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My experience was great my contact rep kristy.s was very quick on giving me updates also very friendly and respectful of my time I'm very impressed with the professionalism.... See More


I was initially contacted by Kristi Sifford via email to set up time for a phone interview. Email was responded too. She contacted me by phone at appointment time. She did a thorough first round interview with accurate information. She asked at the end about my schedule for the next week to potienti... See More


As I see the job market opening up a bit more in the North East, so are the number of recruiting firms and websites. I have had contacts from recruiters who have no idea what my skill set is or how my expertise applies to certain positions. Exponential frustration!

I had the pleasure of being con... See More


Heather called me about a position where she thought I might be a great fit. I spoke with her and had a job just a few days later! I'm very excited to start a new career and I thank Heather for that completely. she was very professional and stayed on top of getting all of the business side of thi... See More


Wylander has been a great recruiting resource for our company. They've helped us recruit and fill some of our key positions with quality candidates. They're quick to jump on a new job posting and get applicants in the door so that we can keep the recruiting process moving.... See More


Working with Kristy was tremendous. She was knowledgeable, proactive, efficient and communicative throughout the interviewing and hiring process. It was a pleasure working through the entire recruiting process with Kristy.... See More


Kristy was amazing through the whole process. Kept in touch. Let me know how everything was progressing and was probably just as happy as I was when offered the job. I am very happy and would recommend these services to anyone... See More


I have been in the restoration industry nearly 28 years and have dealt with recruiter before but Kristy and the Wylander Group are simply the BEST! They're professional approach and attention to detail are second to none. They emphasize customer service and are transparent with their communication. ... See More


After I was contacted about a potential position they had that was open, asking if I was interested... I interviewed even had a second interview then an a offer in a little over I believe two weeks. Jason, was amazing. He really worked hard on my behalf. I cannot say how overly impressed I was and a... See More


Justin Sifford is the ultimate professional. I have dealt with many recruiters in my career and I have yet to find anyone so ideally suited for this role. Mister Sifford stays in touch on a regular basis and is always there to answer questions. He is the most qualified headhunter that I have seen... See More


Working with Justin was an absolute pleasure. He is very knowledgeable and in tune with his clients needs. I would highly recommend him for future placements!... See More


Kristy was so helpful during the process. She contacted me often with several opportunities and was instrumental in my hiring. It is extremely helpful and comforting to have an ally when seeking employment. I definitely recommend Wylander and Kristy Sifford. ... See More


These folks at Wylander are top notch. Very experienced and take a lot of guess work out of hiring good candidates. We highly recommend their service!... See More


Wylander did a good job of offloading a lot of the work involved around:

- writing the original job ad
- initial vetting of potential candidates (meeting basic requirements)
- very handy preliminary question and answer process, which serves as a good precursor for setting up an interview

A b... See More


Kristy was great to work with on our most recent recruiting needs. She is very professional, detailed, and takes all the worry of searching and prescreening candidates away from us. She sent me many candidates, and I am excited to have our recent recruit start work! I will definitely call Kristy aga... See More


Kristy was great to work with! She was always on top of things and got me a great job in my field. ... See More


It was a pleasure working with Kristy Sifford! We are thankful for our partnership with Wylander, and we appreciate all that you do! Thank you!... See More


Service was excellent. I told them what I wanted and took the entire effort off my plate. Happy to say I have a solid new addition to the team that will be a long term success.... See More


Wylander was the perfect recruiting company. I found their advertisement on indeed.com for the company I was interested in working for. The company description was very detailed and well directed. Wylander called me to do a phone interview and asked great questions. I had several questions to ask a... See More


It has been a joy to work with Wylander. Kristy and her team are professional, prompt, and extremely knowledgeable. They understood our business/personnel needs and delivered us the right people for the job. Hands down the best recruiting company I have worked with. My company will definitely us... See More


It was an absolute painless experience thanks to Wylander and their staff! Very personable and involved. Made me very comfortable with the process AND I got the job!!! : )... See More


It was a pleasure working with Kristy Sifford! We are thankful for our partnership with Wylander, and we appreciate all that you do. Thank you!... See More


I feel like I am competent when it comes to recruiting talent, however recruiting is only a small part of my overall responsibilities. When the demand for new talent exceeded the time I could give it I turned to Wylander. They were able to put more qualified candidates in front of me faster than I c... See More


I had a great experience! I have worked with quite a few recruiters over the years, but they got me immediate results and I was able to hire their candidate for a role I haven't successfully filled in ages! They were a huge help - and incredibly easy to work with!... See More


This is by far the best company I've ever worked with. ... See More

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