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Multiple ways to collect Google reviews

Using our proprietary system and patent pending technology SoTellUs makes collecting Google reviews simple, quick, and fun for your clients. Our customers report their clients appreciate how easy it is to leave a Google review. With several options to request a Google review, we make getting reviews hassle free for your business. We also need to change the Need reviews on other sites image on the Google page to the one that is on the home page.

You can collect reviews by using a customer's email address
You can collect reviews by setting up a kiosk for your customer's to use in your office
You can collect reviews by sending your customer an inviation to their phone

Get Yelp Reviews with our App

Use our App to send an invite

Customer selects a Star Rating

Customer is asked to leave a Yelp review

Customer leaves review at Yelp

Branded Invites

With SoTellUs your invites are automatically branded to your company and designed with tested and proven verbiage to get your happy clients to give you a review.

Automated Follow Up

Getting Yelp customer reviews is more important today than ever before because your customers are using reviews to decide if they hire you or your competitor.

With SoTellUs you don't have to worry about a customer forgetting to give you a review because our system will automatically follow up with them via text message and email reminding them to give you a Yelp review.

Monitor Your Reputation on Yelp Reviews

Today customers are connected all day, every day and they are promoting or criticizing businesses and products constantly. This constant flow of reviews can change a business' reputation in a heartbeat and that is why you need to monitor your Yelp review rating on autopilot.

With SoTellUs you can easily monitor and manage your Yelp reputation. Every time you get a new Yelp customer review, we will alert you immediately to let you know so that you are on top of your Yelp rating 24/7. That way you can thank clients for a great review and address any issues immediately to protect your brand online.

With SoTellUs you can easily monitor and manage your Yelp reputation
The SoTellUs widget displays your top Yelp business reviews on your website for your potential customers to see.

Display Yelp Reviews on Your Site

One of the best things you can do for your business is to display your Yelp customer reviews on your website. SoTellUs makes this easy with our review widget. The SoTellUs widget displays your top Yelp business reviews on your website for your potential customers to see.

Why is this important....because a recent study showed that displaying 20+ reviews on your website can increase your conversions by up to 84%. That means that you could close twice as many sales from your website by just adding the review widget to your website.

Manage Your Yelp Reviews

Our Yelp Review Dashboard displays all of your Yelp customer reviews in one place and lets you instantly interact with them. Through our Yelp review dashboard you can respond to any of your Yelp reviews in one place.

Not only can you respond to new Yelp reviews but you can actually edit and update your responses without ever having to log into your Yelp My Business account. Having the ability to manage all of your reviews in one place will not only save you time but simplify your busy day.

Need reviews
on other sites?

With SoTellUs you can easily get reviews on 100's of sites.