The Poet Queen

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Average: 4.9 out of 5 Stars

521 gadwell court
Lincoln, California 95648
United States

Been reading Joanne's poetry for years. Its inspirational, funny and relevant. Love it.... See More


"Excursions of the Mind" is a must read for everyone. The book contains such a wide
variety of subjects and experiences. Each page and poem are so beautifully illustrated
with artistic pictures. The book was a pleasant surprise and was way more than I ever
imagined or expected. This book needs... See More


Recently bought her book, Excursions of The Mind and have enjoyed it and left one here at our office. She has a gift for writing and so glad she shares it with us all. Margaret ... See More


Excursions of the Mind is a treasure trove of verse filled with whimsy, melancholy, love, history, patriotism, faith and so much more. There is something for everyone! The graphic designs are feasts for the eyes and imagination. What a double delight! It is our coffee table magnet for those com... See More


Delightful and thought-provoking poetry. Such creativity that gives life and dimension to a myriad of topics from light hearted whimsical to what requires solemn consideration. Gifted writing that is a gift to read and ponder.... See More


I have had the privilege of reading several of the poems written by the Poet Queen. In addition, her recent book of poetry, Excursions of the Mind, only reinforced my already-established opinion that her work packs a wallop! Not only does she cover each subject well, she also paints word pictures... See More

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