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Triple Agent Digital Media is great at what that they do. I operate a small law office and was looking to have my website and Google Business Page ranked higher. The father and son duo provided me with a game plan and simplified the process for me in terms of how to rank higher in this competitive online space. After a about a month worth of work, I noticed impressive results, particularly with the ranking of my GMB. I directly received more calls as a result of their work and making my page more exposed. I would recommend their work without hesitation to colleagues.

Captan Law gave Triple Agent Digital Media a 5 star review

Extremely reliable digital marketers! Since I started work with Triple Agent we've experienced incredible integrity of service and top-notch methods that have proven themselves in plain sight to boost my rankings on Google and my traffic. The consultants at Triple Agent Digital Media are of a level of expertise, talent and transparency that's hard to find in their field and their locality. Painless and flawless SEO campaign. Highly recommend this Newmarket company!

kaye long gave Triple Agent Digital Media a 5 star review

I was referred to Triple Agent Digital by a colleague who told me they have special expertise in online digital marketing for lawyers. I was sold on their impressive case studies. Not just that: the results I’ve attained with them are equally as impressive, if not better! They’re transparent and to-the-point about their strategy from start to finish; they dive deep into the nooks and crannies of Google to elevate my search engine visibility where prospective clients have been able to find me; and most importantly, they truly care about my success. Over the months that I’ve worked with them, they’ve consulted me in areas that I’ve never thought of before, and I’ve had the privilege of learning valuable lessons about what it means to have your name stand out from the crowd and be recognized in your field as a brand. This point is proven by the exponential, almost hands-off growth I’ve seen in my client base, thanks to Triple Agent Digital’s SEO marketing and branding services. I recommend them to all attorneys and legal professionals who feel they’re not yet getting the business they desire. Sign up for Triple Agent’s initial consultation and see for yourself!

Brian Bridges gave Triple Agent Digital Media a 5 star review

I owe a large part of my medical office’s recent success to none other than Triple Agent Digital Media. They’ve greatly expanded my online presence, which in turn has helped me expand my offline presence into cities outside my own! I’ve seen first-hand the great lengths they go to spread the brand of my chiropractic practice all over the internet. And all their effort pays off, because our brand is now really out there and recognized more widely. I’m telling you, they really do overdeliver on their promises, and it shows in all the visible aspects of our campaign together. In all my years of being a medical professional, I’ve never come across a marketing team that stands behind their work and delivers as much as the Triple Agents. They really do understand the problems we chiropractors face, and they help to solve it all with their knowledge of what’s working today. If you’re curious about that, give them a shout. Special thanks to Arkadi & Alexander and the rest of the team… you’re the best!

Charles Balzer gave Triple Agent Digital Media a 5 star review

“Why would I need marketing if I have great products?” Man, was I wrong. That was my philosophy for over 20 years in business before I met Arkadi & Alexander. In our conversations, as we dug deeper into my performance over the years, I saw where my website stood vs. my competitors. It finally clicked. It finally made sense that to call my business “prominent” meant to be prominent on Google. I used to take for granted that in this digital age, it’s easier for potential customers to gravitate towards my online real estate than anything else. In our campaign together, Arkadi & Alexander have helped me tremendously to occupy the real estate of my competitors. Now I know that when somebody goes on their mobile phone and searches Google Maps for the products I sell, I’m popping up in the 1st or 2nd place…. And I’m #2 in regular (“organic”) Google search! They’re ready to buy, and now, they’re going to buy from no one else except me. It’s not just word-of-mouth nowadays.

Matthew Basford gave Triple Agent Digital Media a 5 star review
Pal Gilly Recommends Triple Agent Digital Media

It's a pleasure to have worked with Triple Agent Digital Media. They've helped me with SEO campaigns in ways that are so far ahead of their local competitors it's not even funny... I'm especially amazed at their advanced, exclusive Google My Business techniques that they used to greatly push up local rankings. GMB, SEO, you name it: they've got it all.

1 year ago
Khyren Michael gave Triple Agent Digital Media a 5 star review

A trustworthy SEO company and great to deal with! The results they've achieved for themselves & others, on both organic Google search and Google Maps, speak for themselves. I highly recommend working with this results-driven SEO firm in the GTA.

1 year ago
Dave Wallace Recommends Triple Agent Digital Media

I've been simply amazed at Triple Agent Digital Media's professionalism and "hands-on" approach to delivering SEO marketing to their clients. Arkadi and his son Alexander provide immense value, particularly when it comes to conveying SEO campaigns and Google ranking & traffic results. Not a lot of SEO marketers I've seen could get to the point with serving a client's business needs so effectively. I'd say look no further than Triple Agent for a team of true results-oriented experts who believe in getting you into Google's spotlight

1 year ago
Bogdan Kurbanov Recommends Triple Agent Digital Media

Arkadi & Alexander are aces at what they do: driving organic traffic to your website. They truly care about getting you into the spotlight of Google where you're in the plain sight of all of your leads and customers. Let's not forget - as a father-and-son team, Arkadi & Alexander have a great heart! They'll work with you to get to know about your business desires and needs. And if you're ever lost or confused about something technical, they're more than happy to explain it to you in better, more accessible detail. I've heard a lot from Arkadi & Alexander about how bad (or even lack of) marketing campaigns have doomed their former favourite businesses to failure. When you're working with people who've learned lessons like those, you can trust them to make your online presence a true asset to your business. This father & son duo truly fits the bill. I'd gladly recommend them.

1 year ago
Tarek Drief gave Triple Agent Digital Media a 5 star review

I can't say enough positive things about Arkadi, Alexander and Triple Agent Digital Media. Not only do they care about your success and show you measurable results... I've found they really DO underpromise and overdeliver. I highly recommend choosing them for your next digital marketing and online reputation management project.

1 year ago
Andrea Adams-Miller gave Triple Agent Digital Media a 5 star review

Well they might actually be triple agents in disguise because these two gentlemen really take care of you! They know what’s going on; they spend the time, energy and research to investigate what you need and how to make it so that you pop out and stand out ! Which is the best thing you need to show your authority and credibility to the world so that people hire you! Work with them!

1 year ago
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