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In 1 hour, Ray corrected several symptoms which puzzled my doctor. I was having stomach pain which appeared to be a GI issue and also severe fatigue. A sleep study was the next step if I felt I needed more answers. I really had been feeling too poorly to add a visit to Ray into my routine. He has worked wonders for muscular skeletal issues in the past for me, but GI and fatigue aren't exactly muscular or skeletal. Finally,I went to see him for a quick maintenance visit. I didn't expect to address the stomach discomfort and fatigue, but I did share. An hour later, he had moved my xiphoid process (puke bone he called it) back into the correcr position. It had shifted left and was poking my stomach. I immediately felt relief to my stomach tenderness and pain. The disappearance of bloating in my abdomen followed shortly after that. In two days my energy returned just as Ray had thought it might. He explained that I might have been sleeping at night but my stomach was experiencing trauma, so I was not getting the rest I'd thought I was getting. I'm fully recovered. If Ray can't fix it, you'll know after one visit, but I think it's worth a try regarding almost any issue. I never would have guessed he could resolve this health issue but he did.

-- Shirley S

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