Bed Bug Exterminator London Ontario

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Average: 5 out of 5 Stars

380 Wellington Street Tower B, 6th Floor
Tower B, 6th Floor
London, Ontario N6A 5B5
(226) 270-2026

The unmarked van was a nice touch. It was a relief to maintain my privacy....

Justin Massy gave Bed Bug Exterminator London Ontario a 5 star Review on Google

Thank God these guys know what they are doing!! The bed bugs are gone.


My student renter brought them into the house and I was afraid they would come upstairs, so we had the whole house treated. Good for my peace of mind. Fast, friendly and informative. I hope I never have to call them again, but if I needed someone it would definitely be these guys.


I was really glad their vans are unmarked. Knowing we had bed bugs would have been horrible to live down in our neighborhood. 5 out of 5 stars.


Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you.


Rahim and his crew showed up five minutes early for the appointment and explained everything before they started. Things went according to plan and we followed all of their recommendations. Treatment has been successful. Satisfied with the service we received.


I can finally sleep again and no more bites. My bedroom became a battleground and these guys came and saved me. Thank you and ten out of ten stars for the work done and professionalism of the techs who came to our home.


I didn't think they could solve my bed bug infestation, I was wrong. The bed bugs are gone!


I kept them in a bag to show Charles the technician. That was the last I saw of them in my house. Very happy.


Fast and efficient. Professional too.


Jack did a great job. Bed bugs are gone and not just from the mattress.


As advertised and with solid results. Thank you


They gave me a piece of mind and calmed me down. After two treatments, the bed bugs are gone.


I was searching for professionalism and results. I found it. Bruce is the one! thanks!


I have a rental property near Western University. My tenants mentioned that they had bed bugs. I called Khalia and she sent Miles the technician to service the property. After two treatments, the problem was gone. Great value and service....

Brianna Anderson gave Bed Bug Exterminator London Ontario a 5 star Review on Google

I found spots on my mattress and had no idea they were bed bug feces. After a discussion with a few companies, I called the exterminator here in London to solve the problem. They were fast, efficient and professional. The best part is the bed bugs are gone. thanks again.


Happy with the service. Professional and knowledgeable. I have already recommended Mike to my friends. thanks!


We called when we found three bedbugs after waking up with bites for a couple of days. The tech was amazing and very good about explaining the process. I can't tell you how grateful we are to have had these guys treat our home and get rid of the bugs. Great job and thank you soo much!!...

tanya jamal gave Bed Bug Exterminator London Ontario a 5 star Review on Google

Great work, very effective - got rid of bed bugs in 6 apartments of ours. Follow up treatments and everything was at a great price!

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