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6180 Linworth Rd.
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United States

Have been coming to WOW for several years and have never had a bad experience. The doctors and staff are amazing!... See More


Worthington Optimal Wellness has been great for me and my two Daughters (18 & 13). We see Dr Harris and highly recommended her (of course the other Doctors are great also). The staff treat us like family, Carol and Christy especially!... See More


Everyone here works as a team to get you to where you need to be. I've seen drastic improvement to my spine and overall general health. I've enjoyed the specific stretching and power plate more than I thought!... See More


Drs at Worthington optimal wellness take excellent care of me. they are all very skilled and knowledgable in the Chiropractic field and work to help me be the best me I can be.... See More


I started with WOW three years ago. I rolled in sitting in a wheelchair,barely able to stand. Dr. Katie asked me to explain what was going on. I told her that I had never been to a chiropractor before and really didn’t know what to expect. She took some X-rays to see what needed to be done. After ... See More


W.O.W. Has been my chiropractor of choice for over three years. Myself, my husband and my daughter have all been treated in their practice for various reasons. It's a warm, welcoming environment with the friendliest customer service!! I have even continued my treatments through my pregnancy to help ... See More


I am extremely pleased with the care I receive from Dr. Shannan and the office staff. They show great compassion every time I come in. I would never want to go anywhere else! ... See More


I've been a patient of Dr. Keiser for more than 30 years. Maintenance adjustments for my back have kept me active and minimized the discomfort of my condition. Following a car accident, she was able to restore me to my previous level of functioning through intensive care in a relatively short time. ... See More


The amount of learning about our health and how everything is connected is immersurable. I am no longer experiencing lower back pain. I now have an excellent set of exercises to help keep moving. Very happy with the results.... See More


I have been so impressed with Worthington Optinal Wellness. I have seen Dr. Harris for a few months and I always leave with improved range of motion in my neck. They have great technology to show your progress through various scans which I never experienced with other chiropractors. The team is frie... See More


For well over a year, I had intense daily headaches behind my right eye. I took so many Advil that I developed an allergy to Ibuprofen. Then I found Worthington Optimal Wellness (WOW) and I have not needed a single pain killer since. I am a 50 year-old fitness fanatic who enjoys lifting heavy weight... See More


Very important to start thinking about long term goals, seeing real results, and committing to YOUR overall health. Last Thanksgiving I could barely walk, sit, drive, etc. Now I'd say I'm at 90 percent. All the doctors had a major role in getting me back to functioning. Great clinic!... See More


For a year and a half, medical and orthopedic doctors shrugged their shoulders and told me my pain and immobility in my left leg was due to age and there was nothing they or I could do. In just 8 weeks, under Dr. Kaiser’s care, my issues are all but gone and I feel that my entire body is healing... See More


WOW is great and friendly service. I have seen Dr. Shannon on and off for about 8 years and with great success. I would recommend WOW to anyone.... See More


I have had a wonderful experience with WOW! All of the Doctors are very knowledgeable and great to work with! I have made great progress and am no longer experiencing the pain I was in at my first visit! Thanks so much!!! ... See More


My experience at WOW has been everything I hoped it would be! I have more flexibility than I have had in years! I have learned many things to incorporate into daily living that have helped relieve my back pain. Each and every person genuinely makes you feel like a prioriy and show that they care abo... See More


Since 1992 Julia Keiser and her colleagues have given me regular chiropractic adjustments. I came initially to get relief from chronic sinus infections which antibiotics had never resolved. I was 36 years old then. In the decades since I have had one or two minor infections. Additionally, I have ... See More


Coming to Worthington Optimal Wellness has been a great experience for my family and I. Every member of the staff, from the front office to the doctors themselves, have always been kind and welcoming. Each of the chiropractors have always been attentive to our needs, and I could not imagine going an... See More


After over 20 years of being a patient, I can honestly say that I love WOW. My overall health and well being is better as a result of coming to this practice. Everyone is so friendly and helpful at every visit. I whole heartedly recommend a visit to WOW, you will not be disappointed.... See More


I have been coming to WOW for many years and have been treated with the utmost respect throughout every visit. From the ladies at the front desk who greet me by name and always with a smile to my adjustments with Dr Shannan. He listens to my concerns and has treated more than just my back. I can't t... See More


WOW is fantastic! They take time to listen to the issue and adjust accordingly. And their masseuses are top-notch. All of their services are devoted to helping us feel better - and they succeed!!... See More


In 1 hour, Ray corrected several symptoms which puzzled my doctor. I was having stomach pain which appeared to be a GI issue and also severe fatigue. A sleep study was the next step if I felt I needed more answers. I really had been feeling too poorly to add a visit to Ray into my routine. He has... See More


For twenty years, this practice has kept me pain free! WOW! Thanks!... See More


We are very happy with WOW - Dr. Harris always answers our questions and provides great direction on our ongoing well being. The office staff is friendly and welcoming and extremely helpful.... See More


I always feel well treated and comfortable! My chiropractor is knowledgeable and warm and caring. The staff is top-notch, too. I look forward to my visits here!!... See More

Aj Iacobucci Recommends Worthington Optimal Wellness

This place is wonderful! From the caring staff to the awesome Doctors; they kept me upbeat and walking through my back misery. Love you all, and THANKS! ❤️

2 months ago
Carissa Richardson gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review

Three wonderful chiropractors! Always easy to schedule. Love!

9 months ago
Lauren Holt gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review

Threw out my tailbone and was able to be seen immediately! As a new client, that was amazing! Got me all taken care of and I'm a frequent flyer now with Dr. Harris. Super friendly staff!

10 months ago
Lisa Stallard gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review
10 months ago
Lynda Clouse Waugh gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review

Amazing staff and Chiropractors! Would recommend highly!

10 months ago
Cristine Conklin Stoner gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review

I made a poor decision and lifted something too heavy. Dr Keiser and Dr Harris helped me via phone, and I followed their instructions. I was adjusted the next day and today I can walk upright again with significantly less pain. I’m so grateful for this practice. The office staff is great too! Personable and caring.

10 months ago
Kristen Foster gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review
11 months ago
Jodie Benner gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review

The entire staff at WOW are simply amazing and our chiropractor is amazing! Can't give them enough love!

1 year ago
Melissa AR gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review

Absolutely love WOW! Thought I'd finally leave a review. I have been going here for 7 years. Some months, more than usual! I'm a marathon runner, so therefore I'm always training and need fixed up often. The office staff are amazing & sweet & always fit me in. Dr. Shannan is awesome and always fixes me up! Thank you, thank you, for being the best chiropractic office!

2 years ago
Chris Ferris gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review

I don't typically do reviews because most of the time I'm just lazy but I figured I'd make and exception. I recently had an injury to my neck that was potentially life changing. At least at 31 it felt like it was. I lost most of the feeling in left arm and had significant pains in my neck. Because of my job and my hobbies, I thought I was going to have to make some major changes. I went to Worthington optimal wellness and wasn't sure what to expect because I haven't had much experience with chiropractors. For starters they will get to know you by name. I've never met a more kind staff. I didn't feel like just another folder on the shelf. I've mostly felt with Christy and Christina who are awesome. Dr. Shanon was fantastic. I've never met a more charismatic Doctor. It should be noted that I work in the medical field and have experience working with doctors on a regular basis. Dr. Shanon went out of his way to take my call when I was having trouble with my neck at work. He has also made it known that in the event that I'm having trouble on the weekends or his days off that he would make himself available if need be. I've briefly spoke to Dr. Klien during my rehabilitation. Not because she was my doctor but because she had just wanted to introduce herself and ask me if I needed anything. Again, I don't normally do these types of reviews but I believe theirs a reason they've been around for over 30 years. For the record, since I've been going there on regular basis, I feel almost completely better and doing everything I enjoy that I feared would be non existent after the injury.

2 years ago
Karen Lindquist Smith gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review

I am thrilled with Dr. Shannon's ability to rebalance my body and eliminate hip pain I was having. The staff is supportive and friendly and the office is stress free.

2 years ago
Sharon Lesley gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review

Been going to this office for 20+ years!! They are great people!!! Love Dr. Shannon!! And a shout out to Lisa & the office staff always professional.

2 years ago
Kathy Menger Riebel gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review

Worthington Optimal Wellness is THE BEST! It’s a great part of my day when I get an adjustment! The staff is THE most welcoming, friendly, caring and accommodating, they truly work with you and your schedule to get you in when it’s convenient for you, and last minute changes aren’t an issue. The doctors are awesome, all so very knowledgeable and if you can’t get in to see the doctor you typically see, any other doctor will see you and you will get excellent care! A back issue is why I initially started chiropractic care, that issue is resolved, but I continue to get bi-weekly adjustments to maintain my health, I can’t imagine not getting them, they are an integral part of my well being!

2 years ago
Kerry Mackey Griffith gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review

Worthington Optimal Wellness is a one stop wellness facility. The staff are incredibly accommodating, friendly, and they are able schedule with a flexible and accommodate last minute requests. The doctors are incredibly helpful and take the time to truly solve any health concerns. They are big picture thinkers.

2 years ago
Emily Talbott gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review

Love all of the staff here at WOW! Never had an adjustment before and they made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Klein is awesome!

2 years ago
Aimee Beeman-Miller gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review
2 years ago
Marie Kennedy McKenzie gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review

WOW is the best. Staff is wonderful. Dr. Klein is the best. Very caring.

2 years ago
Christina Renee Lehman gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review
3 years ago
Lynn Wallich gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review

Excellent staff, excellent service, and great outcome!

3 years ago
Chuck Charlie Jaquier gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review
3 years ago
Julia Lynn gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review

I've never met a more friendly and caring staff than WOW has, and they each get to know you on a personal level. If your doctor is out of office on a day you want to be seen, the other doctors are more than happy to get you in their busy schedule. I was referred by a family friend and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. They go above and beyond.

4 years ago
Brad Harshaw gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review
5 years ago
Elaine Cooper gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review

Total care!

5 years ago
Nichole Giesken gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review
5 years ago

Always receive great care at Worthington Optimal Wellness. Dr. Shannan has provided a lot of relief for my back pain and headaches throughout two... more

Jenny S. gave Worthington Optimal Wellness a 5 star review

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