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You won't be able to find these YouTube tips on YouTube, or anywhere else that's for sure!
Dan Lok shares all his tips and tricks not just about making videos on YouTube and building an audience, but about how to become a High Income Tuber.
Someone who serves the marketplace through the YouTube pl... See More


First of all, I already knew I wanted to go ahead and take Dan Lok's TYOH program after experiencing my incredible life transformation through the HTC program. I have been through a few other youtube trainings in the past and have been studying youtube a TON over the last 2-3 years, however what rea... See More


Tube Your Own Horn this course really blow up my mind, I never expect I can learn so much in this course and diving so deep!
Thank you sifu Dan, Desmond, Gabriel, Tina and the whole team Dan Lok!... See More


Starting with "I want to start You Tube but maybe too late" mentality I was afraid to start what some people make millions of dollars. Deep inside me, I knew it was the newest way and the current 9 to 5 job is such a limited scope my opportunitues to be expressed. Locked inside the office for more t... See More


Learnt from Sifu the step by step process of getting people's attention on our youtube channel.
Definitely it takes more than just mechanics to get you there, Sifu also covered with us the mindset aspect of being on camera and how we should have a persona when talking to our fans, and other youtube... See More


This is the first place you need to go if you want to get to a fast start with creating your youtube channel. You get all the tangible insider info you will need to get started. You have a great community you belong to that will help you as you get started on your youtube journey. You can mine ... See More


Amazing program. Dan Lok took us behind the scenes of everything he’s doing to grow his channel. He overdelivered in all classes and installed the mindset of a High Income Tuber. I highly recommend it to anyone looking at building a business and using YouTube to maximize it.... See More

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