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6/23/21 text

TurboPass has been helping when customers come in unprepared and we can easy knock out most stips without sending them home and having to come back again.

6/23/21 text

Very simple to use for both ourselves and our customer and expedites the funding process as well. We have done deals without Turbopass and they took a lot longer to get funded than the deals with Turbopass. A night and day difference and there is less paperwork the customer has to bring in to show p... See More

6/21/21 rating

Bassem thinks you should try TurboPass Corporation

Bassem B gave TurboPass Corporation a 5 star Rating
6/15/21 text

TurboPass is the ultimate key to success in this business when trying to prove self employeed income. It has helped me make deals that were not deals. Furthermore, it eliminates fraud and fast funding and best of all a bigger net check from lenders. Without this, I would have not made several deals.... See More

6/14/21 text

Patrick is a great help any questions or concerns he is the man to go to! TurboPass is great!

6/11/21 text

Great system that was very easy to use.

6/10/21 rating

Hilda suggests you use TurboPass Corporation

Hilda S gave TurboPass Corporation a 5 star Rating
6/09/21 text

Steve Wilson has been superb with presenting demos and selling my leads on turbo pass. He’s quick to respond and extraordinarily courteous. I look forward to a continued working relationship.

6/10/21 text

Turbo pass is an easy tool to make sure you have everything you need to get a deal going!

6/06/21 text

Turbo pass makes it easy to get Bank statements and uploaded them to the Finance company. A+++

6/03/21 rating

TurboPass Corporation got a great recommendation by Daoud

Daoud R gave TurboPass Corporation a 5 star Rating
5/28/21 text

Easy to use and works fast. The report provides everything you need and the support staff is attentive.

5/28/21 text

Turbopass is a very handy tool that simplifies POI for self employed customers. It's a lot easier to just let the customer connect there account and let Turbopass create an easy to read report for you and the lender.

5/29/21 text

Excelente herramienta para facilitar nuestro trabajo además de brindarnos seguridad y confiabilidad a la hora de trabajar nuestra negociación , muchas gracias por haber incorporado esta herramienta .

5/27/21 text

Excelent customer services

5/28/21 text

Tried turbo pass for the first time and all I can say is what a time saver. So easy to use and instant verification. What a great service.

5/28/21 text

It makes life a lot easier

5/25/21 text

They help me stop two customers from giving me fraudulent paystub‘s

5/25/21 rating

Maggie thinks you should try TurboPass Corporation

Maggie A gave TurboPass Corporation a 5 star Rating
5/25/21 rating

Greg LOVED TurboPass Corporation

Greg S gave TurboPass Corporation a 5 star Rating
5/24/21 rating

Charles enjoyed the experience with TurboPass Corporation

Charles W gave TurboPass Corporation a 5 star Rating
5/20/21 rating

Musa LOVED TurboPass Corporation

Musa L gave TurboPass Corporation a 5 star Rating
5/20/21 text

Very dependable and makes everything easier

5/14/21 text

Thanks Turbopass to make our lives easier

5/14/21 text

It is an easy process and the most important thing is that you can make more on your deals.

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