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Thanks for your help and for finally getting us out of our timeshare nightmare! You have always been responsive and courteous and we appreciate it more than you will EVER know!! Thank you for saving us Whew!!

Roy Rodriquez gave Vanguard & Associates a 5 star review

Vanguard & Associates helped me get out of my timeshare contract. After months of dealing with lawyers who claimed to be experts in this this field, finally came across Vanguard and decided to give them a try. Vanguard kept me informed every step of the way and reached out when they needed something from my end. Receiving that call with the good news was the ultimate. I'd definitely recommend Vanguard & Associates if you are looking to get out of your timeshare contract!

Robert Rasa gave Vanguard & Associates a 5 star review

I was very skeptical of yet another one of these services. I had nothing to lose so I called Vanguard & Associates. Vanguard kept me in the loop every step of the way, very professional and empathetic. After a few weeks they delivered the best news ever. I was free of this contract. I am forever grateful!

Manuel Lucero gave Vanguard & Associates a 5 star review

Vanguard & Associates got me out of my time share contract. They are extremely knowledgable on this shady industry. The way they handled this delicate matter was superb. I'm just beyond excited they legally released me from this financial commitment that I was expecting was going to ruin my credit. Thank you Vanguard & Associates!

Eduardo Sebastian gave Vanguard & Associates a 5 star review
Michael Malone Recommends Vanguard & Associates

A few years ago I finally realized that I had to find a way to divest from the timeshare I had purchased in Hawaii, but I had no idea how to go about it. Thankfully a co-worker of mine had used the team at Vanguard & Associates, and told me how great they were. I was a little skeptical, but it really was THAT easy. So happy I found these guys, my only regret is that I hadn't found them sooner!

4 months ago
Anna Rudy Recommends Vanguard & Associates

Incredibly professional and attentive. Vanguard & Associates helped me close my timeshare contract in Los Angeles easily and communicating was a stress-free process. I have greater peace of mind knowing I don't have to deal with the excessive charges from my timeshare.

4 months ago
Brandon Miller Recommends Vanguard & Associates

Had a timeshare in La Jolla for many years but the timeshare interest was getting way to big over time. Vanguard & Associates helped to get me out of my contract and relieved a lot of stress I was having. I would definitely recommend them for all your timeshare worries.

4 months ago
John Sezaw Recommends Vanguard & Associates

What really sold me, was their 100% money back guarantee and confidence. I never thought I would get out of my timeshare, but Vanguard proved me wrong. I was skeptical at first, but now I recommend them to anyone that is looking to get out once and for all.

5 months ago
Alex Kramer Recommends Vanguard & Associates

They were quick and responsive to all my questions about my timeshare. I wanted to know how they were able to guarantee me getting out of my timeshare contract and John was able to explain everything in detail. In the end, it worked, I’m out!

5 months ago
Alex Whitman Recommends Vanguard & Associates

My grandfather left me a timeshare, but what I didn’t know was it came with debt attached to it, so naturally I wanted to get rid of it. Fortunately, I was able to get ahold of someone at Vanguard & Associates, since none of the other timeshare companies I tried would answer. It must have been fate, since I was able to get out of my timeshare with little frustration. I can’t thank you guys enough!

7 months ago
Austin Michael Athouguia gave Vanguard & Associates a 5 star review

They were easy to work with and answered all my questions throughout the process of getting me out of my timeshare contract. Thanks!

8 months ago
Andy Gonzalez Recommends Vanguard & Associates

After many unsuccessful attempts finally an answer to my dilemma. Vanguard & Associates helped me to legally get out of my time share contract. So glad to finally be free from this financial commitment.

8 months ago
Hex Galvez Recommends Vanguard & Associates

Great company. Helped me get out of my timshare contract legally and no longer have this financial commitment. I strongly recommend Vanguard & Associates if you find yourself in the same situation.

8 months ago
Raquel Iñiguez Recommends Vanguard & Associates

Esta compañía nos ayudó a salirnos de nuestro contrato. Llevábamos años pagando y cada año los pagos aumentaban por lo menos 20%. Gracias a Vanguard & Associates hoy estamos libre de este compromiso financiero. Si se encuentra en la misma situación les recomiendo Vanguard & Associates.

8 months ago
Kay Knoodle Recommends Vanguard & Associates

Success. Relieved. Thank you.

8 months ago
Raquel Casian Recommends Vanguard & Associates

Vanguard and associated helped my parents legally get out of their time share contract. Super excited that my parents no longer have this financial commitment and can now enjoy their retirement. I strongly recommend Vanguard & Associates.

8 months ago
Juan Antonio Recommends Vanguard & Associates

My parents got sucked into one of these time share programs that they had no idea what they were getting into. After a couple of years of paying ever increasing maintenance fees and dealing with the difficulties of the simply trying to book your allotted time they wanted out. Contacted Vanguard & Associates and they were respectful and very empathetic of our situation. They quickly took control of the situation and had it resolved before we knew it. The team kept us informed of the entire progress and provided updates frequently as they resolved the issue. My parents are now free from this "contract" and extremely relieved and thankful to Vangaurd & Associates. If you find yourself in the same scenario...I strongly recommend Vangaurd & Associates to help you!

8 months ago
Austin Denworth Recommends Vanguard & Associates

For such a complicated problem, they made it really easy to get out of my timeshare. I never thought it would be possible to do it, but Vanguard reassured me every step of the way.

8 months ago
Greg Avalos gave Vanguard & Associates a 5 star review
2 years ago
Jaz Brown gave Vanguard & Associates a 5 star review
2 years ago

So grateful that Vanguard and Associates were able to help my parents get out of their timeshare in a way that was painless as possible. This is such a... more

Shelby S. gave Vanguard & Associates a 5 star review
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