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Great product. My IFD-540s have been great to use and Avidyne support has been good to deal with.


Good so far


Hi, Thanks for this as I missed the live presentation. I am getting ready to power up my new IFD 540 as well as the rest of my AFS avionics. I’m sure I’ll be reaching out to you for support. I am building a Van’s RV-10


I like my IFD540 and am excited about upgrades I learned about today.


I have the IFD540 installed in my Piper Dakota for almost 5 years now. Love the Avidyne over any other competition GPS. Full of features, intuitive and you can’t beat the flexibility to use hard buttons while having the convenience of a touch screen. I still find myself using the buttons more ofte... See More


Perfect amount of information in a perfectly time presentation. As I will be installing a new IFD540 in my 414 this week (purchased a few months ago but just got around to updating wiring and antenna). I will be replacing a GNS 530W, this and other videos have answered some basic concerns it had. ... See More


For me the IFD's are much more user friendly and capable than the 430's they replaced. The learning curve is shorter with the training app, the F. Bauer book and training videos provided. I felt comfortable before the units were installed. The intelligence of the comm tuning along with the facility ... See More


The new 10.3 upgrade on the IFD system looks incredibly impressive!

I am looking forward to the upload when becomes available!!

Maria Espino
Efrain Castillo

I've had my IFD540 for 2-3 years now and can't say enough positive things about it and the service that Avidyne has given over that time!
They have always been very responsive to my needs and questions and taken care of any issues or training questions that I have come up with for them.
Impressive... See More


Avidyne is a great technology company with leading edge avionics. If you are serious about TAA and flying, Avidyne is the right technical solution for you.


We did the trade in program and swapped our Garmin 430 for an IFD 440. The swap was easy and the few issues we had during installation were promptly addressed by our dealer and Avidyne. Ours is coupled to a legacy Stec30 autopilot with altitude hold and GPSS and works very well with this combination... See More


I started IFR training wifh steam gages and upgraded our panel with fhe IFD540 and can not express the ease of use this unit has. Added a weekend glasa with Gary Reeves and Im ready and far more confident in flying IFR than I ever have been. Only downside was I didnt splurge and get the 550!!


You don't know how easy navigating and flying IFR is until you've sat behind an Avidyne IFD navigator. I've always thought the industry standard was clunky and far from intuitive. How it ever became the standard is beyond reasonable knowledge. IFD's are intuitive, predictive and productive. Avidyne ... See More


Great products. Excellent customer service.


I believe Avidyne has fantastic products, I own an IFD440 and am happy with it.
What I truly appreciate is the quick and very helpful support they provide, they are outstanding.


I installed an ifd440 in my personal airplane. I fly corporate aircraft professionally and I felt right at home going to the avidyne IFD.


The IFD navigators are fantastic with multiple ways to achieve most tasks--touch screen, knobs/buttons, Bluetooth keyboard or IFD100 app. Very intuitive user interface. I've had an IFD440 in my panel for the last 6 years and have had no regrets with the choice I made.


I’ve been using Avidyne products for 25 years. The company has the best customer service I’ve seen anywhere. They truly care about their customers and the product’s themselves are amazing. In would not fly without my IFDs.


I love Avidyne because they are the smartest people.


EXCELLENT engineering for all things avionics panel.

rodan one (RODAN_ONE)

The Place is amazing and I Love how the Workers are so dedicated

Lucas Guo

boutique avionics maker with a hip vibe and inspiring work ethic. also damn good engineers.

Luuk van Dijk

Great place for employment


Great place to work

Arlene Johnson Edwards

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