5 Star Salt Caves

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722 S Pearl St
Denver, CO 80209
United States
(855) 578-2725

gave 5 Star Salt Caves 5 stars


I'm hooked! This is the most amazing experience to feel totally calm and refreshed in less than an hour. The first 10 mins I was mesmerized by looking around, then suddenly felt just quiet and calm. About halfway through my lungs felt lighter and clearer (I'm still feeling lingering effects of a bout with bronchitis), and then the last 20 mins I felt suspended in air. Not in a state of sleep, not fully awake. When the lights came up I was sad the experience was over.

There are lots of fun items to purchase out front, and deciding what to buy was part of the adventure. I now have a beautiful salt lamp with it's golden glow in my bedroom.

I will definitely be back and bring people with me, as well as spread the word about this hidden gem in Denver.

-- Kathy S

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