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Maria Jensen Warnick Recommends Windows of Healing

I love Windows of Healing. I love the peace I feel during each session and spiritual and emotional healing that I sense is happening for me and my family. Thank you for your time and gifts!

1 month ago
Janna Burandt Recommends Windows of Healing

I just needed to leave an additional review for Kellie today! I was feeling run down, overwhelmed, and stressed so I got a session from her. She cleared away whatever was causing these feelings because now I'm on fire, getting things done and HAVING FUN while I'm doing everything I need to do. After our session I felt like a burden had been lifted off of my shoulders, and I felt an immediate shift from overwhelm (which now I realize I was in victim mode) into feeling happily motivated and taking charge of everything I've got going on! Kellie is so knowledgeable, thorough, kind, helpful, and good at what she does. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

2 months ago
Candace Deselms Recommends Windows of Healing

Kellie is so thorough in her sessions. I love how she also incorporates the rest of my family into the session, so everyone benefits. She helped me work through some emotional blocks that were affecting my weight and I've since released 20 lbs!

2 months ago
Daya Cuillier Recommends Windows of Healing

I love windows of healing because I come away from each session feeling more healthy and confident. Also Kellie's calmness and wisdom is refreshing. I appreciate her abilities.

3 months ago
Laura Davis Recommends Windows of Healing

Kelli is wonderful and very professional. She took the time to explain what she was doing. She worked fast but I also could tell how much it helped

3 months ago
Mary N Mitch Llirrem Recommends Windows of Healing

Just This Morning I had a session With Kellie Palmer Butterfield. I really Appreciated how Genuine and Authentic she is. She is very gifted and her intuition was spot on. She is filled with light and love and shares that with those she comes in contact with. She helped me refocus and gain momentum that I had been praying for. Thank you Kellie, for Sharing your Gifts and Talents.

3 months ago
Sonya Povey Recommends Windows of Healing

I'm new to energy healing and Kellie was amazing, she made me feel comfortable right away. I feel so much more at peace with the passing of my son. I will continue to work with her to improve my well being. Thank you

5 months ago
Marianne Bergan Newbold Recommends Windows of Healing

I am amazed at Kellie's skills and I am definitely booking more sessions with her. She was very thorough, extremely pleasant and easy to talk to and work with. I would definitely recommend her to those of you who may be a bit hesitant and wondering if you should book a session with her or not. You won't regret it! Thank you again, and I can't wait with talking to you during the next session. Marianne N.

7 months ago
Dilmatie Madho Recommends Windows of Healing

kellie is very warm and accomodating. I felt very comfortable throughout our exchange. She answered all my queries. I learnt a few new things from her... as well as recognised the truth of her reading.

9 months ago
Melisa Keenan Recommends Windows of Healing

Kellie worked on raising the vibration of my entire family. I learned a lot as she worked and my family happily embraced family scriptures for a week straight after that!!!

10 months ago
Jerolene Rodeback Recommends Windows of Healing

I highly recommend Kellie and Windows of Healing! I've been working with Kellie for a while now and I'm amazed over and over again at how vested she is in working for your highest good, each and every session. She's always happy to answer any questions that come up and makes sure she's met the goals you set. I've had her work with my children and witnessed amazing changes take place. She also works with quite a few of my immediate and surrounding family members and she's always maintained the highest level of trust and integrity. Kellie's gone above and beyond any expectations that I came to the table with, she's truly vested in healing, raising your vibrations and bringing light into your life. Thank you for all that you do Kellie, you're amazing!! -- Jerolene R

1 year ago
Rosemary Palmer gave Windows of Healing a 5 star review

I have seen a huge improvement in my grandaughters emotions and stability with Kellie and Windows of Healing.

1 year ago
Lindsey Knearem gave Windows of Healing a 5 star review

I loved working with Kellie! She is so warm and welcoming! I look forward to continuing my healing journey with her!!

1 year ago
Katelynne Bishop Roberts Recommends Windows of Healing

Kellie goes the extra mile for me every time. She is patient, kind, knowledgable and empathetic. I took a chance on doing energy healing, and I'm so glad I did. Kellie is beginning to change my life. The first time in almost a decade that I've had hope to someday feel "normal," and healthy. Looking forward to the end results, but I need to embrace the journey!

1 year ago
Sheri Davis gave Windows of Healing a 5 star review

Kelli has a remarkable soul, and spreads her joy and kindness in every room she steps in. Kelli has a natural talent to uplift ones spirit.

1 year ago
Sabrina Wilson Birch gave Windows of Healing a 5 star review

I love Kelly she does excellent work and is very intuitive! I have felt shifts take place for me!

2 years ago
Tara Diaz gave Windows of Healing a 5 star review

Kellie is amazing and has helped with so many family issues. So grateful to have her help!

2 years ago
Mindy Banta gave Windows of Healing a 5 star review
2 years ago
Mike Burandt gave Windows of Healing a 5 star review

My experience with Windows of Healing has been so positive and wonderful, I don't even know where to start! I have felt a huge shift into a place of happiness that I never thought possible because of Kellie and her amazing gifts! She is able to get to the desired outcome quicker than any other method i have tried! My marriage relationship is flourishing and we are making leaps and bounds of progress! The positive effects I've been seeing have been immediate and I am feeling more confident, happy, and fulfilled in my life than I ever have before! My overall health has improved drastically and I can't thank Kellie ENOUGH!

2 years ago
Loree Johnson gave Windows of Healing a 5 star review

Kellie is just down right AWESOME! She takes her time and makes sure to complete the goals you have for the session. Other people I have worked with in the past, only give you the slot of time you booked for. She is understanding and really tried to get to the bottom of your issues! I can’t recommend her enough!!!

2 years ago
Katie Chamberlain gave Windows of Healing a 5 star review

I have worked with Kellie a couple of times and not only is she super wonderful to work with, she is quick and efficient. I always feel better after I speak to her and have energy work done. 10/10 would recommend her!

2 years ago
Nan Peterson Hancock gave Windows of Healing a 5 star review

I really enjoy working with Kellie. She is fast and very aware and in tune. She works on the goals I set. I love her aura that I can feel thru the phone. She is prompt and calls me rather than me having to call her.

2 years ago
Stacy Dexter gave Windows of Healing a 5 star review

I loved my session with Kellie! I loved the prayer and bringing God into the session, I loved literally feeling my vibration rising throughout the session and her being able to label each increase with a number, and I loved how I felt afterwards. She is full of light and goodness. I'm so grateful for her sharing her gift with me. I look forward to when I can do another session with her.

2 years ago
Amanda Sorensen Nair gave Windows of Healing a 5 star review

I have loved my experiences with Kellie! She has a deep desire to help others and that has been very apparent in my sessions. I love that she is personable, kind, motivated to make a difference, and fun to talk with. Multiple times I was blown away with her insight and abilities to help me eliminate negative energy from my life and replace it with positive energy!

2 years ago
Joshua Malan gave Windows of Healing a 5 star review

Kellie truly has a gift of healing and intuition. She has helped us tremendously. Thank you Kellie!

2 years ago

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