BodyMind Institute, UEXL Institute and The David Avocado Wolfe Inner Circle


After being in the health and wellness business for 20 years, I was blown away with the new knowledge that David was able to teach me and I love his mission to share his teachings with as many people as possible to create a better world and environment full of health and joy for all. This really se... See More


David Wolfe is the most compelling speaker I've ever heard! I really mean it. I have been listening to various speakers since the 70's and I've listened to everybody. I look forward to hearing him speak because it's just like talking to a friend. He covers so many topics that are much deeper than pe... See More


I'm enjoying so much learning from David and being in the Inner Circle! It's more that I had imagined - fun and information packed! I really appreciate the authenticity, depth and realness of the learning. I also appreciate David's warm smile and genuineness!... See More


When you want to learn the best way to be a healthy self directed individual, you have to choose your teachers and mentors wisely. David and Lars are those amazing people for me. Through their courses, their videos, their writings and their research, you can learn about the newest discoveries, the... See More


Hi, I’m Marlena I am polish and I live in UK since 10 years . I have came across David Wolfe’s nutrition certification in 2015 when I was in very difficult time of my life just after divorce and really not being able to find my place anywhere. The amount of knowledge I have gained doing the cer... See More


I'm not even sure how the information of David Avocado Wolfe's course came across my plate!. I knew he was a nutrition guy and had written health books. The next thing I knew is that I was signing up to learn from him and honestly it has been like hitting the jack pot! He is an amazing inspiration a... See More


My experience with the BodyMind institute is very extraordinary because I started following the courses on the BMI a few years ago and the content was so amazing to me it made a huge impact on my life, health and wellbeing only after a few weeks of applying the course material.

I like the way its... See More

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