher Entrepreneurs.


The Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge has gotten me on the road to having my own online teaching business. So much useful information, guidance, and a supportive community. Thank you!


Many thanks to James and his incredible team for a challenge that was both motivational and inspirational.

I decided to take part in the challenge because it seemed like an interesting idea, but you have inspired me to join The Inner Circle. I look forward to working with you and building my bus... See More


I have really enjoyed the Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge. I started it in Feb but could not complete all of it because of personal reasons so I joined again in March. I can see how James guides teachers through the process of defining your niche (week 1) learning how to market your business (week 2)... See More


The Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge was a great experience and I learned so much in just 21 days. I had actually been thinking of just giving up on teaching all together because it just didn't seem like something doable as an independent online teacher. But this course gives you another way of lookin... See More


A great place to start for beginners with little experience as it contains all the info you need. As someone with a couple of years, I was quite hesitant that this wouldn't be the right thing for me but even for those of us with experience, the challenge offers a great time for reflexion and focus. ... See More


It was a very pleasant experience. I enjoyed lessons being delivered in small and easily understandable chunks. The worksheets are very detailed and enable step-by-step work that comes together in the end. Short mindset videos were very useful too.


I love Teacher-Entrepreneur challenge because it is a turnkey project for ESL teachers. It definitely was a life changing experience! The 21 days covered all aspects that were difficult for me, someone completely inexperienced with using social media or sales and marketing. Thank you also for the di... See More


I've really enjoyed the Challenge. James is a very engaged and encouraging coach, and I found the mindset trainings to be particularly helpful! It's also great that I can communicate with other teachers in the Challenge and make meaningful connections. Thanks so much!


Rachel Strongly Recommends Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

Rachel S

David had a great experience with Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

David C

I completed the 21-day challenge straight after the 7-day challenge. Both were inspiring for me. I have been an ESL teacher for some years, face-to-face initially and online, mostly with a platform, since the pandemic. It's now time for me to move forward on my own. I had a niche in mind but real... See More


The 21-Day Challenge is a solid and highly practical program. James and his team walk you through all the steps involved in transitioning from teacher to teacher-entrepreneur, from finding your niche to building a program to marketing your business to conducting a sales session. James knows what he'... See More


Jennifer had a great experience with Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge

Jennifer A

I love the step-by-step guidance James provides in the challenge. In addition to the daily instruction, there are mindset video which help you get over yourself and move forward! This program got me started on a path I never would’ve attempted without so much coaching and encouragement. Thank you ... See More


The 21 Day Programme provides a clear, easy to follow structure to help to get started with your niche teaching. Every day you get a manageable task to complete which makes you really feel like you are moving forward. The support of the Bowei team and your fellow students is really helpful, with the... See More


The 21 day challenge was God sent. It was one of the best things that happened to me this year. It taught me so much about social media marketing and running my business as a teacher. It also helped me acquire self confidence to put myself in public and know my worth as a teacher.
I highly recommen... See More


The 21-day challenge was a great way to kick start my project. The structure of the challenge is clear, logical, and effective. The everyday tasks are a great way to understand the development of the teacher-entrepreneur routine. I would definitely recommend you take the challenge too!


The Teacher Entrepreneur Challenge was one of the best things I've ever done for my teaching career. It was loaded with actionable steps and gave lots of meaty advice as to how to move to teaching online and getting the most out of that without having to rely only on language schools. It also gave i... See More


The course has been challenging for real! It gives you all you need to get started as an Independent Teacher.
James and his team encourage you everyday to make a step forward to complete the challenge at your own pace and clear up any doubts!
During this course I've found the courage to take acti... See More

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