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Jennifer is very excited to recommend Vocational Nursing Institute

Jennifer P

Great!! With plenty of personal attention & caring !!

Linda Saunders Petree

Dr Kelly was easy to work with! Friendly and patient … High RECOMMEND!!!!

Will4Sports gave The Vocational Nursing Institute, Inc. a 5 star review

Dr. Kelly is absolutely amazing, and I am so lucky to have found her in my journey. As a Canadian nurse needing paediatric clinical hours; she was the only person in all of the nursing schools in Houston to respond and be willing to help me. She went above and beyond to ensure I not only got the hours I needed, but provided a textbook and many resources to ensure I was on the right track. I highly recommend this program for not only Foreign Nurses but anyone interested in taking the nursing program. I wish I had Dr. Kelly when I was in nursing school in Canada, she is very thorough and genuinely wants you to succeed! I am so grateful for this program.

Jensen Carne gave The Vocational Nursing Institute, Inc. a 5 star review

I just want to say Prof. Amy Keen is the backbone behind the success of the students here. She's an amazing instructor and I want to say thank you for always going above and beyond for students. God bless you.

Amos Isikuru gave The Vocational Nursing Institute, Inc. a 5 star review

Nursing school is not easy and is not for everyone! I read all these negative reviews and become speechless and bothered. People leave bad reviews for one of two reasons: school was too hard and the pressure was too much or they did not realize how much they would have to sacrifice and change theirs lives while in nursing school (which is temporary). Is Dr.Kelly tough? Of course without a doubt. Why: because she wants the best for her students and wants us to succeed and be the best once we are out on the field, who wouldn't. I took my pre-req classes at her school and finished her nursing program and if I had to do it all over again with Dr.Kelly I would without a doubt. So when reading some of these negative comments ask yourself why? Why is someone bashing a school who is offering an AMAZING program and want their STUDENTS to SUCCEED. Some people can not handle the HEAT. The school and Dr.Kelly are hands down the BEST. She is Genuine and cares for her students it is sad that some people fail to realize that which is their loss. In regards to complaints about prices look at Chamberlain tuition it is 100,000! Anything worth having in life never comes easy. I graduated Dr.Kelly 19-21 cohort and even now after graduating she checks on me and is available when and if I need her assistance! Oh and I passed my NCLEX first time - Speaks volume about the education I received

Crystal Cao gave The Vocational Nursing Institute, Inc. a 5 star review

I had the pleasure of being able to attend this school from taking a couple pre requisite classes I needed and so thankful she was able to offer them there to also taking the HESI at the school and I personally took it more than 1X and Dr. Kelly was very encouraging and made sure to let me know " if you want this to not give up and go home study more and try again" which I did and Passed!!!!!! and for a person not having many people to encourage me through out my life, it meant a lot for Dr. Kelly to tell me that to me which she did not have to I am happy and thankful that she cared enough to say that to me. Finally I was able to meet all requirements and started the LVN evening program and graduated Jan 2021... Yessssss we had obstacles to surpass such as COVID which required for the school to go remote pretty fast and was a BIG change and somewhat hard for some students BUT all the professors there and Dr. Kelly were there to help us through the change and REALLY for us to be upcoming nurses we NEED to be ready for FAST changes and be able to handles things that happen without making a big deal just handle it!!!! I personally want to Thank Dr. Kelly and Professor Goodrich and all the other instructors and staff members at VNI and also thank all the facilities that Dr. Kelly worked to help us be able to do our clinicals because some facilities closed off for students and she cared enough for her students to have the experience, those are privileges that a lot of other school do not have. OHHH and I passed my NCLEX on the first try!!

Maria Tanahara gave The Vocational Nursing Institute, Inc. a 5 star review

Great school and Staff. They are very knowledgeable. They work really hard at helping the students. They even offer an evening classes. I would have to say... more

Justine B. gave The Vocational Nursing Institute a 5 star review

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