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The TruPowur assisted our family in switching to our new power supplier, and we will recommend them to everyone. We have also availed of their power factor correction services that helped us learn that more than 20 percent of the electricity in our house was going unused. We are thankful to have found this expert team and will continue to work with them.

Sally Santos
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thank you, glad that we are able to help!

TruPowur is the leader in helping customers find reliable and affordable electricity suppliers. I have worked with this company twice in the past two years and have nothing but praise for them. They shared the top power companies in our city with me and helped me negotiate impressive deals for my home and business. I am thankful for their customer-oriented services.

Gladys Holt
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thank you for the awesome review. Love hearing what our customers have to say.

I can't thank the incredible team at TruPowur for their comprehensive services. Their rate analysis services allowed us to learn the lowest rates in the market and find a new supplier that offered a trustworthy power supply at our desired rates. I am satisfied with their services and have suggested them to everyone I know. Everyone should check them out to cut down on their bills.

Robert Ross
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thank you for the kind review. It is always awesome to hear from our customers.

If you are confused about which power supplier to choose for your house, you need to contact TruPowur Company. They have a knowledgeable and well-behaved team that will help you discover the various suppliers in your area. With their experienced team, I found the best company for my house. Their valuable advice and suggestions helped me avoid power wastage.

Soraya Lenard
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thank you! Yes, TruPowur can help both Residential and Commercial customers in many energy areas, such as: Utility Audit, Supplier Pricing, Renegotiate Rates, Power Factor Correction, Lighting Retrofitting, Solar, and so much more. It doesn't cost a penny to find out how much you can save. TruPowur gives you the edge to compete in today’s commercial and residential retail energy market.

Our family is always looking for new ways to eliminate unnecessary costs in our house. That's why we worked with TruPowur to review our contract with our previous power company. They helped us discover three new companies offering the same services at a reduced price. We are pleased with their team for their services and have recommended them to all our friends and relatives.

Ambre Robert
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thanks Ambre for the kind review. From everyone at TruPowur, we want to wish you and all of your friends and family a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving Day!

I give props to the TruPowur for finding the most reasonably-priced electricity supplier in our area. I worked with several power suppliers over the years, but their team helped me discover the most customer-dedicated company and negotiated my contract to give me a great deal.

Rosa Elliott
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thanx for the kind props! Being able to help customers save money is our #1 goal. Offering both Residential and Commercial customers the best rates at the right time in all of the United States and Canada. Don't forget to ask about our Utility Audit, Power Factor Correction, LED Lighting, Solar, and Bill negotiation for all of those monthly bills like; Cell Phone, Trash, Internet, Cable, and so much more.

Impressed with the light retrofitting services of TruPowur out of Dallas, Texas, I suggest them to everyone. Their team reviewed the old lighting system in my office and assured me they could revamp it, cutting my electricity consumption in half. I can't express my gratitude to their reliable team.

Ryan Simpsonty
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thank you Ryan - Lots of people overlook how much a lighting retrofit can do for them. We can analyze the entire lighting system and address all inefficiencies discovered. By simply implementing an LED lighting solution, you can save yourself up to 35% or more per month. Every organization receives a custom solution – no two organizations are the same. A lighting retrofit may be a significant step in the right direction towards energy savings. We are glad to help!

Trupowur has been an exciting experience so far. I can't wait to get into the solar side of the business!

Crebid Hub
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thank you! We are excited to see your success. Solar helps a lot of people which is our main focus.

When we moved into our new office, we immediately contacted the TruPower to review our power system. Their team helped us discover multiple issues with it and corrected them with their power factor correction. Thanks to TruPower for their exceptional services.

Flora Brooks
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thank you for the kind review. So many people are not aware of how much a bad power factor can cost them each month. Not to mention, that our Green Energy Panel will protect all of the electronics.

TruPowur gets all our praise for their incredible. With their help, my family negotiated a new contract with our power supplier for our office and warehouse, and now we can afford electricity at reduced costs. We will not hesitate to recommend them to everyone we know.

Aaron Dean
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thank you Aaron - We are glad that we were able to help. There are so many people that are being overcharged on their energy needs. Thank you for the kind review and praise.

My neighbor suggested the TruPowur Co. to us and praised them for finding an affordable power supplier. We decided to give them a chance and hired them for our office. They educated us on ways to reduce our electricity consumption and renegotiated our contract saving us money.

Sasha Seals
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thank you for the review - so glad that we were able to help.

The on-baording process was pretty seamless. There were a few small hicups that I had some trouble with, but support was very responsive, handled everything fast, and it was all pretty straightforward. I have been in various startups and even corporate roles where the onboarding was lacking, but this was top-notch. Each step was clearly laid out with relevant links that walked one through the onboarding process, but also each one gave little tid-bits of the day-to-day. There's still a lot to learn, but it doesn't leave much to the imagination.

Jesse Welch
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thank you Jesse - We are excited to see all of the customers you will be helping. Congratulations!

We will not hesitate to hire the TruPowur Company and its capable services in the future. They helped us modify the outdated lighting setup in our office and save hundreds of dollars every month with their light retrofitting services. We can't express our gratitude to their proficient team.

Randy Muniz
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thank you for the kind review. Yes, we offer more than just getting the best rates, but also provide Utility Audits, Power Factor Correction, LED Lighting, Solar, and more.

If you are a homeowner, get in touch with TruPowur before finalizing your power supplier. Their team will help you identify the best company and help you negotiate the most profitable deal for you.

Mary Demetrius
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thank you! We take pride in helping customers get the best deals at the right time.

My wife and I are happy to have come across the Trupowur. Thanks to them, we availed of power correction services in our office and switched to a new provider at half the cost.

Tyler Burke
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thank you for the kind words Tyler... Glad that we are able to help.

We advise everyone to reach out to TruPowur to discover the ideal power supplier. Their vast list of electricity suppliers allowed us to find the best match for our house. We will give them five stars.

Donal Smith
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: So true! TruPowur is the #1 leading provider of top-rated energy suppliers Nationwide. It is our job as your representative to renegotiate your current rates to something acceptable for both you and your budget.

If you are looking for reliable power factor correction services, contact TruPowur. After installing their Green Energy Panels, we have avoided bad power factor in our house and saved thousands of dollars.

Halton Mac
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thanks for the awesome review. More people should be looking at Power Factor Correction. Not only does it save money, but also protects all of your electronics in the home or business. Thanks again!

I am grateful to be working with TruPowur in Dallas, Texas. Their rate analysis services helped my husband and me discover new ways to reduce our power consumption and bring down our bills.

Hendrix Smith
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thank you so much for the great review. Glad that we able to help!

Everyone should check out TruPowur to reduce their power bill. I am happy to have found this company.

Carolyn Nicholes
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thank you Carolyn - We are glad that we are able to help with your needs.

Get in touch with the TruPowur and save big on your commercial and residential bills.

Dustin Clark
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thank you Dustin, we enjoy helping customers save on their energy bills.

TruPowur helped us discover an economical power supplier in our area, and for that, we are thankful.

Ariana Monahan
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thank you! So glad that we are able to help.

Thanks to the TruPowur for helping us to cut our electricity bills. We give them five stars.

Jessica Cruz
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thank you, Jessica, we appreciate the kind review and are happy to hear from satisfied customers.

We are grateful to trupowur for helping us find cheap and reliable commercial power suppliers.

Paul Watson
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thanks Paul, we are grateful that you allowed us to help.

I will suggest anyone looking to reduce their electricity bills check out TruPowur.

Allen Ray
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thank you - we enjoy helping our customers.

I'm really excited about the #workfromhome opportunity with Trupowur. Not paying $600 a month in gas would be enough, but there's so much more. Multiple avenues to empower consumers translates into multiple streams of income within Trupowur. A win win combo for a time such as this. The onboarding process is easy & methodically designed for success by educating people to provide a consultant based approach, putting us in the position of authority and the consumer in the position of trust. The Solar consulting addition is another amazing service everyone can appreciate. Now, is the right time!

Rod Tuttdow
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Yes, it is an exciting time... Helping customers reduce their usage, and save more in the future.

Getting started with Trupowur has been great for me. Communication and response time has been on point. I can't wait to see what the future holds working with Trupowur!

Eric Kraft
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thank you for the kind review.

I absolutely LOVE Trupowur, Inc! The onboarding experience was very simple to follow and I was able to follow it step by step easily and effortlessly! We are overwhelmed with the limitless possibilities of new found generational wealth! The systems are simple to use and the navigation is smooth. I'm really excited to transition working in an office to working from the comfort of my home and being close to my family. This allows me the flexibility to homeschool my children as well. I AM referring friends and family to join Trupowur, Inc so we can grow successfully together!

-- Miranda W

Miranda W
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thank you Miranda - we are excited to work with you and see your success.

My first and ongoing impression of TruPowur is that it's a unique opportunity!

TruPowur is a multi-faceted energy broker for traditional sources of electricity and natural gas, while being in the forefront of solar energy expansion, including home installations and other alternatives.

The onboarding process was thorough, training and update videos are posted regularly, and questions answered quickly.

For anyone looking for the desirable hybrid of working from home, but with an established corporate entity, making exciting income with future residuals, TruPowur is a great choice!

Christine Gentles
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thank you Christine for the review. We enjoy taking care of our customers and Agent/Brokers.

Best move I have made professionally this year!! I am starting out in the last quarter but going to finish this year strong! I cant wait till I see my progress this time next year! I have now a new 5 year plan and I know TruPowur will be a major part of that.
Thanks Matt Fox

Gray O'Connor
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: So excited for you and to see the progress of your business of helping customers nationwide! Thank you for the awesome review!

I am more than excited to start my "Work from home" business with TruPowur. TruPowur makes everything incredibly easy not only for agents, but for customers. Everything you need is right there in front of you. The initial training and onboarding were so simple and straightforward and outlined in sequence what i will be doing and exactly how to do it. They also provide you with a support team that is more than willing to answer any questions that you might have. I am very happy with my experience at TruPowur

Derrick Butts
TruPowur, Inc. Replied: Thank you for the kind words Derrick. We are excited to be working with you and your team. Amazing leader!

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