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I cannot express how much I have enjoyed working with the team at Think Bigger Real Estate. Justin continues to show his knowledge and enthusiasm by bringing the best and most current content to the table week after week. The communication and information is truly execptional. Justin and Hana have a virtually seemless cohesion as a work team and I know everything I am supposed to know and or do to help me be better every day. I look forward to each session and recommend anyone looking to improve their position in real estate to connect with the Think Bigger Real Estate team.

Jeff Elwell
Think Bigger Real Estate Replied: Jeff- we love being partnered with phenomenal agents like you. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Think Bigger Real Estate got a great recommendation by Jeff

Jeff E

Justin Stoddard has developed a system of helping clients Think Bigger! His method for growing a large book of business is unique in that it looks to already existing clients to facilitate new relationships through warm referrals. Justin is a great leader and has given me some great new tools!

Lucy Krappman
Think Bigger Real Estate Replied: Lucy- we love partnering with exceptional professionals like you. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Lucy enjoyed the experience with Think Bigger Real Estate

Lucy K

Brad gave Think Bigger Real Estate an AWESOME Recommendation

Brad E

The training modules Justin has developed forced me to take a hard look at what has gotten in my way (me) and what I need to do to reach the next level of success. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to learn from him and work his program. I have enjoyed his book and plan on implementing a lot of his ideas that will add value to my clients!! So grateful!!! Thank you, Justin for sharing your knowledge and passion!

Think Bigger Real Estate Replied: Heidi- we appreciate you. You are smart, ambitious and the type of professional we love to serve. Thank you for allowing us to partner with you.

Julie gave Think Bigger Real Estate an AWESOME Recommendation

Julie S

Justin Stoddart and his team at Think Bigger have been instrumental to my success in a new career in the real estate/title industry. Justin brings knowledge, compassion, collaboration, and experience together to form an amazing coaching stategy.

Danielle Carpenter
Think Bigger Real Estate Replied: Danielle- what a privilege it is to partner with professionals like you. We love your ambition and desire to grow. Your clients are lucky to have you. Thanks for sharing your experience!

I love my coaching with Think Bigger Real Estate! Justin is helping me do my first master mind with agents next week! I love that I am becoming a partner in peoples business and helping them grow! He has helped me with my goals and a road map to where I am going. He is all in with helping me with th... See More


I feel seen and cared for, and I know Justin is always sharpening himself as a true leader to make sure he delivers the best coaching!


One of the best think tanks out there!

Dennis Dalling

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