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I loved Thomas Wildlife Control because Brandon (the owner) and his staff took care of the squirrel problem @ our attic. We do not know squirrel(s) are above our attic until a hole was punched through our 2/F ceiling early last month. Then we know for sure that some "uninvited guests" were living up in our attic.

We were referred by Salvador of Barrier Pest Solutions since these 2 companies work together before. Brandon sent his crew to our house within 2 days after he called us. It took him a total of 4 visits to finish up the repair and force the squirrel(s) out of our attic. Brandon put 2 traps at the attic during his 3rd visit. During his last visit, he confirmed that there are no more rodents in our attic. He then sealed the 1-way exit opening set up on the 2nd floor eaves of our house.

It has been 3 weeks since Brandon sealed the 1-way exit opening. In the past 3 weeks, we saw a squirrel trying to enter our attic via the sealed entrance. Of course, it can't and we hear no more noise from the attic area since then.

Brandon gives us a year of warranty for his repair. We definitely hope that we don't need to call him back. One thing which we need to mention about – the repair cost is a sticker shock for us but worth it since we are now in peace with no further damage done to our attic area. Several alarm wires at the attic are broken since last year and this is an early warning sign. Unfortunately, we keep ignoring this early warning sign until the ceiling is punched through. We wish others will not make the same mistake!

If you have any rodent’s problem, call Brandon and you will not be disappointed!

-- Ronald K

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