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215 Broad Street
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Voyagers' Community School is not only a nurturing environment for creativity and individuality, it also allows students to be properly prepared for life's future endeavors. As the Humanities teacher in the high school (9-12th grades) and also a part-time professor at local colleges, I can confident... See More


Our two boys and their nieces from Japan had an amazing time at the Voyager Summer Camp last year. Every time we picked them up, they couldn't wait to tell us what they did for that day. The staffs were all friendly and can't wait to send them back to the summer camp again.... See More


Voyagers Community School has been the best decision we have made for our son. After years of feeling trapped in a conventional classroom with the stress of standardized testing and spending the majority of the day indoors, Voyagers provides a learning environment where students learn by doing and h... See More


This is the best camp my children have attended. Small group size, all the campers get along and the staff is great. So helpful, caring, intelligent and fun! 2nd summer won’t be our last.... See More


My son just loves this school. It has allowed him to be creative, and use his imagination to create what he loves. We also love the way they are into nature and creating a healthy experience. We are truly grateful for this school <3... See More


My 10 year-old nephew has come into his own at Voyagers. His confidence has improved in school activities and with his peers. The teachers and staff are friendly and supportive. We are so happy we found Voyagers when we did!... See More


I have experience with Voyagers' as both a parent and a teacher. As a parent, I love that my child was always engaged in meaningful hands-on activities. As a teacher, I have tho opportunity to help students learn subjects through their interests. Overall an amazing school.... See More


I thoroughly enjoy working at Voyagers' Community School! From the students, the families, and the staff to the unique setting and innovative approach to education, it has truly been a rewarding experience.... See More


As an employee I have had a wonderful experience with everyone. It is really a great place to work.... See More


My daughter is really liking her time at voyagers. She is excited to go to school and comes home everyday excited to share what she did that day.... See More


Voyager's Community Schools is a wonderful, nurturing environment that allows kids to learn in connection to the physical reality. Both of my kids can make movies, cook, do wood working, robotics, learn sign language and so many more fun activities that I can't fit on one page. This is a place tha... See More


My son spent several years of middle school as a student of Voyager's Community School while professionally pursuing his passion for acting . Without his time at Voyager's and the support from his teachers and friendships made, he would not have the self-confidence, educational background, and resi... See More


My daughter is starting her third year at Voyagers' Community School. It is a one of a kind school that encourages children to be children, explore and learn, have fun and create bonds with their peers as well as older and younger students. I would highly recommend it to any parent looking to provid... See More


We are so happy that we chose Voyagers for our daughter. Their individualized approach and concern for the whole child means that she is developing a strong sense of self as well as a strong academic foundation. Equally important to us, though, is the fact that Voyagers instills in children the i... See More


Voyagers’ has been a wonderful place for Emerson to learn to explore the world around him. Learning to interact with others not only in his age group is a unique benefit that we feel is really important & hugely impactful. The teachers have all been amazing; they are very patient, calm & warm in d... See More


The experience of taking a college class in high school was incredibly unique and valuable. While in most public high school's, teachers seem to often try and scare their students about what college will actually be like to get the students to work harder. In taking this class at Brookdale, I did ... See More


Sending our son to Voyagers' Community School is the best decision we could have made for our him (and us!) He was 19 months old when he started, and right away we could see that this would be an experience that was above and beyond a regular daycare situation. This isn't just a school - it truly i... See More

I have worked here at Voyagers' for over 10 years and now am the parents of two young students here. Voyagers' is such a wonderful community and I am so happy that my children will be able to grow up in this school. I have built close relationships over many years with my students and am able to mentor students as they grow and eventually graduate. Students also build relationships across age groups that last for years and years, and I am looking forward to watching these relationships form and grow between my children and the other community members. If you are looking for a caring, exciting, intellectually invigorating and dynamic experience for your child, I highly recommend Voyagers' Community School.

Kadi Cook gave Voyagers’ Community School a 5 star review

Voyagers School has been a wonderful experience for my child and our family. They have gone above and beyond to recognize and assist our son in achieving his best and overcoming obstacles he faces in education. It is a very special school with a wonderful staff and faculty. Highly recommended for those who want an alternative to a traditional education without sacrificing quality.

Alexander Iler gave Voyagers’ Community School a 5 star review

Our son started at Voyagers in March and he has never looked back. It’s been an amazing transformation from not being excited about school to being super excited about school. We love the community feeling and our son is excited to learn and grow at school. I can’t say enough about how happy we are with our decision to have our son attend Voyagers.

Maritza McGraw gave Voyagers’ Community School a 5 star review

Voyagers’ is a school that it true to its mission statement where children are honored, respected and challenged to do and be their very best. Teachers are 100% dedicated to motivating their students by relating the environment and their everyday life to what they will be learning in the academic classroom. As a parent of a Voyagers’ high school student, I wished we had known about the school earlier on. Traditional private school was not able to tap into my son’s sense of curiosity, learning differences and need to be challenged for his unique intellect, the way Voyagers’ did. Having the ability to take college courses for credit while still attending the high school was a big plus as well. The defining end result was a young man who graduated confident and with a keen sense of accomplishment and desire to keep learning.

Diane Rappoport gave Voyagers’ Community School a 5 star review

An elementary - high school with a great approach.....refreshing and creative learning environment that nurtures each student's learning style. Impressive "high tech" and top of the line equipment that students use to invent and create their own STEAM ideas. With an innovative and genuinely warm staff, I highly recommend this school for anyone seeking an excellent education, not just in academics, but in all aspects of learning and creativity,

Karen Lozner gave Voyagers’ Community School a 5 star review

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