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Dr Trynka saved my life! I have an inverted neck and scoliosis and live with chronic pain. Every chiropractor I see tells me there’s nothing I can do except come see them every week to manage the pain. Dr Trynka was the first doctor (I had the diagnosis verified by my health care physician) to give me hope. Not only did he provide therapy for reversing the curvature of my neck, he helped me with exercises, specific adjustments, and my overall health and wellness with additional supplement support. I literally started feeling better after 3 weeks of his health plan. I can see and feel the improvement in the curvature of my neck. Very exciting! Now I don’t suffer chronically with pain every day. He saved my life and my sons. I brought my son in and he saw his 20% lateral curve of his hips and his very flat left food causing pronation and a lot of pain throughout his spine. Note he had been going to another chiropractor who never noticed anything but the flat foot. We thought he was just exaggerating the pain, but he actually needed help. My son was limping every where and constantly falling and hurting himself in the house and when playing sports. With Dr Trynka’s health plan of orthotics for his severely flat and pronated foot and his adjustments my son now can walk without a lot of pain. He even went boogie boarding last week on vacation and had no pain. We both still have a way to go with our treatment but our journey to a chronic pain free life has started!

-- Nicole C

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