World Champions Alpha Krav Maga

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Being new to the Gilbert area, I wasn't sure what to expect from the summer camp offered by World Champions Alpha Karv Maga (WCAKM). There was a Groupon deal with a few summer camps and chose WCAKM based on reviews online. The camp goes to 3 field trips (Peter Piper Pizza, newly released movies at H... See More

I really enjoyed the classes I took at world champions. The instructors are great and all care about what they do. They really take the time to work with you and make sure your from is good. The workouts are never the same and keep you on your toes. Suitable for beginners and they offer a ton of children's classes. They have great first time incentives to try it out, unfortunately after that the studio is pretty pricey

Amy Kavulish gave World Champions Alpha Krav Maga a 5 star review

World Champions is amazing! Started 7 months ago and have learned tons, gotten into better shape, and dropped 50lbs. Everyone is there to help everyone learn and develop and most of all enjoy coming to class. I highly recommend giving at least the 3 class trial a shot if you are even slightly interested. You will go to your first class and be hooked.

Jack Arnold gave World Champions Alpha Krav Maga a 5 star review

This school Is awesome bc u dont just get a workout u meet new ppl. Relieve ur self from all the stress on ur mind learn how to defend ur self and others around u. I do security and I have used alpha krav Naga on the streets it's saved me and others around me if I were u I would join bc in the long run u won't regret ur choice.

alexzander sharif. J_art gave World Champions Alpha Krav Maga a 5 star review

Coach is awesome and always wanting you to learn and push yourself to the next level. I attended for about a year and a half with some down time in between. AM Classes are more about instruction and technique in my opinion, but I only attended 1-2 PM classes. I was confused at times when we would have to learn a new way of doing something we had already learned. I didn't appreciate some of the other coaches, one in particular is why I left and didn't return. Just a very strange guy that had an ego problem and ended up hurting my back with a move that was not part of our training. Overall I would recommend them, especially the AM classes since they are some of the few available in AM for Krav.

Christopher Wilson gave World Champions Alpha Krav Maga a 4 star review

Absolutely love this place. They offer a variety of classes and teach you the true technique to master a skill. They will break it down for you, as well as push you just enough to really reach your goals. I look forward to coming for many years to come.

Coralann Jogolev gave World Champions Alpha Krav Maga a 5 star review
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