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Samantha Bryan was my representative at JLohman from January 2018 to January 2019. She was incredibly patient and willing to explain the process in a thoughtful way many times throughout the year reinforcing the importance of continuing to capture my screenshots of harrassing calls, and with regard to any other necessary steps in the process from start to finish. It was nerve-wracking receiving so many threatening calls from creditors every day for over a year. After being laid off from my full-time job, and later, losing one of my two part-time jobs then having my hours cut at the other, really set me back financially. I found myself short every month and falling farther and farther behind. Samantha was able to calm me down and keep me on track after entering into a somewhat complicated debt consolidation program with Curadebt and it's legal arms, JLohman and Veritas. As a result, I did not give up and the process paid-off big time due to creditors violating the Revoke Permission to Call. Samantha is a consummate professional and I credit her for encouraging me not to quit, as well as providing much needed information in a timely manner to ease my mind and explain the process. Thank you Samantha and JLohman for your work on my behalf.

-- Lynne K

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