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73 North Second Ave.
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United States

My son has been with Wee Care Preschool since the age of 18 months and now is a preschool graduate. We have beem extremely satisfied with the level of care from all of the staff. I can say nothing but good things about everyone who has taken care of my son daily. I am glad we found this place and wi... See More


Estoy super contenta con el cuidado y dedicacion de las maestras a los niños en especial con Miss Martha, miss Claudia y pprsupuesto Miss Gracie gracias por sus cuidados !


Wee Care Preschool has helped my tremendously. In his first few weeks there he learned to write his name. And less than year later he can read and write sight words, count to 100 and more. We love the teachers and staff. If you are looking for a preschool that goes above and for your children this i... See More


Me encanta los eventos que ponen para los niños ,actividades, y todo tipo de convivio que hacen para convivir . La escuela esta muy bien programada los horarios y todo recomendada !


This school is AMAZING. the teachers care and are 100% hands-on with the kids. My son has learned so much. Thanks a lot to Miss Gracie and Miss Marta.


Wee Care is absolutely amazing! My son loves Mrs Claudia along with each other teacher. For 2 years my son has grown in education and socialization. Even more Mrs Gracie is an amazing director for this school!


Wee care has offered my daughter the experience of a life time. She came in super shy and is now thriving with her classmates. She has also learned so much! She suprises me everyday! Thank you so much for doing so much for her in everyway!


My daughter enjoys this school very much and she loves her teachers Ms Martha Ms. Bertha Ms Joanne.


My son loves his teachers and this school. So happy we chose wee care!


Very happy and satified with Wee care, our son has learned so much and we definitely feel he is ready for kindergarten next year. We feel safe with him being here everyday and he's very happy with his teachers. We greatly appreciate all that you do for him.


I've toured many schools for my daughter and when I came to Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista I instantly felt comfortable and welcomed by their director Ms Gracie. We've been happy with our experience here and appreciate the staff! Also, thank you to her teachers Ms Bertha and Ms Jessica. My daughter ... See More


I love Wee Care!!! They take such good care of my son. He loves his teacher and he is learning so much!


Best center I have ever had for my kids.


We loved WeeCare Preschool so much. They really do Care. Our son was so well taken care of. Great management and staff. I definitely recommend it.


I am very grateful to Wee Care because they have taught my son so much he has learned a lot and I have seen my son grow. I'm thankful to every single teacher.


My son is extremely shy but since starting WeeCare he has become very social. At the end of the day he is always telling me the stories Ms.Joanne reads to them, and all of the activities they did throughout the day. Thank you WeeCare for making my son excited about school.


Wee Care preschool is an awesome school. Kaplan loves his teacher he has been learning so much,, lots of fun and structure.


I had checked out several preschools before making my final decision. I met with the director at Wee Care Preschool and had a tour of the facility. I was Really Impressed with the location and the layout of the schools classrooms. They have a lot of classroom throughout the facility which allows the... See More


We enrolled are 3 year old at Wee Care without even looking at other preschools. Why? Because from the first phone call to the present everyone here has treated our son and us like family. Ms. Irma is our son's teacher and because of her we were able to finally get him potty trained. Not to mention ... See More


We've had our kids at other preschools but they didn't even compare to what we found at Wee Care. Our two daughters attended and now our son is attending Wee Care and they all loved it and learned so much more than we thought was possible for a preschool. Miss Garcia has created a perfect balance of... See More


This school is an amazing school, my kids come to school every day with a smile on their face and they never call me for any problems I'm very please with this school as a parent and I recommend Mrs.Gracie knows her stuff she's very well with the kids and anyone coming she works with you guys and ma... See More


WeeCare Preschool Chula Vista...great school and awesome teachers. My daughter has been coming here since Aug,17 and it has been the best choice ever. They treat my daughter very well and they are always on top of things.


I've loved Bringing my daughter to Wee Care Chula Vista! The staff here are amazingly patient with all the kids and very welcoming each and every Day.


We love Wee Care Chula Vista, we have been coming here for many years and it is second best to having my babies at home!!


My daughter currently attends Wee Care in Chula Vista, and I am extremely happy with the care and education provided to my child. The staff is amazing; respectful, helpful, polite. My daughter is always happy to go to school to learn new things, and make arts and crafts to bring home. She has lea... See More


Wee Care Chula Vista is the best!


Nathan joined WeeCare for 2 yrs. I was very happy with the staff and Director. I felt my son was in safe place. He had a great time and learned his alphabet and numbers , and song's. I would highly recommend this place. My niece is currently attending. She's 3 yrs. Old and she loves it. She co... See More


Wee Care Preschools Chula Vista
A great place for kids to learn the skill set to have a good start for school.
There always doing fun projects and my son is always tells us about how much fun the extra circular projects are.
Teachers are cool !


We found out about Wee Care CV from a friend and I am so glad we did. Our family is so happy with the curriculum our daughter is receiving from the program. We live in Point Loma but make the commute to bring our daughter here because the staff is amazing and the school is it's own community that I... See More

Kendra Zamora Recommends Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista

I'm so happy to have found Wee Care Preschool for my son. The staff is amazing, caring and I live all the activities they do. He has advanced so much since attending. I highly recommend this school to everyone!

2 months ago
Mayra Flores Recommends Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista

Tanto me encanta que trabajo allí como maestra y tengo mi hija en la escuela

9 months ago
Cammie Maurer Recommends Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista

My son hands down loves this school. His teachers are awesome and Ms. Gracie is caring and attentive. Ryland loves playing with his friends and loves learning daily and sharing his experiences with me. I am so thrilled to see my child grow this year!

11 months ago
Hiwot Nigatu gave Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista a 5 star review

We loved Wee Care Preschool so much. They really do CARE. Nice management and staff. great teaching and patience for the kids. May God bless them more.

12 months ago
Melissa Berrios gave Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista a 5 star review

My daughter has been attending since November 2017. I needed care for her right away and Ms. Gracie was very helpful with getting her registered and settled in. Ms. Bertha G and staff helped with making my daughter feel comfortable. It makes me happy to hear my daughter say she loves school! Thank you WeeCare CV staff!!!

1 year ago
Kendra Zamora gave Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista a 5 star review

My son has been going there for about a month now and we love it! His teacher Mrs. Irma is amazing along with the staff and director. My son has a food allergy and they are fully trained on how to handle it. And in the short time he's been there he is fully potty trained! So glad we made the switch to this school and I highly recommend it to others.

1 year ago
Ana Porras-Demas gave Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista a 5 star review

I looove this school and the way they treat my kids! Everyone knows them by name and treat them so nice. We enrolled our daughter when she was just 18 months and she is now in her last year at Wee before transitioning to Kinder. This January we enrolled our son who is also 18 months and I’m so excited to continue at Wee! Miss Gracie (the Director) is so helpful and approachable at all times, and all the teachers that take care of my kids are just the best! Both of my kids walk into Wee everyday like it was their house, that’s how confortable and happy they are!

1 year ago
Alanna Buenaflor gave Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista a 5 star review
2 years ago
Linda Oliva Vazquez gave Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista a 5 star review
2 years ago
Jessica Villagomez gave Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista a 5 star review

The best attention.. i love it... everybody is really friendly , as soon is you open the door they greet you with love specially to the kids. ..

2 years ago
Shannon Coronado gave Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista a 5 star review
2 years ago
Nickki Perry gave Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista a 5 star review

Love this school!!! My son was at a home daycare not being academically stimulated so he became a handful at school and then home. The first two weeks of him being here he turned completely around. He's the loving little boy I remember! He has plenty of friends and looks forward to coming every day. He's actually upset at the weekends lol. It's all thanks to Ms. Gracie and his teacher Ms. Jessica life savers ! All the staff are wonderful individuals!

2 years ago
Dina Flores gave Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista a 5 star review
2 years ago
Martha Ileana Silva gave Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista a 5 star review

Love Wee Care!! My 5 yr old attended and now my 2 yr old Is attending and both of them love it and so do I! The staff is great and so caring! Love how they treat the children! I go to work Happy knowing that my daughter is safe and in good hands. I always recommend them! ��

3 years ago
Mimi Castro gave Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista a 5 star review
3 years ago
Kimberley Slaven Adams gave Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista a 5 star review

What a great family environment. We love WeeCare!

3 years ago
Shelly Abat gave Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista a 5 star review

My child was at Wee care for 2-1/2 years and we LOVED it! The staff are all so great and caring. We felt that any concerns we had were immediately addressed and taken care of. Thank you for all of the great memories!! <3

3 years ago
Alejandro Leon gave Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista a 5 star review
3 years ago
Mirian Hignight gave Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista a 5 star review

I love it!!! We go to work knowing Our son is gonna be safe and in good hands. Great staff.

3 years ago
Paulina Alvarado-Smith gave Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista a 5 star review
3 years ago
Johnny Madrigal gave Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista a 5 star review
4 years ago
Lucia Valencia Ponce gave Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista a 5 star review

Excelente escuela mis hijos han aprendido demasiado y muy rápido mi hijo tiene 3años y mi hija tiene 2 años les encanta la escuela sus maestras y el ambiente que esta ahí siempre nos reciben con una sonrisa son amables y mis hijos les gusta mucho ir porque aparte del arte y actividades que hacen ahí también ofrecen otras actividades en lo que los niños se pueden desarrollar excelentemente yo como mama me encanta esta escuela y se lo recomendaría a todas las personas!!!!!

4 years ago
Roger Burroughs gave Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista a 5 star review

great place my youngest spent 2.5 yrs there

6 years ago
Joanna Loftus gave Wee Care Preschool Chula Vista a 5 star review
6 years ago

My almost 3 year old started here in spring 2018. We'd checked out quite a few other places (other establishments and in-home daycares) and even considered... more

Jo B. gave Wee Care Preschool a 5 star review

Established in 1983 in a historic landmark house, Wee Care Chula Vista has been rated one of the Top 3 preschool in Chula Vista. Located off the 54 freeway,... more

David D. gave Wee Care Preschool a 4 star review

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