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I met Jonathan for the first time three years ago and my first thought was " wow he is so young". Even though we are the same age I was worried about sharing my experiences because he seemed in my opinion to innocent to hear what I had to say. Every councelor I had in the past was old and in their field so long they seemed to have heard it all, but I was never able to really build a consistent support from them because we just didn't click. After seeing Jonathan for only a couple months I felt great and as if I no longer needed counceling so I kind of just forgot about him. Lol no offense Jonathan for the record I would never forget you again. I had erased his number and simply egnored the fact that I might ever need a counselor again. Little did I know to my surprise one day while having a mental breakdown, phycosis, however you want to label it; my mother called him and handed me the phone. Now at this moment I was not only losing my $*%@ but I had no memory of who Jonathan was. Yes Jonathan I'm going to tell the story cause anyone who has a sense of humor will agree that it is kind of funny. So as my mom hands me the phone she says, "it's your doctor talk to him!". I said " I don't have a doctor and I'm not going to talk to a stranger!!!?? How do I know him? How did you get his number!!!??". My mom while laughing and forcing me on the phone says "just talk to him!" So I get on the phone and say "HELLO WHO IS THIS HOW THE $@!& DO YOU KNOW ME?, ARE YOU A COP!!!?????". Basically now it has been a while since I've had an "episode " and Jonathan and I love to laugh about this one along with others that are "colorful ". I have been and will always be internally grateful to have Jonathan as my therapist through my ups and downs. He is outstanding in his profession, and has the best advice even after he is rendered speechless for a brief moment. I have given his name and number to many people who were struggling or know someone struggling because I honestly feel

-- Cassidy M

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