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I started off trying to get my 12 year old, 17 kw Generac generator repaired. Randall made 3 visits and was able to finally get it started, but it would not run consistently for me. I'm not sure exactly what is wrong, but I need a reliable generator for my 10-miles off-grid home to supplement my solar power system and to pump water. I have a gasoline-powered auxiliary gen set that I used when the propane Generac was off line.
After a total period of about 10 weeks without a propane generator, two fine gents came out and installed a new 14 kW Kohler generator that is the largest unit they will warranty for off-grid use. It serves my needs just fine and they took only about half a day to install it.
The Kohler unit works great and is somewhat quieter and more energy efficient than my old Generac.
I still intend to get that repaired, but Randall is apparently the only guy there who is fully trained for generator repairs and he is in very high demand with his time fully subscribed. He is very good. He tried to work me in when he was done early with other calls, but it didn't always work out on my end.
I guess that the upshot is that Phil Stratton and his team are good. You will have to work around their schedule which is pretty tight. If you are having a new generator installed, the schedule may be easier to work with than having a generator repaired on site. I suppose that may be different if you can take your generator to their shop. As always, your experience may be different based on a host of variables.

-- Robert M

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