AHP Servicing LLC

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Average: 4.4 out of 5 Stars

440 S. LaSalle St.
Suite 1110
Chicago, IL 60605
United States

gave AHP Servicing LLC 5 stars


I invested in and continue to tell everyone about AHP. AHP provides a win-win situation for struggling homeowners and an awesome return for investors. I have a fairly large investment in AHP and for the past two years every single distribution has been sent on time. I continue to recommend AHP to others. The people I have recommended to AHP have thanked me for making them aware of AHP by investing in AHP. One person also invested a large amount and even attended AHP's note buyer boot camp. He sent me an email thanking me for connecting him to the wonderful people of AHP. I have read Jorge Newberry's book Burn Zones and was inspired by his story. I also watched DeAnn O'Donovan's interview on Bootstrapping in America. I can clearly see why she was chosen to lead AHP into the future. Keep up the social mission and the good returns from a satisfied investor.


Cory Robinette

-- Cory R

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