West Hollywood Children's Academy

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1030 N. Vista Street
Los Angeles, CA 90046
United States
(310) 748­-1656

My daughter loved her time at West Hollywood Children’s Academy and still often asks to visit “her school.” She started when she was two and spent three years there. It was always very nurturing and she was always exited to go. She made so many friends, a lot of whom she still meets for playdates.

I felt they were very collaborative with parents. My little one was beyond prepared for Kindergarten. She was fully reading and her kinder teacher was amazed at how proficient she was. She had also mastered simple... Read More

Sarah Fuller

My baby girl started as soon as she turned two, we are so very happy with her progress. All the staff is great. She loves going to "school" every day and always very proud to bring home her "work" and show it off.

Natalya Adeli
Julia Baron

We moved our son to West Hollywood Children's Academy from family day care 2 years ago and it was the best decision we could have made for him. Our child has learned so much. The program is very strong academically. He learned sounds and letters and he is excellent reader now! He adds and subtracts numbers. He loves geography projects. We truly believe that he is smarter, better behaved and more socially and emotionally skilled because of West Hollywood Children's Academy ! We also like their hot meals ( lunch and... Read More

Ernest Adjiabitov
Yelena Protsenko
Yelena Neyman
Olga Ruban
Anna Kadinowa

My daughter has been attending West Hollywood Children's Academy for over 3 years now. We are very pleased with how are daughter has developed academically, socially, and emotionally - so much so that we decided to enroll her younger brother into the preschool as well. He has been attending for just under a year now and we are just as pleased. The pandemic has been very tough for most and it was no different for our family. However, WHCA providing excellent child care and educational services in a clean, safe environment throughout this trying time has been a huge help. The teachers are very professional yet also very in tune with the children. They are able to create a happy, nurturing environment where rapid learning can take place. Their academic curriculum is well structured and was able to keep my daughter engaged despite the fact that she sometimes has trouble staying focused. She now reads fluently while my son can count as well as recognize different shapes and colors. We are thrilled with their progress and I have no doubt that my children will be well-prepared for elementary school. In addition to the quality education, the school provides organic food for the children and keeps things fresh with a variety of different activities such as Spanish immersion, singing, dance, and zoology. Their Brightwheel app provides us with daily logs that include pictures and videos throughout the day. This allows us to feel close to our children even when they are away at school. It also provides instant communication with the teachers in case we want to reach out. Our children have made a lot of friends in school and we have had a lot of fun getting to know other parents. The two owners, Ms. Julia and Ms. Sophia, have been there for us since the start to help with any questions or concerns. As you can tell, we are very happy we entrusted our children to them and their wonderful school!

Aleksandr Melnik gave West Hollywood Children's Academy a 5 star review

came to take a look around ,, looking for a new school for my little princess. The entire yard and inside the class was very clean, the kids looked super happy being there. We met briefly with the director and a teacher. wonderful tour. ..

Franklin Robinson gave West Hollywood Children's Academy a 5 star review

After moving to LA we looked around everywhere for a good preschool for our youngest son and we were so fortunate to find WHCA. The teachers are warm and nice to the children and parents . Owners pour their hearts into this preschool. They have healthy balance between learning through play, academics, languages, arts, and music. They have a strong reading program that prepares children for school. They have great outdoor environment.. Also I am impressed by their choice of healthy organic food. Our son has been attending the preschool for 2 years.

George G gave West Hollywood Children's Academy a 5 star review

My daughter is 2y 4mo and she has completely exploded in her development since starting at West Hollywood Children's Academy. She is more independent, more aware, more observant, and much more verbal. She started counting. She learns sounds. She comes home singing songs and is always happy. The place is safe, nurturing, and academically stimulating. The staff is warm, intelligent, and committed. It feels like a family and we are so pleased.

Diana Frid gave West Hollywood Children's Academy a 5 star review

My daughter has been attending this school since she is 2 y. o. I see a Great progress in my child’s development. starting from being potty trained from the very begging to the reading and counting skills at the of 3,5 y. o. they put lots of attention on physical exercise. i am very happy with things like yoga, dance classes, zoology classes that don’t cost nothing extra , i am happy with menu. they have soups every day that my daughter loves. i really don’t have to give her nothing extra to eat. Art projects- every day, Spanish class once a week, kids performing for the holidays. i recommended to my neighbors. hopefully the school will have spots available. 👍🏻

Oksana Samchuk gave West Hollywood Children's Academy a 5 star review

My 4-year son asks me everyday "is it school today Mom". And when I pick him up at the end of the day he says to me "I had a good day at school Mom". That... more

Ali D. gave West Hollywood Children's Academy a 5 star review

I've been so nervous to part with my little one. I literally get so anxious thinking about my sunshine without me someplace. Today, I called West... more

Alina S. gave West Hollywood Children's Academy a 5 star review

I can't say enough good things about this school. As a credentialed teacher, the academics taught to my child have been above and beyond. With the small... more

Olivia W. gave West Hollywood Children's Academy a 5 star review

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