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Our son has been at Tutortime and loves each day ! He has grown and learned so much and is well cared for when he’s there and everyone knows everyone. He is well prepared to move to kindergarten! Thank you Tutortime!


Love this school...best school my son has ever attended......

Dexter Lewis gave Tutor Time a 5 star Review on Google
Robert M. gave Tutor Time a 5 star Rating on Google
Latudia Lexas gave Tutor Time a 5 star Rating on Google

Love this Tutor Time. The teachers and director are courteous, very professional. They educate and take care of my children very well. The premises are neat and clean.
Well educated and professional teachers who work with children affectionately at the same time impart discipline, knowledge and social graces. They have always addressed my concerns adequately. My girls love going to school, learn so much and always talk about their friends and teachers very positively. The food they serve is excellent.... Read More...

Anonymous Reviewer gave Tutor Time a 5 star Review on Google

My daughter loves this place, the staff is great. She is well taken care of an rested when we pick her up. She gets excited when pulling into the parking lot....

Denna M. Byron gave Tutor Time a 5 star Review on Google

Our son really enjoyed Tudor Time while he went there from the age of 2.5 until it was time for him to go to school. He really blossomed under the teachers that he had and made a lot of friends. I always smile whenever I drive by....

George Andrew gave Tutor Time a 5 star Review on Google

This child care center is truly the best day care center that I have every had my son in. The are flexible and very dependable. Stable and a great learning experience for your child! Sending both my kids there again once i go back to work!...

M Nabassoua gave Tutor Time a 5 star Review on Google
Fabio Saglimbeni Recommends Tutor Time

As first time parents, naturally it was difficult to imagine anyone else caring for our baby Mia. She was only 4 months old when she started at Tutor Time. But from that very first day, her teachers have been wonderful! Our minds are completely as ease knowing how well she is being cared for. We love getting updates on her activities throughout the day and seeing how happy she is there playing with her new little friends. While not yet a year old, she has already drawn lines with a crayon, helped paint a Halloween pumpkin and finger painted. She loves playing with the musical instruments there, going for strolls in the buggy and outside story time. We are excited and amazed at how she has grown over these past months developmentally and socially and are truly grateful to Ms. Eileen, Ms. Sam, Ms. Maria, Ms. Jessica and all of the Tutor Time staff. Thank you all!! Angela & Fabio

7 months ago
Stephanie Lauren Recommends Tutor Time

My 3 year old daughter has been attending Tutor Time since she was 9 months old. The moment I walked into the school it felt safe, spacious, bright, clean and organized. Other places I'd looked at did not even compare. As a new mom, sending your child to daycare can be unnerving, but I was immediately comforted and reassured by the staff and also by the mapped out curriculum and routines they have in place, the well-balanced food made fresh each day, the mid-morning/mid-afternoon snacks and the app that they use to notify me "in real time" of how or what my daughter is doing throughout the day. As a working mom, another bonus for me was being able to drop her off early in the morning when most other places do not have early drop off as an option. As she grew, her teachers worked with her on reaching each age-appropriate milestone. Currently, they are keeping a very detailed portfolio of all of her accomplishments and the things that she needs to continue to work on with her peers and teachers. During Parent/Teacher Conferences, we go over everything together, including how we can help at home to reinforce what she learns at school. Overall, Tutor Time is a great school and has checked every box on my list. I am happy with the progress my daughter has made and will continue to make there, thanks to them!

7 months ago
Jenna Lafata Marra Recommends Tutor Time

After taking a year and a half off with my son I was very reluctant to enroll him in a daycare setting. Tutor time has exceeded my expectations and was a perfect fit for our now 2 1/2 year old son! The teachers all have been great and I think the structure and school environment is great for any child. It has been a place for him learn and grow both academically and socially. Very happy with our experience thus far!

7 months ago
Gina Servello Recommends Tutor Time

Our daughter has just started with Tutor Time & we couldn't be more pleased. We came from another company and we are blown away by the cleanliness and ambience of the facility. The entire staff you encounter on your way in or out are pleasant and friendly and make you feel like you are part of the Tutor Time family. The curriculum is robust and structured which will help out little one grow mentally and physically. Brightwheel app is also great to keep us up to speed with how our daughter is managing her day and love the photos and captions. The app brings smiles to our face as we miss our little one when we are apart.

7 months ago
Sara Beth Recommends Tutor Time

We are very happy with Tutor Time after several years. My kids learned so much and always loved going to school there

7 months ago
Anethia Theress Norris Recommends Tutor Time

All mothers dread the first day of sending their child to daycare. You wonder, “will they take care of my child like I do? Will my child be happy?” When my husband and I toured the facility, and saw the wonderful learning environment, we were sold. Our son is happy and we are happy. He has grown socially and has learned a lot since he’s been there. It’s a great chidcare facility.

7 months ago
Jenny Jacob Joseph Recommends Tutor Time

Tutor time is one of the best investments I’ve made for my kids. I enrolled my twins when they were 18 months old waddling around and have watched them develop into bright, active preschoolers with the help of wonderful teachers and staff. For such a big establishment, they still provide personal attention to each and every child. They nurture and teach our children while also providing consistent communication to parents during the day. They offer a whole host of different activities throughout the day and make every holiday special with a party or some sort of event. They hold parent/teacher conferences to update parents on activities they are doing in the class and to provide feedback on the child's development. They have top notch equipment, such as a smart board, to prepare preschoolers for Kindergarten, as well as a town village to encourage imagination and friendly play. Tutor time does a great job partnering with the police department, fire department, and even the State Senate to hold events and teach kids. I am so glad my husband and I made the decision to choose Tutor Time over any other day care and Pre-school, not only from a developmental point of view, but also safety and care. Thank you Tutor Time!

8 months ago
Iryna Berezniuk gave Tutor Time a 5 star review

Great learning center. It's way different from a typical daycare. Kids learn A LOT every day. Want your child to be open-minded, not afraid of challenges, be proactive and willing to learn new things -- choose Tutor Time.

10 months ago
Gina B gave Tutor Time a 5 star review

Great environment for developing minds. My daughter has been there for about a year and loves going to tutor time. Even tries to go there on weekends.

1 year ago
Lisa Petruzzelli Zezima gave Tutor Time a 5 star review
2 years ago
Greg Zezima gave Tutor Time a 5 star review
2 years ago
Maria McCloud gave Tutor Time a 5 star review
2 years ago
Ornela Morgan gave Tutor Time a 5 star review

Both of our boys love Tutor time. Our older son attended the UPK program and we could have not been more impressed. Ms. Danielle and Ms. Anita got him ready for kindergarten socially, emotionally and academically. We couldn't have found a better program for our younger son too. He loves going to school and looks forward to seeing his teachers and his friends.

2 years ago
Stephany Lopez gave Tutor Time a 5 star review
3 years ago
Allison Kucera-Healy gave Tutor Time a 5 star review

“I'm sure a lot of families deal with the same emotions. Maternity leave is coming to an end and it's time to leave your precious little bundle of joy with a complete stranger. It's a terrible feeling. In May of 2014, I started doing my research knowing that the dreadful day was approaching. I made an appointment to bring my newborn to Tutor Time and tour the facility. From the second I entered the building, I was impressed with the atmosphere. There was a friendly face at the front desk, the cleanliness was fantastic, and the "classrooms" we're spacious. I also had the opportunity to see where my son, Austin, would get to spend his days. We also were greeted by his soon-to-be care takers. Well fast forward to almost two years later... Austin is a happy child. He's learned so much and looks forward to going to Tutor Time. We have been so pleased that even though my job location has changed, we drive out of the way just to ensure my son stays in Tutor Time.

3 years ago
Rosie Monterroso Velez gave Tutor Time a 5 star review

My son went to pre-k and summer camp this year! He made many wonderful friends and matured so much. I am confident Tutor time got him ready for Kindergarten! The staff was great especially his teacher Ms. Liz. It's an amazing school we will definitely miss.

4 years ago
Paul Catalano gave Tutor Time a 5 star review

Tristan is so happy here! He has Miss Alison this year and is learning so much!

5 years ago
Alyssa Skrypack gave Tutor Time a 5 star review

My daughter looks forward to going to Tutor Time, playing with their toys and the other kids. It's been great with making her social and easy to get along with. The Teachers are superb. I highly recommend Tutor Time for a child's daycare needs.

5 years ago
Chris Gara gave Tutor Time a 5 star review
6 years ago
Patrick Lyons gave Tutor Time a 5 star review
6 years ago
Heather McCadden gave Tutor Time a 5 star review
6 years ago
Sarah Smiile gave Tutor Time a 5 star review
6 years ago
Tommy O'Doyle gave Tutor Time a 5 star review

I couldn't think of a better place for my son to grow and prepare for kindergarten. Everyone from the staff to the facility itself is a perfect, safe learning environment for children. happy to be in the family of Tutor Time, New City.

6 years ago
Lia Marie gave Tutor Time a 5 star review
6 years ago
Amber Strys gave Tutor Time a 5 star review
6 years ago

"I'm sure a lot of families deal with the same emotions. Maternity leave is coming to an end and it's time to leave your precious little bundle of joy with... more

Rob H. gave Tutor Time a 5 star review

Our son blossomed at Tutor Time. He went here as a toddler until he graduated and went on to New City Elementary. When ever someone asks for a... more

GeoDAndrew G. gave Tutor Time a 5 star review

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