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This is a wonderful group of realters that will work with you on buying and selling.

Robert Angst gave Wood Realty Group Inc. a 5 star review

For me and the sell of my home....Ron was God sent! I say that with a pure heart as the sell of my home was a calling from God in my life and from the time God showed me this He also let me know that Ron would be my realtor. It actually took longer than the time span of our first contract and we had to re-start another contract but my confidence in Ron remained as strong as day one. Ron humbled himself at that time in letting me know I could stay with him or if I chose to make a change that was my option. There was never a doubt in him as I knew that timing just was not right...yet! In fact, my commitment increased as I got to work with Ron for a longer time period and his dedication, compassion, professionalism, honesty, respect, and now closer friendship and brotherhood in our Lord Jesus Christ will be forever in my heart! I would and am now sending all that ask me about a realtor to him.The sale of my home on the family farm was one of the biggest steps I have ever taken in my life and I will always be grateful to Ron for all he did thru this process....

Jeff McLamb gave Wood Realty Group Inc. a 5 star review

In 2013, I found myself in a situation I never thought I would be in. My marriage if 13 years had ended and I had to start completely over with my then seven year old daughter. I was in the process of trying to find a home to rent but quickly realized that rental property was expensive and a complete waste of my hard earned money. It was in that moment of brokenness that I turned to a lifelong friend for advice. Not expecting anything to come of it, I contacted Ron and told him my story. Telling your "story" is never easy but Ron listened to me and offered comfort during a time in my life when I felt my world was falling apart. He asked me to give him a few days to try and come up with a plan that would work for me. In just a few days, Ron called me and asked me to meet him at his office. When I arrived, I was met with the kindness of someone who truly understood my pain. He comforted me through my tears and said that he had a plan. He took me to see a few different houses and I fell completely in love with one of them and although that home was sold, he looked me in my eyes and said he was going to make things happen. He then took me around to look at some land and the second place he took me, I fell in love!!! Standing right on that acre of land he told me that I was going to build a house for me and my daughter to call home. I never dreamed in a million years that was possible. In the following months, everything came together so beautifully. Ron works with amazing builders who has the same vision as he does and that vision is simple. They pay attention to the needs and wants of the buyer and they make things happen. It wasn't just talk like I had witnessed before with other realtors, it was action. Ron knew my time constraints because of the impending divorce and he knew I had to be out of the marital property quickly. In four months, I was moving into my beautiful new home with my daughter and we've been making memories ever since. August 15th will be four years we've lived in the home that Ron made possible and we couldn't be happier. Even after I closed on the home, Ron would check on me every once in a while just to see how I was doing and to this day, he still does. If you're looking to buy or sell a home, I highly recommend Wood Realty. Ron doesn't treat you like a number, but like family. He is not only an amazing Realtor, he's an equally amazing man. You will not be disappointed!!!!

Allison Smith gave Wood Realty Group Inc. a 5 star review
David Mclamb gave Wood Realty Group Inc. a 5 star review
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