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Susie was really great. I started seeing her for a tongue thrust issue that I have had all my life and was hesitant to think it could change, but to my surprise I was able to change this habit and no longer have this issue. My orthodontist and dentist were both so pleased. Susie was so supportive an... See More


I am grateful for Susie and Robin from Big Apple Speech. First, it felt like they loved my baby and were just as eager as I was for her to successfully feed from a bottle. Second, because they were supportive in empowering me to help her along the way.


My family and I highly recommend Susie. My daughter had a tongue thrust and was beginning to develop a lisp. Our orthodontist recommended Susie and we are so glad she did. Susie is extremely knowledgeable, the exercises she recommends work, and she is kind but firm. My daughter speaks clearly now with no issues and we no longer have to worry about her tongue ruining her teeth. Susie also worked with our son and got him to stop sucking his thumb in less than 2 weeks which was a bonus!

Dina Weiss
Big Apple Speech Therapy, LLC - Susie Appleman Replied: Thank you so much for your kind words. Woot woot! Glad the kids are doing well.

My experience with Susie Appleman has been so amazing! She has helped me through so many things since having a very in-depth, Frenectomy a couple of months ago! She has so much knowledge and has taught me so many tools to help with learning to swallow correctly and how use use my tongue muscles corr... See More


It was wonderful working with Susie Appleman for our two children’s myofacial and speech therapies. Susie is so great with children and gets them to participate with little effort. Our children made progress so quickly and it was encouraging. Susie was always very flexible with our availability. W... See More

Big Apple Speech Therapy, LLC - Susie Appleman Replied: Thanks! XOXO.

Susie is truly the best! I sought her services from across the country because of how skilled she is. She is thorough and quickly builds rapport with clients. My daughter was always nervous about evaluations, but Susie made her feel at ease. Thank you, Susie! You are truly gifted at what you do.


We have been so happy with our experience with Susie. After receiving a cookie cutter plan from another establishment and the distinct feeling that they were drawing out the timeline for their own interest and not my son's, I was thrilled to be able to speak with Susie. She listened to our concerns ... See More


We have loved Ms. Susie. Our 6 year old needed a tongue and lip tie release and from diagnosis to seeing us for healing and therapy she was a God send. After implementing her stretches our daughter now easily chews and swallows meats she used to store in her cheeks and need to spit out. She’s slee... See More

Big Apple Speech Therapy, LLC - Susie Appleman Replied: Thanks for sharing your little one's... Read More

I had a good service because she was very funny and kind and patient with me

Big Apple Speech Therapy, LLC - Susie Appleman Replied: You're awesome too!!

Susie and Big Apple Speech Therapy is wonderful.. she helped me before and after a tongue tie revision. She’s kind, patient, funny and very knowledgeable with lots of great tips and tricks. I highly recommend Susie’s services!

Big Apple Speech Therapy, LLC - Susie Appleman Replied: I appreciate your kind words.

She is very knowledgeable, thorough, great personality, friendly and easy to work with!! We will definitely refer anyone that needs a Speech Therapist to her.

Big Apple Speech Therapy, LLC - Susie Appleman Replied: Thank you so much.
Big Apple Speech Therapy, LLC - Susie Appleman Replied: Thanks, buddy!!!!

9/10 it’s a great thing, relives tension in my mouth, neck, shoulders, upper and lower back. It’s so much better than it was before the surgery. Adults should do it. It impacts the whole body.

Big Apple Speech Therapy, LLC - Susie Appleman Replied: I'm so happy that your tongue tie... Read More

Suzie is great she helped me so much.
She was also very accommodating with my difficult schedule.
Thanks Suzie.


She was very encouraging and helpful for me! I learned so much from my time here, and was able to fix the movement of my tongue with exercises. I really liked how energetic and thoughtful she was! Thank you so much!


I love Big Apple Speech Therapy! Susie Appleman was fantastic with my son and I was amazed at how quickly he progressed. It was so convenient that the company worked with my son’s school so his therapy could be done there each week. My son always looked forward to his speech therapy and Susie was ... See More


Susie is such an amazing human and teacher. She has a way with kids and it’s wonderful to watch and learn from her. Not only has my child’s speech improved, her confidence has skyrocketed. She’s so easy to communicate with and fun to be around!


Rebekah gave Big Apple Speech Therapy, LLC - Susie Appleman an AWESOME Recommendation

Rebekah D

My son has had extreme negative reactions to food since he was in diapers. We tried feeding therapy at a hospital but it wasn’t effective. Our son was able to see an occupational therapist for other issues which helped prepare him for feeding therapy again. When he was ready to learn to eat, Susie helped us get real food on his plate. She patiently helped my 7-year-old learn to chew correctly and swallow. I got to see him eat fruit and meat for the first time in his life. Susie is the perfect blend of tough and... Read More

Rebecca Morgan Nevius

Emma thinks you should try Big Apple Speech Therapy, LLC - Susie Appleman

Emma W

Becca LOVED Big Apple Speech Therapy, LLC - Susie Appleman

Becca N

Susie Appleman was recommended to us by my son’s preschool teacher. Wow! What a difference his year with her made. Our son visited her once a week, and each time we could see improvement in his speech and confidence. He was always excited to visit “Miss Susie”, because she made it fun through ... See More


We LOVED Big Apple Speech with Miss Susie! She was wonderful with my son, and the lessons were exactly what he was needing when he needed it. Could not have had a better experience!


Susie is absolutely amazing! She's incredibly knowledgeable, patient and has a great sense of humor! I was really uneasy about my tongue thrust because I wasn't aware until recently that I had it. She was able to calm me down, give me a sense of hope and thoroughly addressed all of my questions and concerns. I could finally relax! When you're not in the session with her, she makes herself available via text, so if any questions arise it's easy to reach out. She's taught me so much! My tongue now rests in the proper... Read More

Lauren Hartzog
Big Apple Speech Therapy, LLC - Susie Appleman Replied: Thank you so much!!

Miss Susie was recommended by our orthodontist for treating tongue thrust, and she also helped my daughter with her R sounds. She is knowledgeable, creative, caring, and fun. Highly recommend!

Meredith Eaton

I highly recommend Susie! She is extremely knowledgeable and a great source of information. She has an innate ability to connect with her patients to achieve optimal results. Can't recommend her enough!!!

Wendy Gordon
Big Apple Speech Therapy, LLC - Susie Appleman Replied: Thank you so much!!

I went to see Susie because I had a gnarly tongue tie that caused me some difficulty eating, breathing, and sleeping (I was a prolific snorer). In a matter of a few months, she got me prepped for a frenectomy, helped my tongue recover from the frenectomy, and now I'm eating/breathing/sleeping like a dream!

Also, she's a ball of sunshine. Take yourself your little one, you won't be disappointed.

Brady Garringer
Big Apple Speech Therapy, LLC - Susie Appleman Replied: Thanks so much!!

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