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I had the body wrap done at Trnka Chiropractic and it was amazing, I lost 6.25 inches all together. The atmosphere was so relaxing and the people there are so welcoming and excited to be there . I would recommend this place to all people !

Movalee Murrin gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review

Such a great Chiropractor! Listens, and understands how to help through Chiropractic, nutrition and exercise.

Vicki Gay gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review

I just started my treatment, but Dr. Trnka is great. He is so professional and friendly, and makes you so comfortable. He is patient and explains your diagnosis with detail. I cannot wait to continue to be treated by him. His receptionist is awesome and very kind and friendly, and they are so flexible working around your schedule. I highly recommend Dr. Trnka.

Elisa Pena gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review

Dr. Trnka and his staff are amazing! Dr. T is very knowledgeable and clearly cares about his patients well being. I've been to many chiropractors over the years and I've never had a chiropractor explain things to me the way Dr. T does. They are also understanding and flexible with scheduling.

Amanda Rosas gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review

OMG!! first time going to a chiropractor and glad my first experience was with Dr. trnka, he shows he's care about your experience and make sure that your ok during the process, he knows what he is doing! I went in all screwed up and came out with relief.. I WILL BE BACK!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

Unknown 400 gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review
Sdj Smith Recommends Trnka Chiropractic

My experience at Trnka Chiropractor was wonderful the service was Stellar everyone was so nice and considerate I reccomend them for your health needs especially the body wraps I definitely will be going back again

1 month ago
Cynthia Ross Serum Recommends Trnka Chiropractic

I came to Dr. Trnka because I have had constant back pain for several years. I saw a chiropractor in the past with no results. Dr. Trnka did a thorough evaluation of my problems which included x-rays. He shared with me many existing problems that I've had for years that should've been told to me long ago. Dr. Trnka has offered me a huge relief from a long term and daily pain situation because he is thorough and addressed each problem and treated me as an individual. He listens to me attentively and addresses all my concerns. Also, he has a holistic approach to treatment and has given me valuable information regarding nutrition, supplements, and exercise. I am so thankful to have him in my life and under his care. He has given me back so much of my life since I now move better and without pain. I just can't imagine anyone better than Dr. Trnka. He also has a caring, accommodating, and efficient staff who are always willing to help me. Consequently his office is a pleasant and welcoming environment.

2 months ago
Kimberly Heuang Recommends Trnka Chiropractic

Dr. T and his staff are amazing! I lost 8 inches with the body wrap, and I am feeling fabulous! 🖤🖤🖤

4 months ago
Gaby Valencia Recommends Trnka Chiropractic

Excellent staff,services and location. It’s always great to get services where people care about what they do.

4 months ago
Keli John-Bivins Recommends Trnka Chiropractic

I had neck pain, all- over back pain and headaches for YEARS! After going to Dr. Trnka, within a month I was relieved of pain. He's a quality doctor, and I recommend him to anyone considering chiropractic care.

1 year ago
Hil Rious gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review

I came to Dr. Trnka after my daughter recommended him. I have chronic problems from a car accident that occurred over 20 years ago. I have been to different chiropractors on and off over the years, but never saw the results and ultimately stopped going. In three months, my back is straighter, my muscles are stronger, and I am amazed at how much better I feel! His combination of adjustment, traction, stretching, recommended nutrients and exercises has been the key to my success! I’m extremely happy with the amazing progress I’ve made and have finally been able to do more aerobic exercise and am so much happier and healthier!

1 year ago
Lynne Fregosi Madonna gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review
2 years ago
Jillian McLain gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review

I’ve been going here for a few weeks now and I must say so far I like Dr Trnka and the services. He is understanding and knowledgeable and I feel like I’m on the right track to get a better life.

2 years ago
Stephanie Henderson gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review
2 years ago
Jay DiMenno gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review

Dr. Trnka knows what he is doing. I can’t wait to see him again.

2 years ago
Cindy Arizaga gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review

I am very content and thankful with the tx I am receiving from Dr Trnka,very knowledgeable and professionally helpful in aiding me in decreasing pain/increasing functional limitations with daily activities of living and more,..I have been a short time patient with immediate care after a mva,when started tx pain level was severe,ambulating was awful.

2 years ago
Lisa Trnka-aguilar gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review

If you wan comprehensive treatment something that’s clicks above the rest. Try Dr Trnka.

2 years ago
Marissa Church gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review

After years of chronic pain and misdiagnoses along with horrible treatment by doctors, one visit with Dr. Trnka has changed my world. He is the only doctor who has ever cared the way he does and provided not only answers but a solution to what's been going on. He's literally giving me my life back and I could not be more grateful to have found him. He truly is a miracle worker. Thank you Dr. Trnka!

2 years ago
Jennifer Funk gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review

When I first went in I couldn't stand up straight and could barely walk, I had strained my hip. Dr trnka was so helpful and informative and I'm getting better every day

2 years ago
Lindsay Fitzgerald gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review

Dr. Trnka is amazing. When I called him and told him how much pain I was in, he was able to squeeze me in that day. His genuine care for his clients is remarkable. I will never see another chiropractor in my life.

2 years ago
Shannon Noelle Jones gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review

Dave has always been kind and caring when it comes to his patients. He truly believes in helping anyone in pain. And he is great at it.

2 years ago
Evelina Magurean gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review
2 years ago
Heather Serpa gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review

Dr. Dave is an exceptional chiropractor. he has a unique ability to find and fix my neck and back issues. i would reccomend him to anyone who has had neck and back pain issues. he can help resolve your pain.

2 years ago
Wendy Wigaard Mayo gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review
2 years ago
Brandon Moser gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review

I’ve known Dr. DAVE for over 15 years. I remember when we first met I knew very little about chiropractic, Dave actually taught me a lot about the body and about how chiropractic heals and he actually fixed my body and made me well again. Dr. Dave is one of the few greats and I grade chiropractics to this day on how amazing Dr. Dave is. I wish I still lived in Sacramento because I would be there Dave and be referring a ton of people . Thanks for impactin my life. Your friend....

2 years ago
Mary Robb gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review
2 years ago
Jessica Post gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review
2 years ago
Jennifer Horne gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review
2 years ago
Donna Crowley gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review

I had seen Dr. Trnka at his Auburn office for a few years. He was always gentle (I'm a wimp), professional, and took the time to not only listen to me, but to explain everything he planned on doing. Knowing what was to come helped a great deal in relaxing so that I could take full advantage of the treatment. His stuff were kind, knowledgeable, and very understanding and accommodating of my schedule. I have recommended Dr. Trnka to coworkers who were as pleased with him as I was.

2 years ago

This office is Amazing Dr Trnka is a Wizard!! Hanna at the front desk is always friendly and accommodating. I refer anyone I know to them. They work... more

Rebecca T. gave Trnka Chiropractic a 5 star review

My wife introduced me to Dr.Trnka after several months of therapy herself. As always I am reluctant on new Chiropractor. Chiropractors are like shopping for... more

Kirk B. gave Trnka Chiropractic a 4 star review
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