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DeVon A Perea Recommends The Speaking Group

The Speaking Group Will provide you tools to build a strong speaking foundation that will support you in building your business as long as you’re willing to take action and be committed to the process !!

7 months ago
Fitz Johnson Recommends The Speaking Group

My name is Fitz Johnson and I attended the speaking group workshop in Scottsdale AZ. I was a bit skeptical at first but open to see what they could offer. During the event I could sense the genuine concern from all of the coaches. They really want to see you succeed. They provide practical tools that can be immediately implemented. Now, I feel more empowered to move forward toward my goal of building a powerful speaking business! Thank you Speaking Group!

8 months ago
Karla Jaime Martinez Recommends The Speaking Group

Everything! let them take you to the ride and open widely your ears and they will teach you the rest

8 months ago
Tiffany Armstrong Recommends The Speaking Group

I just attended a weekend seminar presented by The Speaking Group. My mind has been blown at fact that they didn't just teach speaking skills, but also did a deep dive into business strategy, marketing, identifying my target market, and so much more. I would recommend ANYONE looking to start or further their speaking career, or even if you're just speaking to your team to attend this seminar. It's priceless.

8 months ago
Mary Stewart Recommends The Speaking Group

I attended The Speaking Group work shop this weekend and I am amazed at what I learned.

8 months ago
Rick Henderson gave The Speaking Group a 5 star review
8 months ago
Ken Carter gave The Speaking Group a 5 star review

I flew here from Florida to attend this event in Phoenix. Wasn’t sure if would help my speaking concerns but wanted to give it a chance. WOW all of the coaches were great. Working with Jocelyn was fantastic. She was able to help me from our first meeting. The rest of the weekend was uphill from that moment on. I was very impressed with the whole event and found it to be very worthwhile and value add. Money well spent.

8 months ago
Kimmy K Cole gave The Speaking Group a 5 star review

Beyond powerful! So much value and great information from my coaches. This have been a life changing moment for me and I can't wait to share what I learned.

8 months ago
Kerry Press Recommends The Speaking Group

I learned so much more than what I had expected. This was a great experience. Rob, Jocelyn, Aaron...Rockstars!

8 months ago
Kevin Gordon gave The Speaking Group a 5 star review

Great people great content I would recommend to those wanting to speak and present

8 months ago
Kim Stiner gave The Speaking Group a 5 star review

Phoenix session was amazing. Thank you for the wonderful handouts!

9 months ago
Jake Mercer gave The Speaking Group a 5 star review
9 months ago
Monty Stratton Recommends The Speaking Group

Great free preview events with tons of value! I decided to take things to the next level and attend their 3 day event and was once again I was blown away and the content and value!

10 months ago
Gerald Eldred gave The Speaking Group a 5 star review

This was the most valued event I've ever been to. Thanks to the Speaking Group I will take my Business to the next level!!!

10 months ago
Heather Herold gave The Speaking Group a 5 star review

The weekend was amazing. They had killer content that really helped me. I can’t wait to implement all the things I learned to grow my business.

10 months ago
Jocelyn Freeman gave The Speaking Group a 5 star review

The Speaking Group offers complete value! Go to the event!

10 months ago
Bina Le gave The Speaking Group a 5 star review

They shares GOOD stories which inspire me a lot. I got GOOD TIPS to become an Effective speaker. These tips will help me for my own business in the future

11 months ago

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