Young Scholars Academy

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5815 Tutt Center Point
Colorado Springs, co 80922
United States

Young scholars is not just a daycare. It’s a family. Everyone their is super nice and genuinely cares about each and every child. I enrolled my 3 month old son and 7 year old son. The rooms are always kept clean. There food is nutritious! The girls there are amazing! They helped both boys reach learning milestones all while making it fun from Water beads to trips to local museums. You can’t go wrong with choosing young scholars! The saying it takes a village to raise a child this is your village !!

Carol Olmstead gave Young Scholars Academy a 5 star review

Young Scholars Academy has been a second home for my son who is now in first grade. Since the day we first called to inquire about them, they were patient, helpful, friendly and we knew we were in good hands. As a parent it is important to know that my son is going to be safe, taken care of and treated fairly. Young scholars is just that place. I have not found another facility like them. The staff takes their job seriously and they work hard. Those ladies are out working even on snow days! Their passion and dedication for kids goes above and beyond 24/7. For that and 1,000 other reasons I highly recommend it! Thank you for serving our kids!

Maryana Ulloa gave Young Scholars Academy a 5 star review

We had our daughter at YSA for 16 months. We loved it and so did she. We only took her out because her grandma moved to town to watch her full time. My daughter had awesome infant room and toddler room teachers. She especially loved Ms. Sarah. Every day when we left, my daughter made it a point to hug and wave to everyone and I could tell she had a great day. We are going to miss YSA staff!

Brittney Moore gave Young Scholars Academy a 5 star review

We absolutely love YSA!! It's by far the best daycare/preschool/summer camp we have been too..The staff and teachers are so friendly and hands on with the kids. My son has been going to YSA for 2 1\2 years, the connections he has with his teachers are amazing. They are now apart of his family. He has learn so much that I don't even worry about how he will transition into kindergarten. Because YSA has prepared him well. My husband calls Young Scholars Academy the Harvard of Preschools because it is just that good. We will miss you guys!!

Nicole Jessup gave Young Scholars Academy a 5 star review

My kids have been at Young Scholars for 4 years! As a teacher, finding a daycare that was both nurturing and academically challenging was important to me. YSA had that, and so much more! Rarely do you find a “daycare” that acts more like a family, with familiar faces lasting for years! Not only that, but EVERY teacher in that school, knows my kids names (even my oldest who never was able to go) and teachers who have never taught my kids. My boys are very active and inquisitive. Their high level of energy was welcomed with open arms, and teachers equipped to handle the craziness that often travels with them. They gave them time to get that energy out, while fostering their inquisitive minds through hands on activities. What three year old comes home and is able to tell you about the lifecycle of a butterfly down to the CORRECT vocabulary words?!? If you’ve never heard a three year old say metamorphosis, you’re missing out!!!! When my son went off to kindergarten, he was well above his end of year benchmark on day one! I know that can be attributed to the love and learning that he had while at YSA. I know my 4 year old will do the same, as I am already hearing vocabulary words that are setting him up for success!! We love YSA and are so grateful for a place that treats our children like family, and helps their minds grow to their full potential!

Laura Stokes gave Young Scholars Academy a 5 star review

Young Scholars Academy deserves more than a 5-star review! This is by far the best childcare center that my daughter has attended. From the first point of... more

Stephanie W. gave Young Scholars Academy a 5 star review

Choosing someone else to care for your children is always a challenge. Moving to a new city where you have no referrals makes it even more challenging.... more

Ryan H. gave Young Scholars Academy a 5 star review
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