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Lindsey Kroh gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review

Ken Rochon is THE photographer you need at your event! His eye for "the shot" captures the personalities of your attendees and makes for much better content. On top of that, the quality of his work is THE BEST. Can't wait to have an event of my own so I can bring in Ken. He IS the best!

Doug Walz gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review

When you hear the name you think what am I getting myself into? Is this a conglomerate that is just going to take over my event? No it's completely the opposite. Their employees work with you to see what you want form your event and they go above and beyond what you would expect they even get pictures from your event that you didn't even think happened because they have people who are so on the job watching what's going on. I would definitely recommend them to somebody who is looking for a photographer.

Derrick Farmer gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review

Softly singing to himself as he worked in the fields beneath the midday sun, little did Ken know that his love of music would grow like a seedling nurtured with care into a beloved music and entertainment business, forming the first of six strategic triangles that bloomed into the magnificent organisation that we all know today as The Umbrella Syndicate (T.U.S.). In forming further businesses whose goals were to support others in Amplifying Goodness, T.U.S. demonstrates wholeheartedly its love for people, bringing the spirit of leaders, authors, speakers and a multitude of organisations to life through the power of an image, shot with the utmost care and attention, a masterpiece of marketing and a wonderfully visual experience. Engaging its audience each day with beautiful photos that also give a voice to those who would otherwise remain in the shadows of silence, T.U.S. is at the forefront of the community. It leads the way forward in making a real difference in people's lives and in creating a footprint of love that will no doubt endure the passage of time, T.U.S. is the ultimate syndicate.

Micheline Murray gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review

From the moment you walk into a venue you can see Ken's energy moving through and exciting the crowd. The motto "keep smiling" couldn't be any more fitting here seeing as he has a genuine way of engaging and catching people at the most natural, joyous moments. His vibe is infectious and is essential in assisting the marketing, branding, and execution of any successful DMV brand! Not to mention his incredible ability to capture each moment with an effortless, artistic flare. No event would be complete without the Umbrella Syndicate.

Danae Mariah gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review

I can honestly say that I wish I'd met this group long ago because they are totally AWESOME! From one photographer to another, I give much respect to these guys! Ken Rochon is the epitome of a professional driven businessman. Ken not only shows himself to be a man of purpose, but he drives you to be better yourself. He wants to make others great along with himself!

Marvin Lewis gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review

The people of the Umbrella Syndicate are the best photographers I've ever had at any event. And I've been doing events for 15 years. Ken and his team take the most amazing photos. Capturing the moments that you didn't think existed. Really the behind-the-scenes photos. You either can look back and remember the moments as if they were just happening. Or you feel as if you were there in that moment with them in the photograph. Truly only an artist can do that. I give them 8 stars out of five!!! Keep up the amazing work!!! People post the Unbrella Syndicate photos all over their social media. It will blow your brand up!! 💥 💣🎆🤞🏻

Aristotle Karas gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review

The Best! Always professional, always the best photos around!

Amy Stratton gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review

It has been a treat working with Ken and the folks at The Umbrella Syndicate!

Ted Garber gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review

Ken and his team are amazing. Not only impressed by his work, but his message of spreading goodness and starting from the place of giving before getting.

Ken Hammond gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review

Ken and the Umbrella Syndicate are amazing. I have had the privilege to meet ken on multiple occasions and he does phenomenal work. Highly recommend!!

Nick Bonitatibus gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review
Tammy Britt gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review
Anastasia Martynova gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review

You have dealt with the Rest in the Past. Now is time to deal with the Best!!!!-- Ken Rochon takes personal and customer service to a new level!!!

Douglas Donaldson gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review

I have done business with The Umbrella Syndicate many times over the last few years and have found them to be incredibly easy to work with and very reliable. They also have a unique way of capturing the best parts of your event that many other photographers may have missed. I only gave them a 5 star rating because there wasn't an option for 6.

Doug Butschky gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review
Melvin McKenzie gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review

They are true professionals and take photography to another level for influencers and difference makers. Class act and one to follow

Chris Salem gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review

A true professional and a blast to be around! Just love this guy!

Clarissa Burt gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review

Ken Rochon is a world-class photographer. He is one of the best out there! The value he brings is greater than the cash value. Highly recommend him!

Jeffrey Rosca gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review

Ken Rochon is truly an amazing person! I could not have asked for a more, genuine, helpful, and charismatic individual to work with!

Sebastien Chanel gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review

Ken Rockan and The Umbrella Syndicate are the best of the best!! I highly recommend him at any outstanding event!! He captures the moments that everyone is feeling. Never a flaw!! Love Love Love his work!! I am taking him with me everywhere I go! :) If he is available.. THE BEST!!!

Stephanie Rathje gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review
Jonny Azaran gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review

Best company for social proof on the planet. They make the great things you are up to as a leader show up as a campaign that leads to great exposure and opportunities.

Greg Jacobson gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review

Ken is great to work with and has a great company. Much of their work is done for charities & donated! Great experience so far!

John Wiley gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review

I've had the pleasure of working with Ken for many years. I think he has found another passion and it shows in his commitment to The Umbrella Syndicate.

Gordon Thorn gave Wisdom Cafe a 5 star review

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