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Amy Hanson Norton Recommends Your Family Expert

Lots of great, quick references to uplifting articles and messages.

2 months ago
Gary H Horton Recommends Your Family Expert

Very attentive and willing to consult individuals by phone!

5 months ago
C Trae JC Zauner-Rogers Recommends Your Family Expert

awesome place on facebook

7 months ago
Michelle Berry Mills gave Your Family Expert a 5 star review

Jonathan has such great ideas to help us all with our family challenges! I have seen him personally with his own children and wife. He LIVES WHAT HE TEACHES. A great man!

8 months ago
Agedashi Edwin Lum gave Your Family Expert a 5 star review

Conflict is very much a challenge in every relationship. Thanks to Your Family Expert for the great tips and info. Keep up the good work. Cheers! �

9 months ago
Katrina L Lantz gave Your Family Expert a 5 star review

Jonathan has a very broad perspective, and is compassionate in his approach to every family situation. He helps me to empathize with other family roles and to focus on the things that really matter.

1 year ago
Sheila Qualls gave Your Family Expert a 5 star review

I run a page on marriage and family, and I share posts from this page with my audience. The advice is sound, and I am grateful to give my readers another helpful resource.

1 year ago
Brittnie Ann Gunderson gave Your Family Expert a 5 star review
3 years ago
Naomi Fox gave Your Family Expert a 5 star review

Could not be happier with the therapy services from Jonathan Decker! My biggest concern when I started to see him was how on Earth I was going to avoid getting into an abusive marriage again. He had taught the "How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk" class over 40 times which was JUST what I needed! I cannot recommend him enough.

3 years ago
Shannon Wishon-Bruse gave Your Family Expert a 5 star review

This review has been some time coming, for the one and only one reason. I wanted to say how I feel perfectly. Jonathan is more than amazing. We all have problems, and I felt mine were no worse or better than anyone else's and I just needed to deal with it. Then past traumas started to get to me. I sought out therapy, my last resort to be whole again. I met Jonathan on Halloween (my favorite Holiday), he was dressed up as a King, looked like he was ready for a Burger King commercial! I loved it. Then in his office, I could feel myself wanting to clam up, I didn't want to be judged, or committed (it was a real fear). I answered questions and Jonathan was like that best friend from high school, I think at times he has a hard time shutting me up now. But he is so easy to talk to, I don't feel like he is diagnosing me with mental disorders (but he probably should, ), I don't feel like he psychoanalyzing me, or thinking less of me for my problems. He just listens, asks sincere questions and gives advice, insight, and helps you see other perspectives. Now sometimes I need another perspective, as we all do, I can get tunnel vision and can not honestly see what the heck is wrong with people. Jonathan helps bring out that understanding side of me, like he knows me too well, he takes me from absolute anger. [Which by the way I have learned there is no such thing as absolute anger, it comes from a deeper emotion. Right Jonathan!!? ] and he can get me to be sensitive to others and why they are acting toward me as they do. His talent and understanding and friendship has extended to my family. He has helped my husband and I through some very dark and trying times. I have imagine Jonathan after we leave, just needing a snickers and a nap!! But he has never made us feel like a burden or anything more than the best friend, always there to lend an ear and give us some very knowledgeable advice. And I hope he knows how much his therapy has done for us and meant to me. I have been sadly suicidal through the last few years, and quite literally would not be here if it were not for Jonathan and his thoughtful and caring words of encouragement and firm but understanding talks. He will tell you how it is, and make you realize you are loved and are worth being loved. If you want someone to tell you, you are perfect and it will all just be ok, go somewhere else. But if you want someone to listen and help you figure out what is wrong and how to fix it.. Jonathan Decker is the man! Everyday his words influence me and my husband. We are stronger, closer and better people thanks to Jonathan and what he helped us do for ourselves. That is a true genius of a therapist, someone that helps you realize how you become the best you can be. #welovejonathandecker "

3 years ago
KayLynn Peterson gave Your Family Expert a 5 star review

Jonathan is a very caring and personable therapist. He has helped me through some of the toughest times and situations. He's always reminding me that I am a good person and not to beat myself up and that it doesn't matter what others think. He is such a great listener and doesn't try to make me feel bad about some choices I've made in my life. He's been there for me for not only the hard or bad times, but the good times as well and is always praising me for my achievements. I am thankful to the gal that recommended Jonathan to me. I will be ever grateful to her recommendation in getting me hooked up with Jonathan. He has been and continues to be a huge blessing in my life. I don't think I could make it without his constant care and kindness for me. Thank you, Jonathan Decker!!! <3 <3 <3

3 years ago
Mindy Swaney gave Your Family Expert a 5 star review

I'm so thankful for the help I was able to receive through our counseling sessions! I used to be embarrassed about needing extra help but am proud to say that Ive gone to counseling sessions now for over 2 years. He helped me to work through my anxiety, depression and personal trials and I know that I would have struggled far worse had I not had the help! Jono is extremely kind, personable, and was always observant of whatever I needed whether it was to vent or find a new resource or tactic to help with a certain problem. I'm so thankful for his help and would highly recommend him for someone who really cares to help you! Thanks for everything Jono!

3 years ago
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