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380 Wellington Street Tower B, 6th Floor
Tower B, 6th Floor
London, Ontario N6A 5B5
(226) 270-2026

Courteous and thorough! the technicians was awesome and I highly recommend him!! He listened to every question and was very knowledgeable with thorough answers. He took his time and told us step by step what we saw and everything he did. Very satisfied with this amazing company.


I came back from vacation and found bed bugs in my room. I called for an appointment and after calling around to other companies, the prices were from this company were within my budget. The technician arrived on time and got to work. After the first treatment, I still saw bugs but I was told its normal. After the second treatment15 days later, the bugs were gone....

Naiya Belen gave Bed Bug Exterminator London Ontario a 5 star Review on Google

glad I called as I tried to solve it myself. take my advice, over the counter treatment doesn't work.

Candace Keeling gave Bed Bug Exterminator London Ontario a 5 star Rating on Google

Had a bed bug treatment from this company. They came twice and were able to solve the issue at my boyfriends house. thank you so much.

Monkey_ Monk gave Bed Bug Exterminator London Ontario a 5 star Rating on Google
George gave Bed Bug Exterminator London Ontario a 5 star Rating on Google


Don M gave Bed Bug Exterminator London Ontario a 5 star Rating

If you got bug problems go there.


Bed Bug has helped us with pest control for years now. The service is always exceptional and the problem has always been remedied. I have and will continue to recommend him to everyone I know.


I was in denial, I can admit it now. Glad I listened to the technician as the bed bugs are now gone. Thanks again


Great to work with from start to finish. We had a major bed bug problem that we had tried, unsuccessfully, to treat on our own. The entire experience with them was positive; from initial consult to booking, application, and follow up/payment. Very happy with the thorough and professional work done.

Brad McCafferty gave Bed Bug Exterminator London Ontario a 5 star Rating on Google

We moved into a rental only to be greeted by bed bugs. We called for service and they came within 48 hrs. After two treatments, the problem was solved. We found that getting it treated early is the key. Waiting to find a bug was our mistake.


This company’s service was excellent. I was horrified to find bedbugs, and they were extremely informative and timely. sunday the job was done by 10 pm. They were extremely responsive. They answered all of my questions and responded to calls quickly if they couldn’t answer. Also, a month later i... See More


Exceptional service. The product they use is top notch, and the warranty gives me peace of mind. Highly recommend to anyone in need of fast, effective pest control. Bed bugs are so hard to get rid of, but I'm confident that my problem is now solved.


This is a great, honest company. I'm so grateful that I found them. I was desperate and literally losing sleep. From the first phone call that I made, to when the technician, Jeremy, came over and went exactly how the company advertised. So professional and knowledgeable. And surprisingly affordable... See More


Amazing Service always willing to go the extra mile every time!!


Our property had mice. Paul coordinated with the tenants and returned twice to ensure they were gone. No complaints, no extra charges.

Rajan Makwana gave Bed Bug Exterminator London Ontario a 5 star Rating on Google

Fast, friendly, and efficient service!! They came as soon as possible (same day!!) and got the job done super fast. I was so happy (and deeply relieved) to have the issue taken care of so quickly and easily!! Thank you so much!!


We are happy with the Bed Bug Exterminator London company and especially Zack technician who assured us that after the 2nd treatment, bed bugs will be removed completely and we can see the results also. From last 1 month, we didn't see a single bed bugs in my house.
Highly recommend this company fo... See More

Matthew McSloy gave Bed Bug Exterminator London Ontario a 4 star Rating on Google

Amazing company!! Very thorough. All People involved were knowledgeable and very helpful. They came out on short notice and we have had no problems since. Most efficient company very happy with there service. Would recommend to anyone!! Thank you again!


I have had a bed bug problem for several months in my house & was working with another company that never controlled the issue. I switched companies they did a thorough check of my house & after their services my bed bug situation has been taken care of by concerned technicians.


Wonderful company to work with. Efficient, fair and very reliable. Family owned company who are truly second to none when you really need to catch that critter!


The technician was on time, courteous and friendly. He answered the questions I had and completed his task quickly. I appreciated his professionalism.


Great customer service and friendly staff. They show up as scheduled. They are very thorough and always check in with us about any issues or requests. Great to work with and very reasonable prices.

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