Wee Care Preschool 4S Ranch

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We ended up at Wee Care after leaving a much smaller church preschool. The flexible drop off and pick up schedule, extended hours and the fact that they provide the meals were what first got my attention and had me interested in the school for my 3 year old daughter.
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'Wee' love Wee Care 4S. We moved unexpectedly in the summer and found them by chance and so happy we did. Parents, you'll get how impressive this is: we moved, had a new baby, started a new job, and she started going to school and she still adapted well and Wee Care was a big part of that. The facility is large and bright with caring, compassionate teachers. Communication is wonderful and there are even get togethers during the year so we can meet other parents, the staff, and our daughter's classmates. The add on extracurriculars like dance, sports, and music are wonderful too. We love that she can try out different activities while at school. Days are full of crafts, fun, and learning. There is just enough structure versus free play and our kiddo is right on track for kindergarten next year. So happy we found Wee Care 4S ^.^

Ann Weiner gave Wee Care Preschool 4S Ranch a 5 star review

Oliver and Lily love Wee Care. They prepared Lily perfectly for Kinder and she loves coming back to see her old teacher and "teach" the other kids what she's learned at big kid school.

Bronwyn Mahieu gave Wee Care Preschool 4S Ranch a 5 star review

We have loved Wee Care Preschool! Our son has learned a lot and is ready for kindergarten!

Colleen Speer gave Wee Care Preschool 4S Ranch a 5 star review

My family and I are absolutely smitten with WeeCare RB and the beautiful teachers that care for our son. The facility is large, clean, and vibrant and the teachers and Director are so sweet, kind, and super fun. I'm so thankful we found WeeCare!!!

Jocelyn Eischeid gave Wee Care Preschool 4S Ranch a 5 star review

Honestly, we don't have a lot of experiences with preschool/daycares, but we feel the staff at Wee Care actually do care a lot for our son and all the... more

Josh T. gave Wee Care Preschool a 5 star review

I just started my son who is 3.5 at Wee Care Preschool. Clarissa the director at Wee Care has been absolutely amazing. She was able to accommodate my... more

Meghan G. gave Wee Care Preschool a 4 star review

Our family moved here after experiencing the Montessori learning style was NOT for us. We were luck to have found the school by word of mouth from my father... more

Meg D. gave Wee Care Preschool a 5 star review
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