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I learned of Easy1Up in its infancy and it was the easiest, smartest business decision I ever made. I was a Baker for 37 years and my Families Bake Shoppes were the premier bakeries in NJ. We were #1 because we worked hard and smart. I joined Easy1Up after my retirement to keep busy and make additional income, but when realizing that this would be a ONE TIME purchase and I would be permitted to resell the replicated site with a 100% profit to myself after just one sale I was elated! I purchased the Vertex Pro. Finally, after delving into the many hours of information and videos packed within the contents of this exciting business, I was learning so much more then I expected to about working online that I never looked back. This is an honest to goodness Keeper! Work this business with the same integrity you would if it was your own brick and mortar business and the business will work for you. It is not a toy or a game, so if you purchase this business and expect money to just come to you, your wasting your time and I promise, you will not be successful. Treat it just like you would if you just purchased a $750,000 franchise and you are on your way to an enjoyable and profitable business. Thank you Mr. Peter Wolfing for putting so much care into all your work. LOVING MY EASY1UP BUSINESS and I am in my third year here.

-- Randall D

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