Dr. George Moricz Body Hormone Balance

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Palm Beach, Florida 33480
United States

The HCG program has changed my life. Not only physically but mentally. I've tried to loose weight before with programs, diets, shakes, points, and nothing has worked. I may have lost 5 to 10 pounds but would gain it right back not long after loosing and it would take months just to loose that.
I u... See More


I came to see Dr Moricz for weight loss and hormone issues. I was tired, overweight, and had no energy. I tried many different diets and exercised hard with no results. Under his care, I lost approximately 50 pounds and feel so much better! My weight loss and hormone balance made me feel like a n... See More


Dr Moricz helped me with my weight loss and hormone, I feel like I'm 20 again.. Thank you Dr Moricz!! ... See More


He is a wonderful Doctor and he has helped me with all my hormone needs and weight loss.
Thank you Dr. Moricz... See More

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