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Jonathan Decker is a good therapist. He really cares about his patients. ... See More


Jonathan is really great. He is completely relatable for everyone. He put my son at ease from the beginning and was able to provide the assistance we needed. I recommend him to everyone!!... See More


Could not be happier with the therapy services from Jonathan Decker! My biggest concern when I started to see him was how on Earth I was going to avoid getting into an abusive marriage again. He had taught the "How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk" class over 40 times which was JUST what I neede... See More


I hired Jonathan to conduct therapeutic groups for some of my students over the period of several months. The groups focused on different topics ranging from "effective communication" to "emotional awareness" and "how to be resilient". Jonathan is high energy and has an electrifying personality that... See More


I met Jonathan for the first time three years ago and my first thought was " wow he is so young". Even though we are the same age I was worried about sharing my experiences because he seemed in my opinion to innocent to hear what I had to say. Every councelor I had in the past was old and in their... See More


"Jonathan is a very caring and personable therapist. He has helped me through some of the toughest times and situations. He's always reminding me that I am a good person and not to beat myself up and that it doesn't matter what others think. He is such a great listener and doesn't try to make me fe... See More


This review has been some time coming, for the one and only one reason. I wanted to say how I feel perfectly. Jonathan is more than amazing. We all have problems, and I felt mine were no worse or better than anyone else's and I just needed to deal with it. Then past traumas started to get to me. I s... See More


I'm so thankful for the help I was able to receive through our counseling sessions! I used to be embarrassed about needing extra help but am proud to say that Ive gone to counseling sessions now for over 2 years. He helped me to work through my anxiety, depression and personal trials and I know tha... See More

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