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The ladies are awesome! They are very caring and helpful and have a lot of patient. We have a 2 yr old , 3 year old and 4 month baby and they love their teachers and staffs. I owe them a lot for taking care and putting up with of my kids. THANKS Jessica, Bianca, and Valerie and your staff here a... See More


We first found Pillars when we were desperately searching for a daycare last summer. Everywhere was full or too expensive. Being as my family is not Christian, we didn't check out Pillars until the last minute. Not only did they have an opening, but they wouldn't completely drain our wallets. Plus, ... See More


My experience with Pillars has been nothing less than extraordinary, every day my kids and I are greeted with a smile and open arms. My children's teachers have taught my kids how to love their friends and respect each other.
I am excited for the years to come with pillars... See More


My grandson has been enrolled at the Reed Rd location for three years now and I’ve attended multiple family engagements at the center and the staff is very welcoming and caring to all parents. The atmosphere of the center is warm and inviting. My grandson has learned so much at this school, he’s... See More


Enrolling my daughter Luna to the (Reed Location) The Pillars Learning center was the best decision. Moving to San Antonio was a big change for our family and finding the right Center was a blessing, all staff especially the front welcome us and make us feel like home.... See More


My husband and I really love this facility! They are patient kind and very attentive to my son’s needs. I also love that they place emphasis on putting God first, which is very important to me! My son is 2 and he is very advanced! This program not only utilizes a faith based learning curriculum, ... See More


Ms Joanne and Ms Heather are so amazing. They teach in the three b classroom and they have greatly helped my 3 y.o. daughter. I’m very glad they are here at Pillars daycare reed road.

The director Valerie Lewis and the staff Jessica, Jennifer, and Bianca are simply wonderful. My daughter has be... See More


Both of my toddlers attend the Reed Rd location and are always excited for there day. They love all of there teachers. They are very friendly, caring, loving, and kind. I couldn't trust anyone better to care for them. I would definitely recommend this daycare to anyone I know.... See More


The staff and teachers at The Pillars-Reed location have been amazing. We didn’t have the best experience at a prior day care and we were hesitant to transition into another. From reading other reviews and with prayer we decided this was the place for our child. It has been such a relief knowing t... See More


I absolutely love the Pillars Reed Rd location. The teachers and administrators are wonderful and very helpful. They reassure me everyday that my daughter is safe and enjoying her summer.... See More


This center welcomed my daughter and I with open arms. Everyone in the front has always made her and I feel welcomed and they always make sure she’s okay and having a great day. Her teachers were quick to get to know her and always let me know about everything going on with my daughter. This cente... See More


My child has been attending The Pillars on Reed Rd. since he was two years old and I couldn't be happier. The teacher's are very friendly, nurturing, and caring. The Director has always made us feel welcomed and is very informative. I feel my son has learned so much.... See More


Coming from a center that was not a delight, The Pillars is a huge breath of fresh air. The front desk is always present in the morning and evening. The staff are always happy to see the children and always attentive. I love that they have established Christianity in they're daily activity to ensure... See More


The center is beautiful, the teachers are all very friendly, the directors are involved and know the kids AND parents names, they treat the kids like their own. I’m very glad i was able to find my son a spot so quickly. He had made awesome progress with his social skills and learning about God. I ... See More

Lindsey Howell Recommends The Pillars Christian Learning Center

The staff are Friendly and treat my child like one of their own. I havent ever questioned him being here.

2 days ago
Marivel Garcia Recommends The Pillars Christian Learning Center

My daughter has been attending here for three months has the most loving teachers and she knows a lot she knows Spanish and she knows all her colors now so grateful I found this daycare!

2 months ago
Becky Gieringer Recommends The Pillars Christian Learning Center

My husband and I are so thankful we found this amazing preschool for our three year old. We have had a difficult time finding a place where we are comfortable and feel as though our daughter’s unique care needs can be met. We have found that place! We visited the center in Bulverde, thinking we would have to make an appointment at a later date. We received a tour right away, and when we shared our daughter’s story, there was no hesitation from the staff. We were invited back right away to provide a brief “care training” with the director and our daughter’s teacher. I am so happy we made the decision to join The Pillars Family!

3 months ago
Lauren Rose Ahr Recommends The Pillars Christian Learning Center

Even as a staff member I’m still a mom too, my now 6 month old is in the best hands in the Infant room at the Singing Hills locations. They love on and take gently care of her as if she was their own! I have great peace of mind while she is there. The teachers are great at communicating and working with me on her schedule and needs! I am extremely great full and blessed to have found The Pillars family!

3 months ago
Leah Oswald Villarreal Recommends The Pillars Christian Learning Center

My son looks forward to going to school here everyday and asks me to pick him up late. The loving teachers and staff warmly greet us and take care of all the children as their own. I recommend this place to all.

3 months ago
Brooke LaRue Albert Recommends The Pillars Christian Learning Center

If you live close to 46/281 and have been looking for child care...PILLARS CHRISTIAN LEARNING CENTER HAS BEEN AMAZING! We were spoiled with an at home care provider that had to move. I cried and kept searching for a GREAT PLACE FOR MY KIDS AND WE FOUND IT!!! They teach the kids about GOD and do a ton of arts and crafts. The people are great with the kids and very helpful with great hours of operation for working parents. My kids are 1 year old and a 2 year old. Both kids have a ton of fun and they are happy when I drop off and pick up. Yes I prefer an at home child care provider but this DAYCARE HAS BEEN A GREAT EXPERIENCE!

3 months ago
Melissa-Ron Olivo Recommends The Pillars Christian Learning Center

The staff and teachers at The Pillars-Reed location have been amazing. We didn’t have the best experience at a prior day care and was hesitant to transition into another. From other reviews and with prayer we decided this was the place for our child. It’s been such a relief knowing that our child is in good hands! This is not your average day care facility but a school. Our child has learned SO much! The projects they complete and work just has wow’d us! We have been so appreciative for the teachers working with us to transition our child. Not only is this a place of higher education, but one that will keep building on a spiritual foundation. My child came home once singing a worship song I almost lost it in front of him. It is wonderful that they are teaching the basics of God and His love to these little hearts! We cannot be more pleased with choosing The Pillars for our child! Thank you staff, teachers and founders for creating such a safe, loving, and God centered place! May the Lord continue to bless this place and each and everyone of you for all you do.

4 months ago
Joseph Da Boss Hinojosa Recommends The Pillars Christian Learning Center

I highly recommend the Reed Rd location. I have had my daughter enrolled here for the past 5 months and I have to say everyone has seen a drastic all around improvement and glow to her character. She is more involved she is actually learning things and is Alot more friendly. This makes me extremely happy to see that she looks forward to going there daily. This Pillars Christian learning location has excellent customer service from all it's faculty from the kitchen staff the wonderful teachers and front office staff. thank you all so much. Its as if you are family and that speaks louder than just reading about it. So future parents take the time to just swing by and see for yourself don't think twice to just go by and see for your self. A very special thank you to Valerie for recommending this amazing place to our family. Much love.

5 months ago
Joseph L Lopez Recommends The Pillars Christian Learning Center

The Reed Rd. location has gone above and beyond for my two little ones! The staff is friendly and very helpful, especially the Director Valerie Lewis

5 months ago
Domenix Hansel gave The Pillars Christian Learning Center a 5 star review

Before enrolling my child at The Pillars I had called 15 different programs, toured 9 locations and by FAR.. The Pillars on bandera was more than what i could image a program could offer. I was very skeptical as i had just removed my child from a different program that was a nightmare and doing illegal things. Dawn and Vera were so welcoming from over the phone, to the tour and each day there after. Debrah- I have never seen a front desk admin greet every individual by their first name (at rush hour too btw)and truly treat them like they were family as if they were coming into her own home- such hospitality every single day which made me feel so comfortable and confident that my infant would be loved on while i was at work. I cant say enough about the infant teachers-- These teachers were simply amazing and hand picked for this job. Ms. Larissa- such sweet and caring person. She treated my baby as if it was her baby- I would come in @6pm exhausted and to see her loving on my sweet girl would just warm my heart. Ms. Caitlyn, Every morning as she welcomed us and was so eager to carefully take my baby nothing was more comforting to see that my baby was full of smiles as i left her for the day. and last- Ms. Megan.... She was just starting there but was very intuitive with my child's needs and habits..In fact, all 3 were. It was with a heavy heart that we left The Pillars and only because it was out of our area of town. I am a very particular kind of person, I like things done a certain way and the right way as well as communication is key. I would tell any parent looking for a great childcare program that for as long as these individuals as here...Look no further, although my children are enrolled in a different program that was more suitable for our family I would recommend this program anyday.anytime. This staff- all ages work so hard and know their parents- weather its cause they have their child in the classroom or not, they know the child.... i cant say enough about this school. I still think about them daily as they brought so much happiness to our family. Dawn, Vera, Debrah, Larissa, Caitlyn and Megan--- Thank you for being amazing and true to what you do as it shines through each day. Go Pillars!-- 5 STARS ALL THE WAY...... Love, The Hansels

6 months ago
Deborah M Palmer gave The Pillars Christian Learning Center a 5 star review

My Granddaughter has been at the Reed Rd location for most of her 3 years. The staff has always been very professional & caring. The education is fabulous, as well as all the activities & interactions with her teachers Excellent daycare with wonderful caring & knowledgeable staff. I highly recommend The Pillars at Reed Rd!!

7 months ago
Heidi Hottes Arenivas gave The Pillars Christian Learning Center a 5 star review

When we looked around for daycares three years ago, I knew I found the right one with the Pillars. I'm so sad that my youngest just graduated. We have enjoyed every day with the friendly, loving staff. My kids learned more than just the school readiness basics... they learned about Christ and how to be a Christian and how to love others.

8 months ago
Jos Artavia Recommends The Pillars Christian Learning Center

My son is going on a little over 3 months attending Pillars-bandera location. My 2 yr old already has friends! All staff we have encountered know his name. Kudos to toddler bridge teachers!! We feel so blessed to have found Pillars Christian Learning Center. All staff have been nothing but delightful and accommodating towards any needs or concerns. 5STARS Pillars Christian Learning Center- bandera location

8 months ago
Melissa Hinojosa gave The Pillars Christian Learning Center a 5 star review

Reed location: I enrolled my daughter, Victoria, last week and I must say I was a little worried since she is clingy. But she walked right in as if she has been going there since she was smaller. Her teachers are amazing, Ms. Claudia & Ms. Patsy!! They always greet her with a smile and welcome her with open arms. When I had questions the teachers were there to answer and are willing to work with you on any concerns you have. It’s just amazing. When I pick her up she has a huge smile on her face so I know she had a great day. In just a week and a half she has bloomed so much. I’m so thankful that I found this wonderful center.

8 months ago
Bianca Jacqueline gave The Pillars Christian Learning Center a 5 star review

The Pillars is such an amazing school! My youngest is in their 3yr old room, my oldest attends Summer Camp and when school is out and I’m currently a teacher at one of the centers. I couldn’t ask for a more loving, enthusiastic and welcoming place for my children to stay and to work!

8 months ago
Jennifer Aguilar gave The Pillars Christian Learning Center a 5 star review

Coming from a center that was not a delight, The Pillars is a huge breath of fresh air. The front desk is always present in the morning and evening. The staff are always happy to see the children and always attentive . I love that they have established Christianity in they're daily activity to ensure beliefs in the children's life. The classrooms have structure and creativity. I'm glad we've decide to place our son here, he loves running to class with a smile on his face.

9 months ago
Sarah Renee gave The Pillars Christian Learning Center a 5 star review

In the 2 years my daughter has been here we have never had a bad experience. Low staff turnover, always clean, safety is of high importance. She loves going to “school”!

10 months ago
Amma Klingman-Pawa gave The Pillars Christian Learning Center a 4 star review

My son has been attending pillars Bandera road location for over a year. It has completely changed him for the better. He went from being shy and just wanting to watch other kids playing, and now he's offering to "be the teacher" and direct the other children in activities. Before he started I had some problems getting him to listen, evidently I didn't know my ABC's or so he thought, now he comes home telling me all the things he's learned. When I come to pick him up at the end of the day, he asks me to join him or give him five more minutes. He's learning so much. As far as the facility it has a wonderful layout, with playgrounds and in class restrooms for the kids. They have a great food service with healthy meals prepared each day. (My son has a food allergy but it's not a problem they substitute the items and he doesn't worry about being different in class for it.) The staff here are amazing, I believe they all know my son by name, and I can have real conversations with both the administrative staff and the teachers about what is going on. The one time I had a concern I brought it to the attention of the staff and it was addressed promptly and appropriately. I suggest anyone who is new to any daycare check out their policies on visiting the class. I have on several occasions sat in class with my son, because he was scared when he first started, or wanted to have mommy eat lunch with him. The staff was always inviting and went about as they normally do, you can really get a feel for what your kids days are like. Keep being AWESOME Pillars!

1 year ago
Diana Jo Arias gave The Pillars Christian Learning Center a 5 star review

I would like to say working for Sylvia Guerin and Jessica Rebollar was the best job I ever had but due to my health that made late for work and made Sylvia Guerin sad to where she couldn't depend on I desided to quit and take care of my health tbey will be missed and Lisa you have the two kind hearted and bless works I will miss you all I have been in and out of the hospital since I quit love you all in Jesus Christ amd keep up the good work

1 year ago
Deborah Cline Bjorgo gave The Pillars Christian Learning Center a 5 star review

Pillars is such a wonderful place to have your child attend. They have the most caring teachers and truly monitor the growth of the children; caring for them while teaching them and helping them with developmental skills. It is also a great place to work. The director and owners make you feel like you're part of their family and that's what you become.

1 year ago
Erika Franco Vidalez gave The Pillars Christian Learning Center a 5 star review
2 years ago

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