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Joe and Roberta quickly became my and my husbands best friends when we need help desperately with our current and ongoing potential foreclosure of our home. Roberta met with us regularly both in person and on the phone with updates on our situation and ways to extend our stay so we could keep a roof... See More


My family and I loved working with Roberta and the Selling Snohomish team! They helped us through every step of the process and kept tabs on all the moving parts in our long and complicated short sale buying process! I can't recommend Roberta and the Selling Snohomish team enough and will definitely... See More


We love The Platz Group! Roberta is the best! ... See More


This is the picture we took in front of our new "forever home". Roberta Larson and The Platz Group were very patient with our 3 year journey to find our home. They were also very attentive to our needs and quick to respond to our questions. We highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell t... See More


I can't say enough about Roberta, Joe, and The Platz Group!! And I am so thankful that our paths crossed when I was looking for a home a couple of years ago. Not long after I met Joe and Roberta it was clear that I was in good hands! They are in the business of serving people and buildIng relationsh... See More


I worked with four different realtors until I was finally referred to Roberta. My homebuying experience started as a hopeless, disorganized scramble. When I met Roberta, everything changed. She answered every one of my crazy questions and helped me find a place that is just right and that I can a... See More

This group is top notch from exceptional customer service to how they treat their own people. Top producers in Snohomish and surrounding counties for a reason. Highly recommend working with them!!

Julie Winter gave The Platz Group a 5 star review
Melissa Canfield gave The Platz Group a 5 star review

I had the pleasure of both buying and selling my house with Joe and the Selling Snohomish team. In 2014 I was looking for a home that was comfortable to live in but also would churn a profit after 2 years. Joe had Johnny-on-the-spot when helping me find the perfect home. 2 years later I called Joe up and told him and his team I was ready to sell. They were more than perfect in getting everything ready to put the house on the market. Told then that after getting a few things done in the house that it would then be ready. So they set up a target date to have the house live. They had 1 week to get the house ready. Him and his team had the entire house cleaned, staged and then photographed. The staging was beautiful, the photos were perfect. Right before we went live Joe sat down with me to go over the hosing market in our area and what listing price to start with and general strategy. Joe's ability to read the market was flawless. Even though houses in my immediate area were selling for undervalue, other houses in the area were selling for more. So we set the precedent for our neighborhood and listed at 379k. On the first day going live we had an open house and after many people viewed the house we had an offer!! After 1 day on the market my house had an offer and it was above the listing price. From there is was all in Joe and his teams's hands. They sent me updates and papers that needed signing, After the inspection we had our response ASAP. Joe had taken care of contractors needed after the inspection and getting the invoices. It all went well and smooth. Overall, from the very beginning I wanted a house that I could turn around. Joe and his team were excellent. When it came time to sell they were extraordinary and I can't thank them enough.

Raymond Nichols gave The Platz Group a 5 star review

Lots of people sell houses, few do it well. You owe it to yourself to work with professionals that sell more houses in a year then most agents sell in their entire careers! At least talk to them to see the difference... you won't be disappointed.

Tom Ross gave The Platz Group a 5 star review

Laid off in Seattle? Monster mortgage hiding under the bed? Losing sleep? Here is a plan: call Platz Group! Then, sleep. I was laid off November 18th, 2016, and Platz turned the house transaction trick for us in 4 months. Closed yesterday (Mar 22, 2017). Could not be happier. Sale would have happened faster, except that Thanksgiving, then Christmas, the New Years, etc. got in the way. Buy the best, only cry once.

Bill Meade gave The Platz Group a 5 star review

Having exchanged business with Joe Platz successfully for several years, when he approached me with the opportunity to partner in business with him via The Platz Group it was an easy decision to make. Less than 2 years into the partnership I have have nearly tripled my production and income levels. Thank you for opportunity Joe and I'm excited to grow this business with you!

Gabe Graumann gave The Platz Group a 5 star review

I've both listed and purchased property with the Platz group. I even had them represent our HOA to lower our bills on utilities. At one point they had advised me on purchasing a Buisness, and glad I didn't. This Group is the real deal, they simply will not steer you wrong, or let you make a mistake.

Jason McQuinn gave The Platz Group a 5 star review
Curtis Yungen gave The Platz Group a 5 star review
Justin Crouch gave The Platz Group a 5 star review

Joe and his associates are amazing. I have been in the real estate business for 30+ years and their professionalism is a 10. Would highly recommend them.

Laura Larson-Greiert gave The Platz Group a 5 star review

So about 2 months ago, my wife and I decided it was time to sell or house and buy a new one. If you haven't gone through this process before, it can be a little scary but luckily we decided to use Joe Platz and his team to assist us in this endeavor. Joe and his team made this whole process sooooooooo easy! They helped us to market our house in the best possible way and then Joe negotiated with our buyers to get the best possible deal we could get! He and his team kept us well informed throughout the whole process and they were available at any time! Then Gabe Graumann, who is a part of Joe's team, stepped up big time to show us potential new homes. We communicated what we were looking for and he provided us with a bunch of options and took us all around Lake Stevens showing us a bunch of different houses. It was actually difficult to select which one we loved the most! Gabe, you killed it man. My wife and I always thought it would be easy to pick our new house because we figured we'd just fall in love with one and that would be that...but instead, Gabe provided us with so many good options that we were in love with multiple homes! But alas, we had to narrow it down to one and we did...and then the next day we decided we loved the other one more, lol (thank you for your flexibility)! So thank you Joe, Gabe, and your team for making this intimidating process of selling our home and buying a new one such a simple thing! Seriously folks, if you are in the market of selling or buying a house, go talk to Joe and his team, you won't be disappointed!!

Daniel Warren gave The Platz Group a 5 star review
Joe Platz gave The Platz Group a 5 star review
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