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I started going to Advantage chiropractic wellness in March of 2017. The staff is amazing. I choose this program as they teach you the food to eat and you get to buy the food you like. For the first 12 weeks I did the Candida . I lost 40 lbs and 35 total inches during that 12 weeks. The staff has yo... See More


I am very pleased at the results of my sessions at Advantage Wellness. I recommend it for anyone who want more improvement in their physical and emotional life.... See More


Good people who care and help any way they can. Do more for me than my md doctor and for a better price. Get you in on short notice. The treatments have helped me heal up without huge expense or causing more issues. Great staff and doctor. Easy to talk to about anything and very friendly. My feelin... See More


I have been going to advantage for about 6 weeks and I initially came in with back and gut problems. My back is so much better, I can sleep now. My gut has been very bad for 4 years, so much so I can't eat a lot of foods I like. They recommended solution called restore. Zero gut issues since. Dr Arn... See More


I made the decision to make a change in myself in Nov. I dislike my midsection and felt tired by mid afternoon. Although i was going to the gym on a regular basis, I hadnt changed my eating habits enough, so I wasn't getting the results I wanted.
I started the solutions 4 supplements as well as... See More


The staff is super friendly and very helpful. The weight loss product and services are highly recommended. ... See More

Dr. Arn and her staff were friendly and attentive. I was travelling and needed an adjustment desperately. They took care of me right away and she gave me a great adjustment. Thanks.

Dr. Steve Fleisher gave Advantage Chiropractic Wellness, LLC a 5 star review

I'm 38 years old and had never been to a chiropractor in my life. I was having back problems for about a year and finally broke down and called this office with Alecia Arn. I went for scans and began my adjustments the following week. Alecia Arn is absolutely AMAZING! My pain in my back is completely gone. I cannot be more thankful and amazEd by her talents. The office and staff are very friendly and professional. They offer stress relief and energy boosting services as well. This is by far one of the best decisions I've ever made. Thank you Alecia!!!!

Questionable Life gave Advantage Chiropractic Wellness, LLC a 5 star review

Dr. Arn is a wonderful chiropractor. Her and her staff are very polite and are very compassionate. I would recommend anyone to see her. If you are looking for a chiropractor, look no further Dr. Arn is here to save the day.... I must say it's always nice to go in there with great staff who smiles, and makes you feel welcome.

Bunny Grahams gave Advantage Chiropractic Wellness, LLC a 5 star review

I am an " on the road " service technician. Recently, I hurt myself while in Elko Nevada on a job. Mostly the neck and right arm. I was unable to concentrate on my work, let alone travel by plane. I went to two different chiropractors in Elko. Comparing these two to Advantage, they where hacks. Finally, the day before I left Elko to come home, I had to go to the emergency room and get pain killers that would allow me to even fly with the pain I was in. Once at home, I went to my doctor, who and the insurance company, made me go to physical therapy. At the same time, I visited Dr. Arne at Advantage Chiropractic. The first half hour at North Point Physical Therapy and an initial $1,250.00, they did absolutely nothing except have me do one very lame exercise. Right after that appointment, I went to doctor Arne at Advantage Chiropractic. Dr. Arne did a thorough examination and told me I had pinched nerves behind my # 1 rib bone. (years of carrying a 50 pound computer bag and tools.) Dr. Arne immediately started treatment by adjusting me. I had Immediate relief. I returned to physical therapy 2 days later, this time $750.00 later, another 30 minutes of lame exercises. (Physical Therapy was required by Insurance company.) I told North Point that I was seeing Dr. Arne at Advantage Chiropractic. North Point told me I should continue going there and did not disagree with Dr. Arne's diagnosis. 5 weeks later I was only $40.00 a visit. Dr. Arne at Advantage Chiropractic and her wonderful and delightful Staff, are the best I have ever had the pleasure in utilizing. I also visited Advantage Chiropractic without an appointment, just walk-ins usually due to my hectic schedule. Dr. Arne always obliged me. The first thing you will see and feel, is the warmth and family like atmosphere from her staff as soon as you enter her office. The next thing you will notice is the absolute professionalism and knowledge of Dr. Arne. I wished the insurance companies and the North Points of the world would take some lessons from Dr. Arne., they all would be better for it, in turn, we the customers would be better for it. What would you rather do, be financially raped by the North Points of the would with little results, or pay a Very fair price for great results. The old saying goes, " I Would you rather pay good money for good food then Pay good money for poor food". I have always used Dr. Arne in the past, and will always use Dr. Arne in the future. Advantage Chiropractic has earned the 5 stars from me and I am sure you would feel the same way after one visit. Thank you.

Robert Miller gave Advantage Chiropractic Wellness, LLC a 5 star review

Alecia is a chiropractor that is interested in the whole person. She provides general chiropractic care, and advice about diet and supplements as well.... more

Kaaren D. gave Arn Alecia, DC a 5 star review

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