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We thought the inspection was good but lacked enough details to make 100% comfortable with the review. For instance, it was not mentioned that one of the window screens, fully visible from the inside of the house was torn. Nor were all the gutters inspected since they weren't fully visible. But that is odd since they were up on the roof and can see everything. Perhaps vegetation was in the way as noted in another section. The report should detail what the inspector did to prove something worked. We understand this is not a test to prove the effectiveness of the AC or oven but in each section for each appliance describe what was done and the findings. There seemed to be a lot of fluff in the descriptions prior to each section.

Lack of detail example: 'Toilet was loose at the floor at master bathroom", there are two toilets in the master bath room. So, which one is it? Of course, not a major issue as we are just looking for structural or other major issues which we believe you did hit upon and verified.

In observations, perhaps instead of just listing bathtub locations, specify that bathtub in master was inspected and found to be OK. It is not good to assume the positive. it should be stated for each item, not just in the beginning of the section.

But overall, we appreciate the work and effort and understand that if there had been any major deficiencies that they would have been identified.

-- Jonathan B

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