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 I can't express enough how happy we were to have our daughter attend Malvern of Erial. I knew when I dropped her off every day that she would learn, play, be well cared for,  and most of all, loved. I am grateful for that peace of mind,  which can be attributed to each and every teacher, aid and... See More

Kati Tramontano Recommends The Malvern School

My son has been attending the Malvern School of Upper Gwynedd for over a year and we absolutely love this school, the teachers and directors! My almost 18 month old claps and cheers as we walk towards school each morning because he is so excited for the day! Miss Jess implements a diverse and organized curriculum and I can tell that my son learns so much while he is at school each day. Amie, the executive director, is very attentive, always available to talk and promptly answers any questions I have. We love the Malvern School of UG and can not wait to watch our son grow and learn throughout the years!

1 month ago
Lynisha Ward Recommends The Malvern School

My son goes to the Malvern School of Horsham and LOVES it. We switched to this school after a less than ideal experience at another facility. Malvern school is exactly what I hope for (tons of fun while learning in a safe and clean environment) this really gives me a peace of mind knowing that my son loves it there.

2 months ago
Christy Borgmann Recommends The Malvern School

We cannot recommend the Malvern School of Warrington enough! It was a year ago that I was 4 months pregnant and starting to research child care locations for our little guy/girl as we didn’t know at the time what we were having. When we toured in December, I knew instantly it was the right fit for us. I wanted a safe, inclusive, curriculum-based, and family oriented environment for our child. Malvern is that and so much more. I remember having my list of what felt like a million questions and Kiera answered almost all of them without me asking. Here we are now with a six month old firecracker who has some extra needs. I remember being worried about sending him after his diagnosis and worried that he wouldn’t get the best intervention care needed. I was completely wrong. Because of Malvern, he is making such major gains and growth. He is surpassing expectations of his therapists and is thriving. We cannot thank them enough for everything. We miss him every day that he is at school but there isn’t a day that we worry about his care as we know he is in the best hands. Debra, Jacqui, and Laura are the absolute best of the best. We cannot thank them enough for the amount of time and energy they put into making our son happy throughout the day, teaching him, and learning what works best for him and his current needs.

2 months ago
Beth Wozny Recommends The Malvern School

Both of my children attend the Malvern School of Glen Mills and absolutely love it. Jennifer, Alison, and the whole staff including the aides are nothing short of warm, caring, and personable. My kids greet and leave the school almost every day giving their teachers hugs and high fives! Every day I pick up my kids, they have a big smile and bright eyes to compliment the pure joy they have in their hearts for all of the wonderful staff at the Glen Mills Malvern School! The school is very well run, always clean, and has a ton of fun events for kids throughout the month! My son started kindergarten this year and was more than prepared for the curriculum thanks to the great teachers and assistants that have helped him throughout the years. I highly recommend the Malvern School of Glen Mills; it is one of the best decisions we have made as a family.

4 months ago
Jasmine M. Brown Recommends The Malvern School

my son has been at Malvern school since he was 2! He I 5 now. he loves all his teachers and is very happy to be moving up to Pre-K 2. thank you to all the staff at Malvern in erial NJ!

5 months ago
Elizabeth Moore gave The Malvern School a 5 star review
5 months ago
Courtney Caruso Recommends The Malvern School

On a serious note, since April, we’ve seen more progress from Remy than any other school he’s been to. He’s now very strong with his vocabulary, he comes home everyday telling us he had a good day, and his favorite teacher is Miss Chrissy. Only thing I’m sorry about is not putting him in this school a long time ago! Thank you Brenda Ramirez for the referral and thank you, Malvern School Erial and team for making my baby a happy little boy ❤️

5 months ago
Angela Maria gave The Malvern School a 5 star review

Best thing I did for my son! The Malvern School of Erial has phenomenal educators and staff!

8 months ago
Lindsay Colavito Recommends The Malvern School

The Malvern School of Jackson is amazing! My girls started about a month ago, and they have adjusted so well! I can see such a difference, and my little ones language has blossomed! Thank you Malvern School of Jackson!

8 months ago
Melissa Gibson gave The Malvern School a 5 star review

My daughter has been at The Malvern School of West Norriton for the last 2 years (since she was 1 1/2 years old). By far.....THE BEST decision we made for her! The teachers are fantastic! The curriculum is diverse, and there is always activities for them to grow creatively. We’re so sad to be moving, as this means we have to find another daycare for her, and based on our experience here....those are some big shoes to fill!! ����

10 months ago
Drea Marie gave The Malvern School a 5 star review

The Malvern School of Upper Gwynedd is absolutely incredible. The teachers and directors are very caring and supportive. My son truly loves going to school each day.

10 months ago
Taylor Remsing gave The Malvern School a 5 star review
11 months ago
Kevin Valts gave The Malvern School a 5 star review

I want to say that my daughter Grace goes to the Malvern School in Warrington off the Shetland Drive, and I want to say that this place is awesome I love everybody who works here I love all the teachers, the staff works together so well, when anybody ever needs anything they are there to help, they’re always active with all the children, I have to say that they always have a smile on your face it looks like every teacher in the school loves their job whoever picked all these teachers for this one school did an unbelievable job, it’s like picking a wonderful football team as the Philadelphia Eagles to win the Super Bowl this Malvern School did that very well they work so well together, if there is anyone that wants to or is planning on taking their kid or kids or babies to this Malvern School you will not be disappointed.......

11 months ago
Nina Truehart gave The Malvern School a 5 star review
1 year ago
Kim Sherayko gave The Malvern School a 5 star review

My son goes to the Warrington location and we absolutely love it. Ms. Kiera and her staff are absolutely amazing. I know my son is in good hands every morning when I drop him off. The progress he makes every day learning new things amazes me each and every day. I wouldn’t want to have my son go anywhere but the Malvern School!

1 year ago
Natalie Traher gave The Malvern School a 5 star review

My children have been attending the Malvern School of Warrington since 2013 and we have had nothing but a wonderful experience. I can always trust that my children are well taken care of, being exposed to an interesting educational environment, and developing strong social skills while interacting with their peers. We love this school and the wonderful teachers. :)

1 year ago
Nicole Sohanic gave The Malvern School a 5 star review

My son Michael is in the Warrigton location in the infant room and he is so happy and so loved there each day! The staff there has been incredible thus far and the infant head teacher, Miss Debra is outstanding. She is so positive, cheerful, and a dream to leave your child with. I can get my work done with the confidence that he will be happy when I come to pick him up. He is exposed to a lot of educational material as well, which I can't wait to see the results in his development. Thank you Malvern School! One happy mama here.

1 year ago
Kate Clinton gave The Malvern School a 5 star review

My son has been going to Malvern Blue Bell since January 2017 (switched from another daycare) and it was a great choice! Angela the Director is very attentive and easy to talk to, and we love all the teachers! They have great facilities both inside and outside and do a lot of fun and age appropriate activities

2 years ago
Cristal Gerena gave The Malvern School a 5 star review

My daughter enjoys all the activities. I love how well organized that are. I also love the positive and upbeat attitudes from all the teachers.

2 years ago
Emilie Maury Stevens gave The Malvern School a 5 star review

This is for the one in Washington TWP on Greetree rd I was so relieved to find this place. After visiting a few other places that were either dirty, depressing atmosphere in classrooms or where it seemed like the person in charge would just watch the kids play, finding this place was a relief. First and foremost they have 4 kids per one. Where most places follow regulation of max 6 to one. Which is fine but when watching toddlers it can get crazy so I like that there is less kids per adult. The place is clean and very welcoming. They have schedules with planned activities and really get the kids involved and doing things that are fun and productive rather then just watch them play!! At the end of the day you also get a report about what they did through out the day (including when they were changed, what they had for lunch from what you gave then etc) and at least one picture a week. Ms Marry and Rachel have been so patient and wonderful with my LO who suffered stranger anxiety and screamed for the first month. This place is professional and so carrying of each child. The director is also very nice and helpful. Really everyone that works there has been just so nice and encouraging and caring. We couldn't be happier. If anything, go visit them to see for yourself. One last thing, we were able to have our LO go about 3 times for about an hour each time so she could acclimate herself before being left there which was very helpful.

2 years ago

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