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Ashley Mays

We are new to the Tot Spot and have loved it so far! I love the communication between parents and teachers. I also LOVE being able to see my kiddo on video to give me peace of mind!

Amanda Garant
The Tot Spot Replied: Supplying that peace of mind is one of our goals. I’m happy you’re enjoying TTS. We certainly enjoy A. So bright and happy. I know I keep saying it but she’s another that just warms our hearts. Thank you for your review and thank you for sharing her with us!

My son has been at The Tot Spot for a year and a half and our family is so grateful for the amazing owners, directors, and teachers. They are wonderful at communicating, accommodating, and nurturing. We are about to send our second child to daycare and we are so comforted knowing she will be at The Tot Spot!

Maggie Schwartzkopf
The Tot Spot Replied: Yay! Your review is very much appreciated! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us with C & F. We can’t wait to see what adventures she brings us everyday after watching F grow and thrive! ❤️

We’ve been at the Tot Spot for 2 years! We’ve moved farther away but the commute is well worth it! My son LOVES going every single day! Highly recommend if you’re searching!

Latavia Evans
The Tot Spot Replied: Thank you and we luvs him too! He certainly brightens every day! Thank you fir driving out of your way to share him with us!

We have been sharing our children with The Tot Spot for the past 7 years. Our kids are crazy but the teachers love them as their own! They provide a wonderful environment for our children to learn and grow. It’s a very structured environment where the kids get plenty of learning and play time. I wouldn’t want my children co-raised anywhere else! Go check it out today!

Karma Holland
The Tot Spot Replied: Thank you, thank you! You guys are definitely favorites around here and I’ll seriously love you forever! ❤️ I truly appreciate you guys sticking with us from the house days and I’ll get you that brick Matt!

The Tot Spot help us "raise" our babies; my children were loved, attended to, and held to higher standards at the Tot Spot than they were at home 😉....separation anxiety on both mom and kid side was responded to with love and understanding. I can't find the exact words to explain what a blessing our time at the Tot Spot was to our family!

Erin Ellenwood
The Tot Spot Replied: Thank you and we will always luv you guys. Your family has been a blessing and you guys will always have a piece of my Heart. ❤️

We could not have been happier with our care at Tot Spot. From the very beginning, Ms. Alisha, Mike and staff went out of their way to welcome us and help our daughter become comfortable. It was the perfect balance of play and structure. Being a teacher, I really appreciated the work that went into their preschool curriculum. It was fun and engaging! We are so thankful to be part of the Tot Spot family!!

Rachel Fritsche
The Tot Spot Replied: Awe. We know you guys are awesome too! Thank you for sharing L with us 😘. It really warms my heart every time I see her and she still shares the hugs.

We absolutely love and recommend Tot Spot without hesitation. The staff, teachers, and families are wonderful. It is a safe, interactive environment where children learn through social and emotional development. They are flexible too, we started at 1 day a week and are now at 3. Occasionally we've needed to shift which days or how many, and it has rarely been an issue.

Tour - meet Miss Alisha, Miss LeAndra, Mr. Mike, and Miss Katie. You will understand why they have so many happy families. We recently moved from... Read More

Tiffany Shull
The Tot Spot Replied: Soooooo glad you're making the drive and sticking with us! We love R with her smart, spunky self! We also love and appreciate you guys as parents. I can't think you enough for the support you give us with your donations and kind words. All these reviews are a pick me up for the staff, and we appreciate them so much!!!

We love The Tot Spot! We recently moved to the area and choosing a daycare remotely (in part due to COVID-19) was difficult, but the folks at The Tot Spot went above and beyond to help me feel comfortable with the facilities and their care plans. It's obvious that the teachers and the director care a lot about the kids and their families. They're always so quick to respond to questions and concerns, and the use of an app to provide multiple daily updates with pictures to keep parents involved is wonderful. My... Read More

Lauren M
The Tot Spot Replied: We’re glad that you and Lee found us too! J is an amazing, sweet, smart little chick and she brightens our days! Thanks for sharing her with us!!!

My daughter is already counting, speaking letters in her name and identifying them

She recognises colors and shapes as well as numbers

At the age of 1.5 mind you

I have to give it up for the child care center they really put in so much emphasis and efforts towards education and scholastics

Nichole Ramos
The Tot Spot Replied: Awe, Thank you Nichole! Your kiddos are sponges and make what we do look easy but we appreciate the kind words!

The Tot Spot is AMAZING! The Love, Passion, Patients and Integrity goes above and beyond! She Has built an AMAZING team. 5⭐️‘S can not describe how AMAZING THE TOP SPOT EARLY EDUCATION ACADEMY TRULY IS!

Platinum GStylzz
The Tot Spot Replied: Thank you for the support! Love you!!!

My kids have been going to the Tot Spot for two years, and it couldn’t be better. It is a warm, caring environment that incorporates learning with fun activities and fosters creativity. They hold regular parent conferences to discuss progress for kindergarten readiness. My daughter is more than ready to start Kindergarten next month, and my son just turned 3 and can almost write his full name by himself. The teachers and staff are very patient and caring with the children, I will be sad when my kids move on. I know they are in good hands when I drop them off every day. We love The Tot Spot!

Jamie R Davis
The Tot Spot Replied: Thank you for the support of your review and the support that you provide to us every day! We love your family and we're so happy you found The Tot Spot!

We LOVE The Tot Spot. They have fantastic education, a friendly staff with awesome communication and my kids love coming to daycare every day!

A. Matuszak
The Tot Spot Replied: So nice to hear. Thank you for the review! P and B definitely bring joy to The Tot Spot and thank you so much for sharing them with us!

Wish I could give them more stars!!
Kind, caring, funny and intelligent staff and owners.
Our daughter impresses us constantly with things she learns at the Tot Spot. They have a great system for teaching kids throughout their early years, the years most important to development. She is learning life lessons and loves her teachers and so do we.

Nate Held
The Tot Spot Replied: Wow! Thanks for the awesome review. We love your having your family in our lives and enjoying V and her adorable personality every day! Looking forward to having great times with all the Held's for years to come!

The teachers are supportive and coordinated in their teachings. My daughter loves her teachers and always asks when she'll be able to go in to see them.

The Tot Spot Replied: Woot woot! Thank you for the review. The Tot Spot definitely wouldn't be the same without I and we look forward to having your family in our lives for a long time.

The Tot Spot does such a great job with our child! Loads of learning and playful activities. Everyone says our tot is extremely smart but we know it's not just us... it's the Tot Spot

Christopher M Lowe
The Tot Spot Replied: Your tot is smart and we're happy to be a part of his development! We very much appreciate your review and love seeing you guys at The Tot Spot!!!!

This is an outstanding group of professionals and educators helping grow young minds every single day. We are lucky to be a part of the Tot Spot family!

Mitchell McKinney
The Tot Spot Replied: Aw thanks Mitch! We’re blessed to have the McKinney’s at The Tot Spot. You guys brighten our days with your support, smiles, and stories from home lol! Love you always!

Our family love The Tot Spot! They do an excellent job with our daughter and she learns so much!!!

Travis Bernath
The Tot Spot Replied: Thank you so much for your review! Thank you for joining us and trusting us with your family’s care and early educational needs. You guys and C’s orange baby will always be a part of my stories lol.

We love The Tot Spot. Every morning my kids say "I see school!" as we're pulling onto the street. I chose Tot Spot over many other educational centers and daycares for our kids because of my great experience with the director and overall impression of family that I perceived on my tour. I love having a live webcam to peek in on them during the day and if I don't get the chance to do that then I can catch up later in the day with our daily email that includes a detailed description of what they ate, their... Read More

Katie Bishop
The Tot Spot Replied: Aw. We love you guys also! So happy to know we’re making a difference! The Tot Spot definitely wouldn’t be the same without the boys and we absolutely love seeing you guys in the morning too! I mean no one else gives us such special stickers.

I cannot say enough great things about this place. When we enrolled our two boys here almost two years ago, we had no idea the impact TTS would have on them. The facility, director, curriculum, technology, and staff are all top notch and we are forever grateful that we chose TTS. Currently, we have one still enrolled, and one that graduated from their preschool program this past summer and has moved on kindergarten. Our kindergartner is reading at a near 2nd grade level and tested in the top 2 percent of students... Read More

Steven Henry
The Tot Spot Replied: Thank you so much for the support! We love the Henry family. We can’t think you enough for the support, conversations, and smiles throughout the years. All the boys have brightened our days and we’re grateful that you joined The Tot Spot Family!

The Tot Spot is great! It's not easy leaving your babies but as a working mom I know they are in good hands with teachers who truly care for them. We have been part of the Tot Spot family for almost three years now with both of our children. If you are looking for a place that values education, learning, having fun and becoming part of your extended family then this is your place! GO TOT SPOT

Julie Michael
The Tot Spot Replied: You know, The Tot Spot wouldn't be the same without you guys and we can't express enough how happy we are that you've stuck with us from the house to the center. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing J & J with us!

The Tot Spot is great! We love the teachers! They do fun and educational activities with the kids through out the day.

Tiffany Kraese
The Tot Spot Replied: Thank you so much for your kind words! We absolutely love bring love and fun into our kiddos lives when we're blessed to have them. And A and C have definitely brought fun, love, and education into our lives lol! Love you guys!

The Tot Spot holds a special place in my heart. All the teachers are wonderful with the children and that makes me feel at ease as I entrust them with my son when I leave for work. I am very impressed with the quality of education they provide and they surprise me daily with something new my son has learned. I could not have imagined sending my son somewhere else the last four years.

Patrick Cook
The Tot Spot Replied: Thank you for the constant support throughout the years for the bottom of our hearts. We love the Cook family young, middle, and old!
Kathleen Bohde
The Tot Spot Replied: Thank you for the review. I appreciate all the joy that your family has brought us throughout the years. I'm already sad we only have 1 more year...unless you're have more??? Hehe!
Cris Bohde
The Tot Spot Replied: Thank you for the awesome rating and always sending people our way. Love you guys!

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