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I have been a patient of Dr Moricz and involved in the program for several years. The pellets make a huge difference in the way I feel and I can't imagine not having them. Dr Morocz always takes time to listen to how you feel and adjusts accordingly. The staff is absolutely awesome and always wel... See More


I love the way I feel after my hormone pellets. I have more energy, sleep better and have no joint pain like I did before. I would diffently recommend this treatment.... See More


I have not felt this good since my college years. Nothing but up from here. Dr. Moricz and staff are very knowledgeable about Body Hormone Balance. S.Smith... See More


Great atmosphere! Very comfortable and knowledgeable. Will have you feeling great if you follow his program!... See More


I have been coming to Dr. Moricz for many years. I have received the best care from him. He is very concerned about his patients. Very knowledgeable about keeping us healthy and not just getting us back to next appointment. I feel so much more confident with his care than doctors in the past and ref... See More


I have been seeing Dr Moricz for almost five years now. Being pre menopausal, he has helped me not have to suffer with all the hormonal changes that occur. I am so thankful for his knowledge and patience. He has also been helpful with my twenty year old daughter. Thank you Dr Moricz... See More


I highly recommend the Body Hormone Balance program!! Dr. Moricz has the best bed side manner he listens and ask questions to get you the best possible results! I started in July and I have lost weight and I feel a 100% better. I have so much energy I sleep so much better and over all my adatude is ... See More


Before I began seeing Dr. Moricz, I was constantly fatigued and had mental fogginess. I was dealing with anxiety and weight issues as well. After I began seeing him for hormonal balance, I have been able to work towards ways to manage my weight, lessen my anxiety, have better sleep, and just ove... See More


Before I came to Dr Moricz and had treatment, I had hot flashes and night sweats, I would highly recommend Dr Moricz for hormone treatment.... See More


I had lack of energy, and desire now I have loads of energy and much happier at home! I recommend Dr Moricz for hormonal treatment he knows his stuff!!... See More


I have visited a number of specialists in states all over the country to help manage my chronic migraines, severe hormonal imbalance, and constant fatigue. Dr. Moritz has had more success in managing all of my health problems than any other doctor I have traveled to. He treats the whole patient and ... See More


I felt tired all the time and now I have energy and my Labido is much better. I can work longer hours and even think more clear. I have lost 53 pounds and feel better in every respect.... See More


Before my therapy began I was very susceptible to depression, which is not like me. Emotionally I was unstable. Irritability, a lack of confidence, and an inability to settle on a decision all add to the frustration of not feeling like "me."
Lack of sleep , throw in some hot flashes and you have a ... See More


Great visit and I feel wonderful after my super B shot very energized!... See More


I feel much better since I Been coming o Dr Moritz more energy I don't feel tired all the time irritable moody The pellet has helped Ned a lot... See More


I came to Dr. Moricz office extremely desperate. I felt like I had tried just about everything to lose weight and nothing was working. I steadily kept gaining more and more weight and was close to giving up on ever being a healthy weight. At my first visit, Dr. Moricz had already looked at my lab re... See More


I am feeling so much better. This program has given me more energy and a happier life... See More


Dr Moritz is.a Very Goid a Doctor If you haven't tried him you need to He knows what he is doing an try's to make you feel better... See More


Dr Moricz explains everything to me where I can understand what's going with myself, he spends the time with me and isn't quick in and out of the room, he help me change my life by the things I was going thru! He's very kind as well as his staff I highly recommend Dr Moricz!!... See More


When I came to see Dr Moricz, I had no energy and low testerone. Now I have a lot of energy Dr Moricz helped me with my nutritional deficiencies as well as hormonal needs now I have a lot of energy and (A happy wife) Dr Moricz listens and spends the necessary time to help you with all your needs. ... See More


Very pleasant greating and care.
Visits are very informative and helpful.... See More


Dr. Moricz makes me feel like a new woman, great and knowledgable doctor!... See More


Dr. Morictz is very thorough and spends lots of time with you to ensure you know what's going on and have a full grasp of what he is explaining to you!... See More


I have felt much better since hormone treatment. I feel like myself again. I feel younger wit more energy. My sleep is better, and not having mood swings anymore. I would recommend hormone treatment to anyone.... See More


Dr Moricz and his staff have always done a great job! They are very helpful, professional and always very patient. I would definitely recommend them for all of your health care need. Many thanks for all you do and all of your help!... See More


At 61 I feel 16 again. Truly amazing the difference in how I feel.... See More


When I came to Dr, Moricz's office I was in a very bad place in my life. I had to force myself out of bed each morning my social life did not exist, and the worst part was my relationship with my husband was at its lowest. I now have the energy to do the things in my life that I enjoyed when I wa... See More


Great service. Very knowledgable doctor... See More

Awesome Doctor !! I recommend him to anyone looking for a primary OB/GYN

Amber Moss gave Moricz MD - Body Hormone Balance a 5 star review
charlmane brown gave Moricz MD - Body Hormone Balance a 5 star review
Lori Carmony gave Moricz MD - Body Hormone Balance a 5 star review
Jim Nelson gave Dr. George Moricz Body Hormone Balance a 5 star review
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Debra Shipp gave Dr. George Moricz Body Hormone Balance a 5 star review
4 years ago
Michelle Moran Baker gave Dr. George Moricz Body Hormone Balance a 5 star review
5 years ago

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