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My experience with Windows of Healing has been so positive and wonderful, I don't even know where to start! I have felt a huge shift into a place of happiness that I never thought possible because of Kellie and her amazing gifts! She is able to get to the desired outcome quicker than any other method i have tried! My marriage relationship is flourishing and we are making leaps and bounds of progress! The positive effects I've been seeing have been immediate and I am feeling more confident, happy, and fulfilled in my life than I ever have before! My overall health has improved drastically and I can't thank Kellie ENOUGH!

Mike Burandt gave Windows of Healing a 5 star review

Kellie is just down right AWESOME! She takes her time and makes sure to complete the goals you have for the session. Other people I have worked with in the past, only give you the slot of time you booked for. She is understanding and really tried to get to the bottom of your issues! I can’t recommend her enough!!!

Loree Johnson gave Windows of Healing a 5 star review

I have worked with Kellie a couple of times and not only is she super wonderful to work with, she is quick and efficient. I always feel better after I speak to her and have energy work done. 10/10 would recommend her!

Katie Chamberlain gave Windows of Healing a 5 star review

I really enjoy working with Kellie. She is fast and very aware and in tune. She works on the goals I set. I love her aura that I can feel thru the phone. She is prompt and calls me rather than me having to call her.

Nan Peterson Hancock gave Windows of Healing a 5 star review

I loved my session with Kellie! I loved the prayer and bringing God into the session, I loved literally feeling my vibration rising throughout the session and her being able to label each increase with a number, and I loved how I felt afterwards. She is full of light and goodness. I'm so grateful for her sharing her gift with me. I look forward to when I can do another session with her.

Stacy Dexter gave Windows of Healing a 5 star review

I've only had one half hour session this week but I could actually feel my vibration raise as we were on the phone :) I honestly feel like some negative blockages are gone between my husband and I and am grateful for her gifts in assisting in the clearing. I'm so impressed I'm having 4 of my 5 daughter's call to make appts as well� grateful for Kellie.

Dina Kieffer gave Windows of Healing a 5 star review

I have loved my experiences with Kellie! She has a deep desire to help others and that has been very apparent in my sessions. I love that she is personable, kind, motivated to make a difference, and fun to talk with. Multiple times I was blown away with her insight and abilities to help me eliminate negative energy from my life and replace it with positive energy!

Amanda Sorensen Nair gave Windows of Healing a 5 star review

Kellie truly has a gift of healing and intuition. She has helped us tremendously. Thank you Kellie!

Joshua Malan gave Windows of Healing a 5 star review

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